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Pioneer Memoirs

Submitted by a family member to the Plymouth County Historical Museum

~transcribed by volunteer, Mary Holub

Frank M. Veidt was born March 20, 1874 in Plymouth County, Iowa the fifth child of Emma Efferding (b. Dec. 3, 1841 in Tete de Morts Township, Jackson Co., IA) and George Washington Veidt (b. Jan. 13, 1837 in Alsace-Lorraine, Germany).  G.W. Veidt came to the U. S. as a child, married Emma Dec. 1, 1860 in Jackson Co. and settled in Plymouth Co. in 1868 homesteading 60 acres in Liberty Township.

Bessie Lucille Bray was born April 12, 1887 in Le Mars, Iowa the third child of Thomas Andrew Bray (b. Sept. 28, 1859 in Waukegan, IL, d. April 3, 1942 Le Mars, IA) and Cecelia Margaret Bennett (b. July 1, 1861 in Chicago, IL, d. July 28, 1935 in Le Mars, IA).

Bessie graduated from high school in 1905, then attended normal school and began teaching in 1909.  She was teaching in a rural school outside of Merrill which is about seven miles from Le Mars.  She was homesick so Grandpa (Thomas A.Bray, Bessie's father) used to pick her up in the horse and buggy and bring her home and take her back on weekends.  One weekend it rained very hard.  Grandpa said that it was raining too hard for the horse and buggy to get through and that about the only thing Bessie could do would be to take the train to Merrill and ask somebody who looked "good" to her and was heading further west, to give her a ride.  She asked Frank Veidt.  He said he couldn't take her because he had his father who was ill, but that he would find her a ride.  Frank's father had dropsy and was badly swollen and he didn't want Bessie to see him.  Frank got her the ride.  A few days later Frank went to call on Bessie.  All the other girls in the boarding house were wondering who this was.  He asked for Bessie and asked her out to go dancing.  Bessie said she didn't know how; her mother wouldn't let her dance.  Frank said he would teach her.  He showed her a few steps and off they went. 

 Frank and Bessie were married Sept. 1, 1910.  They took a wedding trip to the western states, including a mule trip up Pike’s Peak, before returning home to Merrill.  They had one daughter Lynnette Veidt Taylor, Born February 8, 1912, one year before Bessie’s death on February 2, 1913.  Lynnette was then raised by Thomas and Celia Bray of Le Mars.  Frank was a businessman in Merrill.  He passed away on Sept. 2, 1966 at the age of 92 in Warrensburg, MO where he lived with his daughter.

Frank & Bessie were married on Sept 1, 1910, my grandmother (their daughter) was born Feb 8, 1912, and Bessie died Feb 2, 1913.  Grandma just passed away last year on Feb 18, 2007. ~Note submitted by a great-granddaughter, Cyndi Taylor.






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