LeMars Sentinel, May 1894

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 17, 1894

Flag Raising and General Great Celebration on Decoration Day.

Arrangements are now in preparation to put in special and novel features in
the program of Decoration Day. In addition to the exercises prepared by the
G. A. R., the public schools will participate and carry out a flag raising

Flags have been ordered for all the school buildings, the school board
having appropriated the balance needed over and above the amount cleared by
the school entertainments.

Liberty poles higher than the school houses will be erected at each of the
school buildings and the silken banners will be unfurled to the breeze
hereafter when school is in session.

On May 30 the scholars will meet at the high school building and will march
to the Opera House in order by rooms and classes. After the address by Hon.
John Brennan and the close of the program the schools and the rest of the
audience will march back to the grounds of the high school where the flag
raising program will be carried out.

There will be music by the band, singing and speeches. The honor of raising
the flag will be accorded to some young lady scholar of the high school to
be determined by vote of the scholars of the school. The most popular young
lady who receives the most votes of her school mates will have the
distinguished honor of pulling the chord that raises the National emblem,
while the audience cheers and the band plays patriotic music.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 28, 1894

Yesterday’s Memorial Services.
A Large Attendance.
The Appearance of the Hall, Etc.

At 10:30 a.m. yesterday, the Opera House was filled by an audience made up
of all classes of men and women who have a due respect for the fallen heroes
of the Great Civil War. The various churches were well represented. The
Opera House was befittingly decorated with flags and black bunting
emblematic of the occasion. The music furnished by nearly a hundred singers
on stage, led by Prof. Hirsch, was excellent. The discourse was preached by
Rev. J. E. Snowden. He took for his theme, “The Cost of Liberty.” His review
of the various wars of the world and what they have cost in sacrifice, was
replete with interesting historic facts as well as seed thoughts for future

There were 42 Grand Army men who came in from the post room in a body and
took seats in front of the goodly number of Woman’s Relief Corps ladies. On
either side of the stage was a life size portrait appropriately draped in
black—the one on the right hand was that of Lincoln and the one on the left
that of U.S. Grant. For a background on the stage there was a beautiful
silken flag with its 44 brilliant stars—eleven more than appeared on the
U.S. flag in 1861.

An Interesting Program at the Opera House Wednesday Evening

As part of the Decoration Day program the following will be carried out at
the Opera House tomorrow evening:

Male Quartette (Messrs. C.A. Wernli, Geo. Wernli, Haas and Emery)
Song, Red, White and Blue (Miss Tierney)
Ladies’ Quartette (Mesdames Hart, Finney, Jones, Dunn and Miss Barton)
Recitation, “What Did the Privates Do?”
Tit for Tat, Song (Miss Nona Hilbert)
Tableaux (Kersey Jones and Geo. Carter)
Spring Song (Margeretta Zink)
Tableaux (Hazel Brower and Robin Fahs)
Fifteenth Amendment
(a) Alone in the Old Cabin House
(b)Darkies’ Dream.
(c) Coming from the Fields.
(e) Home in Kentuck.
(f) Kingdom Coming.
(g) Steal Away.
Song, The Picket Guard (E. A. Coombs)
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, Song (by Hon. I. S. Struble)
Grand Tableaux.


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