LeMars Sentinel, May 24, 1918

Will Represent Number of Young Men of Plymouth County Now in the Service In
the Army and Navy—Special Memorial Services.

Decoration Day is to be observed in Plymouth county this year by a patriotic
service to be held in LeMars at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of May 30th, in
which citizens of all parts of the county will participate. A tribute will
be paid to the memories of the veterans of the Civil War and the Spanish
American War and a special memorial service included for the six Plymouth
county boys who have laid down their lives for their country in the present
struggle of liberty and against the encroachment of tyranny.

The exercises will open with a big parade in which everyone is invited to
participate. The feature of the parade will be six hundred young women, who
will represent that number of young men now in the service in the army and
navy from this county. Each town in the county has been asked to furnish
the young women from its community to represent its fighting men and all
have agreed to do so. Akron will being her band and all towns will send
large delegations. On account of her own celebration of Decoration day,
Kingsley cannot be here, but her 104 men in service will be represented by
young women from other communities. The parade arrangements are in charge of
O. L. Loudenslager, who will give any information desired by those wishing
to participate.

Young women in LeMars, who wish to assist in the patriotic demonstration are
requested to register promptly at George Koenig’s drug store. School girls
above the seventh grade are invited to participate and many young married
women will join in contributing to the success of this tribute to the boys
who are representing all of us at the Front. All women who have brothers in
the army are given a special invitation.

The LeMars young ladies will meet at the Armory to prepare for their part in
the parade and it is important that all who wish to assist, register in

The detailed program for the day is not completed but will include the G. A.
R. and W. R. C., Decoration Day ritual, addresses by J. M. Wormley and
others and the decoration of the graves of our soldier dead buried in the
local cemetery. It was found impossible to get a detachment of Plymouth
county boys from Camp Dodge as planned, because permission for them to come
could not be secured.


LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, May 31, 1918


2 P. M. –Parade.
     Parade will form on north Main street, headed south from the corner of Seventh and Main streets. Parade will be under the direction of O. L. Loudenslager, Chief Marshal. Order of parade follows:
     LeMars Military Band
     LeMars Girls, representing men in the Army and Navy from LeMars and community.
     LeMars Fire Department
     LeMars public and parochial school children
     Remsen delegation
     Kingsley delegation
     Hinton delegation
     Merrill delegation
     Other county delegations
     Akron delegation, with Akron band
3 P. M. –Program at Cemetery
     Music by LeMars Military Band
Invocation—Rev. J. J. Vollmar
Reading, “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address,”—Mr. Chas. A. Wernli
G. A. R. Ritual
W. R. C. Ritual
Music by LeMars Military Band
Address—Hon. J. M. Wormley
Address—“Spanish American Soldiers”—Nelson Miller
Address—“The Soldier of Today,”—Rev. J. K. Hawkins
Music by LeMars Military Band
Decoration of graves
Benediction—Rev. A. Z. McGogney
     Procession will form and proceed from the City cemetery to the Catholic cemetery, where graves of soldiers and sailors there located will be decorated.



~Submitted for posting by Linda Ziemann