1915 Threshing Incident


Bohlken Bros. Threshing accident --

Bohlken Bros. Outfit - Nov. 20, 1915

LeMars  Semi-Weekly Sentinel
November 26, 1915

RUBLE:  (Special Correspondence)
Bohlken Brothers had the misfortune to break through a bridge with their threshing machine while on their way to thresh at the Muth home Saturday.  Just the engine broke through, the separator remaining on the road. The help all escaped injury. They engaged Lyle Strong, of Akron, with his engine to finish the threshing for them.

DUBOIS CREEK: (Special Correspondence)
While Bohlken Brothers were moving their threshing machine to Muth Brothers on Saturday, the bridge south of the Happy Hallow school gave way, letting the engine go down. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

~Photos contributed by family researcher, Glenna Rice.

~Newspaper article contributed by Plymouth County Coordinator, Linda Ziemann

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