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I am Grant William “Bill” Crosby. My dad was Loyd Calvin Crosby, born in Essex and married mom in
Red Oak. Grandpa was a baker in Essex late 1800‘s/early 1900‘s (later in Gladbrook). His dad was
Nelson D. Crosby (died 1874 in Ft. Dodge) and his mom was Mariah Ann (Anderson, Crosby) Davis.
Nelson was a brother to Edward Crosby and Mariah was sister to Catherine E. Crosby. She was also a
sister to Ella M. (Roush) Camp; Sarah Jane Oglesbee; and Rachel Allen, who were all daughters of
Johnathan and Julia (Gardner) Anderson. Bill Crosby -
I wish to make contact with anyone descended from the Theodore S. Jackson family who came to Taylor and Page Counties about 1880. T. S. Jackson and wife and some of the family are buried in the New Hawley Cemetery. I am descended from a brother of Theodore's and am especially interested in obtaining a picture of Theodore and his family. Thank you for any information you might have.

 Looking for information on James D. Keister, son of William E. Keister and
Ida Baird, born ca. 1885 in Page County.  Married Lilah Shearer in Cedar
Rapids in 1910.  Can't find them after that date, they may have moved east
to New York State.
I'm connected to Lilah Shearer through her grandmother, Carrie Walter, and
have lots of information to share with other descendants.  Thanks for any
help you can provide.

Hi Pat
Thanks for being a volunteer.
I am trying to trace the Descendants of Agnes D. Blair,who died in 1929 and
whom is buried at Blanchard Cemetery in Page County.  Agnes owns some
mineral rights in Alberta, Canada and I was asked by a Land and Lease
Company to try and trace her forward from the Title, which is dated 1906.
n the 1900 Census, Agnes appears as a widow with three children, Jessie M
(dau), Jamie, son and Fredrick, son.
Agnes died in 1929 and I have a copy of her Letters of Administration from
Page County.  Jessie must have predeceased Agnes, her  as sons James R. and
Fred are listed as the only heirs of Agnes. Fred died in 1959 in California
and I do not believe he had any children, although it appears he was married
James R. appears in the 1930 Census, with wife Maggie( Margaret) and three
children, namely (unreadable, age 25), plus Wayne W. Blair(15) and Earl R.
James R. and his wife, Margaret are buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery.
James R. Blair 1875-1967
Margaret Blair 1877-1965
Would you or anyone else know where their children ended up?  An obituary
would probably help.
Thanks again for any assistance you can provide.
Rob Boynton
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Looking for information on a Frank McClure family. There is a

Frank McClure listed in the 1920 census for Page Co., Amity.

He was 47, b. IL, white. Does anyone know anything about this

family. I am looking for a Frank McCLURE b. PA 1848, farmer

or blacksmith. He is in the 1880 census for Madison co., IL.

His brother's 1927 obituary shows a Frank in Iowa, but I cannot

find a Frank of that age in Iowa in the 1920 or 1930 census.

Could he be living with a son Frank?  This could be his son

as he was born in IL. The elder Frank would likely have passed

on by 1938 as he would have been 90 by then.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Dennis Roll:


Can u help me locate obituaries or other information for the following Lewis GRIFFITH

  died 10 January 1900 Amanda C. GRIFFITH died 12 December 1898 Records show

they are both burried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Page County. Place of death in my records

shows College Springs. Thanks for tor ur assistance. These GRIFFITH'S 

are my great great grandparents. Michael

For a family history project I am looking for people still living in
Shenandoah who may have known my mother, Carolyn Aletha Hyde (later Cook),
born in Shenandoah in 1918, attended Iowa State, married Kenneth Cook of
Nevada. I also knew her brother E. V. "Bud" Hyde and her mother Klea Clovis
Hyde, but her father died when I was very young. Other relatives I remember
are Claude Clovis and Gage Parker, also now dead. Thank you for any help
you may be able to give me on this project.
Dr. Tom Cook
Wayne State College
Wayne NE 68787

Seeking descendants of:

Charles and Lula Whitehead Chamberlain

Noah Eu"gene" and Delphia Anna Whitehead Taylor

Unk. and Delphia Anna Whitehead Taylor Green(e?)

Unk. and Bertha Whitehead Warden/Worden

Girls were born in TN and parents were John U. & Mariah Craddock/Whitehead.

Have made contact with their sister Evaline/Effie and bro. James Garfield's

descendants, and looking to see if any of the girls' descendants are still

around this area. I am dau. of the girls' (half)brother from father's second

marriage, and would like to share family info.

Sandra Whitehead Wood:


We are trying to locate the whereabouts of an Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lemrick (Limerick).

Thanks to your site, we were able to locate her father's will in Page County

Courthouse which promoted even more confusion!! In 1872 her father,

Alfred Limerick, made a will in which he left his estate to his wife and children.

One of these was Elizabeth. Alfred lived in both Worth County and Page County;

will was made and filed in Page County. Alfred died in 1879

(too bad there are no obits available!); the will was probated and

Elizabeth was not mentioned among the heirs. A year or so later,

Alfred's wife, Sarah, filed a petition contesting the will. I don't

think she meant to contest it, just make sure that one of her

step-daughters, Elizabeth, was included. The name given was

Jennie E. Lemrick whose Guardian was N. H. Rhoads. Estate

was paid out to Jennie E. Limerick's guardian, N. H. Rhoads.

There is no address given for this person. Could this Rhoads

have been a director of a hospital or residential facility? I thought

you might know. There was also a sister, Jane, who used the name

Jennie, but they are clearly two different people. Someone was confused!

I have tried to locate the Rhoads individual unsuccessfully.

The copy of the 1880 Census is often illegible. Elizabeth was

alive in 1881 when the estate was settled. If you have any insights,

I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks for any help you can give.

Maxine A'Hearn


  Searching for information about Adam Sommer and wife Christina Sinn

who were married near College Springs, Feb 29, 1876. They are

buried in Hawleyville Cemetery.

The oldest child (Lillie Anna Sommer) was not buried there, but in Twin Falls,

ID. That is who I'm a descendent of.

This family holds more than just a genealogy interest with me. This family

also holds a heredity line that has affected generations of offspring. Many

of my family members, including myself,  have inherited a disease called

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

At this point we don't know if it's Adam's side or Christina's. But I do know

that Adam's son George Phillip Sommer 1886-1929 and his son Glen George

Sommer 1915-1954 (both buried there) died of the disease. Both Adam and

Christina are German immigrants, so research is just going to get more

difficult from here. I'm going to make inquiries with Iowa's vital records

department and see if death records might reveal something.

Again, many thanks for your help!
Al Pickens:


[I have not been able to reply to this address because the email bounces. Pat Dec 2004]

Pat,I am interested in the family of Richard COLWELL, a black man who was a

porter at the Delmonico Hotel from about 1892 -1913 then worked for the Hunt

Hotel (both in Shenandoah, Iowa).  I know he was still living in April 1930, he lived on

West Thomas Avenue.He was about 80 years old in 1930.  His wife was Sarah J.

BOWMAN-COLWELL.  They should be buried in Shenandoah or nearby.  Anything

you can find on him or his family would be greatly appreciated.  I am doing a little

sketch on him and would appreciate any photos of the hotels to go along with it. 

Thank you for your trouble.

Jackie Roberts

Jackie, there was an article about Richard Colwell in the Sentinel Post, March 26, 1912.

You can get a copy of this by writing to the Shenandoah library...

address on page Pat Combs O'Dell


 I am trying to locate the next of kin of Christine Johnson who passed away

in Houston, TX in March of this year.  She left no will and as a consequence

the state of TX will get her estate unless we can locate her next of kin.

Christine Johnson was born in Harris county, Tx in 1926 the daughter of

Mahlon Dana Johnson a watchmaker by trade and his wife Otillia Naruzzi

an immigrant from Spain.  The had 4 children Loveday born about 1912,

Jessie, Mahlon jr. and Christine.  Christine often told people about a

person named Walter and that her father was from Iowa.

How an Iowa boy met a Spanish girl?  Any ideas?

Mahlon Dana Johnson was the son of Casper Meade Johnson and

Lavinia Bullock Johnson who married in Page county in 1868. Mahlon and

Lavinia had: Mahlon, Benjamin, James, Hollis, Grace (m. Wilkerson), John A.,

Emma M. and Mabel. Since Christine's father came from a large family I hope

I can fine a relative so the state of TX doesn't enlarge their coffers. Mahlon Johnson

died in the 1920's and I have not been able to find what happened to Christine's

brother and sisters.  She told someone they all went back to Iowa when their father died.

Any Ideas?

Lori Fortner:


I am still looking for any info on my family from Page County.

Elonzo Ellis born in NY in 1813, his son William Nelson "Nels" Ellis

born in NY in 1844, his son Hallie Dewitt "Pete" Ellis born in IA in 1879

and any other part of the Ellis family. Marilyn Sage:


  Roger Wolfe wrote:

I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about who

Samuel J. McCord was. Who his father was. who his children were.

the census records ive seen arn't very readable. My grandmother tells

me he was originally farmed out to red oak city on a train from New York.

I've also looked into his marrage records and if im not mistaken he married

a Mary E.? ANy help would be greatly appriciated. Oh yea, he was the

sheriff of page county.thanks ----my e-mail is 

Roger, orphan train children always have interesting lives....maybe

not for them at the time however. I think I see how this family "fits"

together but you will need to carefully check all of this out with further research.

I looks to me like Samuel and his brother John were in an orphanage in New York City in 1870 -
1870 New York, New York, 2 Dist 22 Ward, 21 Jan, page 28, says "Orphan Asylum" #162
John McCord 11 m New York
Samuel McCord 9 m New York

Looking for John as a baby in 1860 it looks like this is his family -
1860 Brooklyn, 2nd Dist 9?th Ward, Kings Co, page 2, #9.16
Wm McCord 30 m livery stable, Ireland
Mary McCord 26 f Ireland
Martha Jane 7 f NY
Robert J. 5 m NY
John  1/12 m NY
Mary Spaulding 15 f nurse NY

Then in 1870 is this the same family?

New York, New York, Tenth Election Dist 16th Ward, 27 Dec

page 63 #340.26 Rear House (evidently an apartment building, lots of people in it)
William McCord 32 m carman Ireland
Mary A. 35 f Ireland
Isabella 10 f NY
Sarah J. 8 f NY
George W. 4 m NY
William E. 2 m NY
James 1 m NY

1880 Brooklyn , Kings Co page 13, 3 Jun
Wm H. McCord, 56  ??? stable Ire Ire Ire
Mary Ann? 46? Ire Scot Eng

1880 Pierce twp, Page co, Iowa 29 Jul, page 49 #114.115
M. Chandler family
Samuel McCord 19 m laborer NY

1900 King Co NY - this William and Mary McCord family is still here

with sons, George, Robert, John and William living at home. Says Mary

has had 8 children with 7 of them living. The above census may not be

accurate on children etc.

1900 Pierce Twp, Page Co, Iowa  Essex, 28 Jun Page Co, #208.213
Samuel J. McCord, May 1861 39 NY NY NY, married 14 yrs
Mary McCord, Mch 1863 37 Mn NY Ind ; 5 children 4 living
Lloyd J. McCord Jun 1887 12 m  Ia NY Mn
Glen J. McCord Dec 1891 8 m  Ia NY Mn
Fern McCord Apr 1885 5 f  Ia NY Mn
Clarence J. McCord Oct 1898 1 m  Ia NY Mn

Pat Combs O'Dell

I am trying to get a photo of my relative's tombstone. 
Family history says she's buried at Union Grove Cemetery, 
Washington Twp, Page County, Iowa. Name: Malinda (Melinda)
 HULL Clabaugh, born 21 May 1832 in OH, died 21 Aug 1884 in
 Mondamin, Harrison, Iowa, buried 1884 at Union Grove. 
Husband was John Clabaugh who is buried at McCoy Cemetery, 
Londonderry Twp, Guernsey County, OH. Please help
I forgot she remarried after John Clabaugh died so 
found her under Malinda  Morrell. But now can't find her 
parents: James Hull MD & REV and Rebecca WILKIN Hull.
 James was born 10 DEC 1810 PA, died 1892. Rebecca born 
16 AUG 1806 OH, died 27 APR 1900 Blanchard, Page, IA. 
Please help! Thanks!