Plymouth County
C44 & Tamarack Cemetery

Photos Contributed by:
Lin Ziemann

2005 Transcription done by Viv Reeves

An Apparent Treptow Family Cemetery aka Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Henry Township , ( Plymouth ), Iowa

Corner of Tamarack Ave and C44

1—Treptow, Infant Son of W. T. & Mary Treptow—Died Mar 13, 1892

2—Treptow, Ulrekar, Wife of Wilhelm Treptow—Died Mar 21, 1901 , Aged 81 Ys, 11 Ds

Inscription: She's gone to worlds above, Where saints and angels meet

To realize our Saviour's love, And worship at His feet

3—Treptow, Wilhelm—Died Mar 10, 1889 , 73 Ys, 9 Ms, 25 Ds

4—Treptow, Elizabeth — March 25, 1854-Sept 16, 1914

5—Pfaeffle, Caroline, Wife of Albert Pfaeffle—Died May 14, 1891, Aged 58 Ys, 5 Ms, 8 Ds

Inscription: Our mother: In God's own morn her orb will rise once more, a star of Paradise

6—Woodall, Rose, Dau. of W. H. & E. H. Woodall—Died Dec 3, 1894 , Aged 9 days

Inscription: Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

7—Woodall, Lilia E., Dau. of W. H. & E. H. Woodall—Died Mar 6, 1896 , Aged 1 Mo., 7 Ds

Inscription: Another little angel before the heavenly throne

8—Treptow, Magaretha, Geb. den (Born) 5, Jan, 1891, Gest. den (Died) 8, Feb, 1891

9—Treptow, Mary, Geb. den (Born) 11, Jan, 1883, Gest. den (Died) 5, Marz, 1891

Magaretha & Mary share a stone with this inscription:

Kinder von (Children of) W. T. and Mary Treptow

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