LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 29, 1934

Memorial Services and Decoration of Graves At Both LeMars Cemeteries Is
Memorial Athletic Field To Be Dedicated At 2:15 P.M.

Observance of Decoration Day in LeMars will have an added feature this year
in the services incident to the dedication of the Memorial Athletic Field at
Western Union college which will be held at 2:15 in the afternoon. The
morning program will be carried out as usual with the patriotic societies
and citizens in general participating and Rev. O. M. Yaggy delivering the
address at the City cemetery. The line of march and program at the St.
Joseph and City cemeteries follow:

On Decoration Day the column will form at 9 a.m. at the city building with
Jacob G. Koenig as marshal of the day and move first to St. Joseph’s
cemetery where the following program will be presented with Mgr. Fisch in
Song by school children.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Janet Schafer.
Song by school children.
Logan’s Order, Gregory Kass.
Decoration of veteran’s graves.

The column will then reform and move to the City cemetery where a more
extended program will be presented with Andrew Crouch, LeMars sole surviving
Civil War veteran and his assistants in charge. The program at the City
cemetery is as follows:
Prayer, Rev. J. J. Vollmar.
Music by band.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Sylvia Irwin.
Logan’s Order, Robert Arends.
G. A. R. Ritual, Monnah Hord.
Decoration Service for Unknown Dead, W.R.C., Spanish American and American
Legion Auxiliaries.
Address, Rev. O. M. Yaggy.
Decoration of Graves during the address.
Salute, Firing Squad Co. K.
Benediction, Rev. F. P. Pfaltzgraff.
Star Spangled Banner.

Various military, patriotic and civic organizations will participate in the
observance of the day which is always an outstanding event in this

An entirely new feature of the Decoration Day services this year is the
dedicatory service for the new athletic field on Western Union campus which
was built last winter by CWA labor. This field is to be dedicated as a
memorial to Spanish-American and World War veterans on the afternoon of
Decoration Day, the program starting at 2:15. A committee representing the
American Legion posts of Plymouth County is in charge of this service and
the Posts have donated a flag pole and flag to the field. In the program
the Legion, the college, the public schools and the patriotic and military
organizations will all be represented. Following is the program for the
dedicatory service:
Concert, LeMars Municipal Band.
Exhibition Drill, Co. K., 133d Infantry.
Drill by American Legion Drum Corps.
LeMars High School Marching Band.
Raising of Colors.
Review of Organizations.

The following program will be presented from the speakers stand:
Invocation, Father L. J. Cooper.
History of Field, C. D. Roseberry.
Dedicatory Address, Bishop L. H. Seager.
Tribute to Gold Star Mothers, Harvey Kluckhohn.
Benediction, Dr. B. F. Zuehl.


An audience of six or seven hundred people attended the Memorial services at
the high school auditorium Sunday morning. Ed Tentinger, command of Wasmer
Post, presided and the Western Union College Girls’ Glee Club furnished the

The service opened with two verses of “America” by the audience, the
invocation by Rev. T. P. Potter and the scripture lesson from the 26th
chapter of Genesis ready by Rev. John Perl. The first number by the Glee
Club was Rubenstein’s, “Seraphic Ode” with Miriam Yaggy, alto soloist, a
violin obligato by Pearl Lucas and Marvell Schweppe at the piano. Rev. O. M.
Yaggy led in prayer. The offertory, “Serenata,” was an instrumental trio by
Virginia Irwin, Pearl Lucas and Dorothy Irwin.

Rev. F. P. Pfaltzgraff, pastor of the Presbyterian church, delivered the
address, in which he reviewed the things that had made the country great and
urged his hearers to stand fast for those things. His remarks were based on
the scripture lesson read.

The closing number by the Glee Club, which is directed by Mrs. D. O. Kimes,
was Roberts, “Peace I Leave With You.” Rev. Pfaltzgraff pronounced the


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