LeMars Globe-Post
May 31, 1937


This remarkable photo of A. W. Crouch, sole surviving representative of the G. A. R. to participate in the Decoration Day parade, was taken this morning.  Mr. Crouch not only sat in the saddle firmly and erectly, despite his 88 years, but he also carried the flag for a short time.  Standing beside him is Col. J. G. Koenig, Marshal of the day.

Annual Exercises Held At Both Cemeteries this Morning

The annual Decoration day services were fittingly held at both cemeteries this morning, with Fred P. Johannsen, of Sioux City giving the principal address at the City cemetery.

The parade formed at the corner of Central avenue and First Street North, and headed by the colors and the LeMars band, started the annual march to the cemeteries, where the usual exercises were carried out. 

The column moved first to St. Joseph’s cemetery, where the follow program was given:
America, by school chorus.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg address by Agnes Ryan.
Patriotic song by school children.
Logan’s order, Edward Kempker.
Decoration of veteran’s graves.
Salute, firing squad from Co. K. Taps.

The column then moved to the LeMars City cemetery, where the following program was given:

Prayer, Rev. L. L. Belk.
Music by Band.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg address by Rosina Lubben.
Logan’s order by William Fisch.
G. A. R. ritual by Miss Monah Hord.
Decoration service for unknown dead, W. R. C. Spanish-American and American Legion Auxiliaries.
Address, Fred P. Johannsen, of Sioux City.
Decoration of graves during address.
Salute, firing squad from Co. K.
Benediction, Rev. Geo. Moir.
Star Spangled Banner.

Hundreds of persons visited both cemeteries and took part in the excercises.



~Submitted for posting by volunteer, Linda Ziemann