Smith, Milton R.; male; school boy; 13 yrs, 3mos; d. 03 Jul 1888 Amer Twp; bur LeMars, Iowa

LeMars Sentinel July 20, 1893


Up in our cemetery one may see an odd style tombstone. It is a flat faced prairie boulder, facing the west, and on its rough, natural surface are inscribed these words: "Mittie Smith, died July 3, 1888, 13 happy years."

Upon inquiry we learned that he to whom this stone was set as a monument, was the 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Smith, who at the time lived about four miles south of LeMars, but are now residents of Nebraska.

This prairie boulder originally rested near this pioneer house down on the wild prairie, and in his babyhood, this boy used to romp and play and sometimes fall asleep by the side of this stone. So very befitting the fond parents removed it to the cemetery where the deceased was buried, and had the above inscribed. When one comes to know the history of this singular tombstone, they can at once appreciated its appropriateness. To the parents it is more beautiful than a thousand dollar monument of polished marble.




Mittie R. Smith 13yr, 9 mos

Thirteen Happy Years

Born 02 Apr 1875

Died 03 Jul 1888

~photos taken by Mary Holub, LeMars Memorial Cemetery, July 2008