LeMars Globe-Post, May 29, 1933

Hundreds Will Pay Annual Respects Tomorrow Morning

With the Decoration day program complete, officials and participants are
looking forward for clear skies and warm weather. Most of the business
houses will close the entire day, with the exception of grocery and meat
markets, who will remain open until 10 a.m.

The annual parade will assemble at 9 a.m. at the corner of Central avenue
and First Street north and will be led by the massed colors. Company K,
American Legion and many other organizations will take part in the program
and parade.

The column will move to St. Joseph’s cemetery first, where the program will
start in honoring those who died over there and the many others who have the
joined the greater majority. Graves will be decorated at St. Joseph’s
followed by several talks. Songs will be given by LeMars school children.

Following the program at St. Joseph’s cemetery, the column will move to the
LeMars cemetery, where the remainder of the program, as published in the
last issue, will be given. The parade will not disband until the column
returns to Central avenue.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 30, 1933

Tribute Will Be Paid By Public To The Memory Of Soldiers

The people of the community will cease their labors today and gather
together to pay tribute to the memory of departed soldiers who served their
country in time of need.

The address on Decoration Day, Tuesday, May 30, will be delivered by
Superintendent of Schools, Harvey Kluckhohn, and on this day the customary
program will be carried out. At 9 a.m. the column will form on Central
Avenue under the direction of Jacob G. Koenig, marshal of the day, and move
east on Plymouth Street to St. Joseph’s cemetery where the following program
will be given:
Song by school children.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Carl Braun.
Song by school children.
Logan’s Order, Bernard Burke.
Decoration of Veteran’s Graves.

At the conclusion of this program, the column will move to the City cemetery
where the address of the day and the ritual services will be held. The
program at the City cemetery is as follows:
John C. Ruble, Commander Mower Post, No. 91, G. A. R., presiding.
Prayer, Rev. O. M. Yaggy.
Music by band.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Miss Geraldine Pew.
Logan’s Order, Miss Marcy Kissinger.
G. A. R. Ritual by Commander John C. Ruble.
Decoration service for unknown dead, W. R. C., Spanish-American and American
Legion Auxiliarys.
Address, Supt. H. N. Kluckhohn, LeMars.
Decoration of graves during the address.
Salute, firing squad from Co. K.
Benediction by Rev. J. J. Vollmar.
Star Spangled Banner.

The entire community joins in these services in LeMars and patriotic and
civic groups are particularly urged to participate.


~Submitted for posting by volunteer, Linda Ziemann