St. Mary's Cemetery -- Remsen, Iowa


Obituary postings are linked to the burial names.

ss/ indicates sharing stone with

Colling, Carl William ss/Mildred 1917-1985
Colling, David R. 1953-2008
Colling, "Father" parent of Will 1838-1925
Colling, Mary ss/Peter 1880-1964
Colling, Mary C. ss/Will 1890-1963
Colling, Mildred Margaret ss/Carl William 1918-1976
Colling, "Mother" parent of Will 1847-1935
Colling, Peter ss/Mary 1874-1950
Colling, Raymond J. 1916-2004
Colling, Will ss/Mary C. 1885-1965
Cook, James L. 1939-1982
Corrigan, Lillian Veronica 1900-1993
Corrigan, William Joseph Sr. 1901-1971
Cox, Pearl Rose 1939-2011


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