LeMars Globe-Post
June 2, 1910

Each Fleeting Year Reviews More Monuments to Departed Heroes—Eighty Are Dead

Memorial Day was appropriately observed in LeMars. The exercised by the
members of Mower Post G.A.R. over the graves of their departed comrades with
the simple solemn service and increasing significance which each annual
visit to the graves impart attracted a large crowd in the morning. The
procession was formed at the city square at 9:30 o’clock in the following

W. S. Freeman, marshal; LeMars Military band, Mower Post, comrades in
carriages, W.R. C. in carriages, flower committee and children in carriages,
mayor and city officials, LeMars fire department, teachers and scholars of
the public schools, citizens on foot, citizens in carriages.

The following program was carried out at the City and Catholic cemeteries:
Music, LeMars Military band
Prayer, Rev. W. G. Moore
Ritual exercises of the G.A.R.
Address—M. Hilbert, subject, Comrade, Ira T. Martin, I.S. Struble, Comrade
Geo. Heyl, recitation, “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address,” Edna King.
Decoration of monument to unknown dead by the W. R. C.
Decoration of graves by girls
Music LeMars Military band.

The procession disbanded on the return at the corner of Main and Sixth
streets where the band played martial airs.

Mower Post was organized in LeMars with a membership of 133 comrades and
following are the names of the eighty members who have since departed. The
present membership comprises but thirty-two members and is yearly decreasing
throughout the land with amazing rapidity. The graves of the old soldiers in
each of the cemeteries were decorated with flowers by the remaining
Frank Amos
Wm. Dickson
Chas. Young
H. Darville
Dennis Morley
Chas. Johnson
Geo. Rainboth
J. Rainboth
Frank Brown
Col. H. Clarke
W. Hasbrook
A. P. Brown
I. T. Martin
B. Baker
I. Munson
H. W. Wilcox
Capt. Stebbins
Chris Bauerly
Chas. Beuttner
John Balsinger
C.S. Sydenstricker
Solomon Crow
Lewis Crow
Jas. McDougall
E. Rathbun
O. H. Round
W. M. Swormly
Fred Burns
David Gibbs
E. Higley
A. Schofield
A. Clay
S. Nash
J. B. Manderville
H. C. Wescot
R. H. Jacobs
C. Meyers
D. W. Chamberlin
J. C. Kelly
J. C. Ball
H. Rose
A. F. Brown
H. C. Coville
A. J. Riffle
T. S. White
H. Woolworth
Robert Ramsey
S. W. Potter
Fred Wood
Wm. Love
Robert McGee
Geo. Hamm
E. H. Mead
A. Dresser
J. H. Brown
Dan Padmore
Thos. Tracy
L. M. Gardner
A. Foster
Wm. Swanzy
B. F. Muge
P. Calinger
J. Patterson
D. W. Clarke
Sam Ambrose
James Britt
A. Scroll
M. Lewis
L. M. Doty
Clem Husman
John Tovy
John Kinrov (sic John Conroy)
Owen Murphy
S. J. Sullivan
H. J. Calighan
William Miller
George Heyl
Dave Marchent
Sam Brunskill
Christopher M. Schutt
Ed Burke


~Submitted for posting by volunteer, Linda Ziemann