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(2004) My name is Shirley Hancock. I recently retired and have been researching our family history. I'm seeking information on Anna Anderson Bengtson, born 5 Feb 1878, Landskrona, Sweden; died 24 Dec 1972 in Atlantic, IA. My grandfather told me that Anna was the daughter of his father's brother, whose given name I don't know (though his surname would probably have been Anderson). Olof Jonson Anderson was my grandfather's father's name in Sweden, but he changed it to Olof John Ekblad after arriving in America.

Grandma Ekblad gave me a funeral service bulletin that indicated Anna Bengtson's funeral was at your church, Evangelical Covenant Church, Essex, IA. Her casket bearers were Merlin Anderson, Lester Bredberg, John H. Carlson, Edward Erickson, Delbert Herzberg, and Harry Strickland, Jr.

She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Red Oak, IA.

Any information on Anna Anderson Bengston's parents or her husband, who may be Frank Bengtson, would be greatly appreciated. The information I gave you above is everything I know about the family. In the Social Security Death Index, I did find a Frank Bengtson, born 24 Sep 1872; died Dec 1973, whose death residence was in ZIP 50311. He'd apparently lived in various areas of Polk, IA.

I'd also really like to find out if the Bengtson's had children, and, if so, any information you have about them. I very much appreciate your help, as this family holds the key to information on one entire branch of my family, and look forward to hearing that you have received this and may be able to assist me. Perhaps if you don't have information, if, by chance any of the casket bearers are still alive, they might have some knowledge of the Bengtsons. Regards -- Shirley Hancock, Memphis, TN email:

I saw your posting on look-up Volunteers and I need help. I have a connection
with Page County and need help with research.
My Connection is the Davis family, John Wesley Davis, his daughter Ella May
is my grandmother. She married William Jaspar Middaugh also of Davis County.
I have a listing of her siblings. Ella May's mother was Elizabeth Good.
John was a Civil War Vet. I have copied his record from the Archives in DC.
I have a birth date for William Middaugh of May 7, 1880, in Clarinda, Page
County, IA.
I know his father was Thomas and he was born in Indiana.

Your Help would be appreciated.

Larry Jarvis

  Thank you very much.  James C. Kearby is my great-great grandfather and M.J. Kearby did remarry after James died to Mr. Lillard.  Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the marriage item.  M.J. and Mr. Lillard ended up divorcing and she remarried to a Miller and moved to Lincoln Nebraska.  My problem was in finding out anything about James.  Do you know if there are any other Kearby's buried in Memory?  I really do appreciate all your help, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have finally gotten some information.  I still need to figure out who James parents were.  Thank you once again. Lori Jindra
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Hi, James C. Kearby, 1849-1879 is buried in the Memory cemetery. I would guess that his widow remarried..there is a marriage in Page co, Iowa of Mrs M.J. Kirby/Kerby to S.P. Lillard 28 Jun 1880. The Clarinda Herald had a news item of this and said they were married 25 Jun 1880. You may want to look for the name Lillard to continue searching. Pat

Jindra wrote:

I am looking for a family that lived in or around Memory, IA somewhere around 1878.  The family name is Kearby. Father's name James Edward Clinton Kearby and mother's name Mary Jane Morgan Kearby.  Morgan is her maiden name.  They had three children Mary Alvira Kearby, Clara Belle Kearby and Edward Clinton Kearby.  My great-grandmother is Mary Alvira and she was born in Memory.  I am at a roadblock as far as finding anything on this family.  Please help.  My e-mail address is and I want to thank you very much in advance.

I am looking for information on my Scott/Hall family that lived in the
Clarinda area 188(0) until around 1935 or so. I am sure there are other
cousins etc that should still live in the area as well.

My Grandfather Claude Scott was born October 8, 1878 - Clarinda
My Grandmother Nellie Mae Hall Scott was born March 22, 1883 - Clarinda

They were married September 6, 1906 - Clarinda

My mother Beatrice Marie Scott Hill was born July 4, 1909 - Clarinda

The address listed on my mother's BC is 702 Water Street

My grandfather is listed as age 30 and my grandmother age 26 on my
mother's BC.

Claude is listed as a laborer
Nellie is listed as a housekeeper

They moved to Waterloo before 1913.

Nancy Ann Ladd Hall was my Great Grandmother
Katherine/Catherine Thompson Brown Scott was my Great Grandmother

Samuel Hall was my Great Grandfather and died Clarinda 1883 one month
before my grandmother Nellie was born in 1883.

My Grandfather George Washington Scott died 1910 - Clarinda

Any additional information that you might have would be helpful, or
pointing me in a direction so that I might find out anything would be appreciated.

I am just starting out on my search.

Jim Hill




Jim & Linda Radcliff wrote:

Dear Pat, I am wondering if there is any History on the Clarinda State Mental Hospital.    My Grandfather Frank Hanan / Hannan / Hannon / (hospital records indicate Hannam)  was a patient there from May 1928 to his death on 1 October 1937.  He suffered from a rare heriditary disease known as Huntingtons Chorea.  The hospital located a very old & faint copy of his Death Cert. for me.  Re:  Frank Hannam  # 12635 (Patient #)    Would there have been a recorded copy of a Death Cert at that time?  Or a newspaper obit? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. SincerelyLinda Hannan RadcliffSunny & Windy Sacramento

Thank you so much for all your help.  I will check with the Archives in Des Moines, perhaps they will do a little digging for me!   Should I send dollars with my request?   This is a hereditary disease and I feel that the information should be made available, especially since it was so long ago!    It has continued in the Family Line.  This is also probably why I can't locate any HANAN / HANNAN / HANNON / HANNAM Ancestors!!    The hospital was great and dug up as much as they could, even a discription of what Grandpa Frank looked like.  But records they said were very skimpy!   They were able to locate a very poor quality of the DC.  Very little info on it!! 
Thanks again for you kind help,  
Linda HANNAN Radcliff     


I came across my ggrandparents while searching the web.  I found the early
marriage records of Page County and there they were.  I would like to get a
copy of the newspaper that was cited as the source.  Lillie E. Dennison and
Walter J. Mooney were married on July 27, 1880 by Rev. Williamson.  The
Clarinda Herald was the cited source.  I was referred to you.

I hope you can help.  I have been looking for their parents and siblings.
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Susan Huizinga

I am looking for any information on Frank and Alwilda Simmons, and their daughter Nila Ann Simmons, born Jan. 23, 1873 in Clarinda, hoping to find something, could you help??
Kathy Williams:

I'd like to request a Page Co. lookup for John Weisser. I found him
listed in the 1920 federal census in Page Co. as an inmate at the age of
61. His last name was spelled Weiser instead of Weisser. I was
wondering if you could look in the census before 1920 and after 1920 for
his name listed. I'm trying to narrow down how long he was comitted to
the State Hospital. If you have any better ideas, I'm open to

Thank you for your time,
Peggy Weisser-Caress:
I have found a Robert Thompson in the 1875 Abstracts at the USGenWeb Page Co., website.  He is living in Douglas Township.  He came to Iowa in 1855 and was born in Alleghany Co, PA.  I found him in the census index at  He is only in the 1870 census on page 410 in Douglas Township (or maybe this is his son).  I am hoping to connect him with my Thompson's who lived in Clarinda from 1860 to 1870 and who were also from Alleghany, PA.  Anything you have on Robert Thompson would be great.  Thank you for your help.  Leen -
My ggrandfather, Jacob MOGER was born in Clarina Twp, Page County May 26, 1873.  Is there anything in your resources concerning his parents who were Norweigen emigrants?
I found this in the Page County Cemetary Index:
MOGER           7a  CLARINDA, BIRCHWOOD      54
MOGER           7d  CLARINDA, REPLAT         128
I've been working on finding something for years with not much luck.  Your time and effort is much appreciated.
Maureen Anderson
Amherstburg, ON, Canada
Looking for history or information on Jonathan Chiles and Margaret CRESS from
Preston County, WV  
He resided on a farm four miles north of Clarinda after 1887 in Page County,
Hi, abstracted obituaries for both Jonathan and Margaret are on my website in the Abstracted Newspaper Index. Please go to
Look on the main page of the Abstracted Newspaper Index to see where newspaper copies are available from the Nodaway Valley Historical Museum. And also ask them for a copy of the page 628 from the 1890 Page county, Iowa History that has a biographical on J.S. Chiles. Pat wrote:
Hi, I checked all the sites and archives on USGenWeb and searched it but came
up with nothing on CHILES.

I do know they lived page County Iowa abt 1887  I seen a reference to it
somewhere and someone says there is a book called Biographical History of
Page County, Iowa 1890  that had history of the CHILES Family But I cannot
seem to find it.

Thanks for your time


Hi Pat,
Very gracious of you to help people with their Iowa connections. I'm searching for an obit for Chester Berrier died in May 1964 in Shenendoah (I hope I spelled that right) and his wife Pearl who died Oct 1962. Appreciate any help you may be able to give me.
Diane Thomas:
I am looking for information on my grandparent and great grandparent in Page
County.  Can you look up most things free?  I will pay if I have to, but I
understand you are free.  I am looking for my Grandparent Marriage License
they were marriage 1893 or 1894 in Page County. There first child was born
Jan 1895.  There names were Francis Hinsdell and Katherine Nies.  If you
could help I would appectiate.

I am also looking for a will, probate or land records on Bernard and Mary
they are my Great Grandparents. They came to Page County around 1874 and
Bernard dies in Dec 27, 1878 and buried in Rosehill cemetery.  Mary dies
1899 and is also buried in Rosehille Cemetery. They had 4 children Barney,
Asahel and a daughter Elizabeth Hinsdell Owen. They lived in Morton Twp,
south of Shenandoah. Some of the children were still there on the 1900 census.

Thanks for any info.

Ada Harris


I appreciate your volunteering to do research in Page County.

The BEGHTOL family came through Page County early in the 1870's.  In 1870
Elias W. Beghtol and his wife Mary Cordelia PENNINGTON BEGHTOL stayed for
several months with her brother Warner Pennington in Manti.  Then they came
to Shenandoah where Elias had a jewelry business.  He was active as a Mason
and is shown in several lines of the early Page County histories.

His brother, James Vance Beghtol, also came to Shenandoah in the early
1870's.  I've not found a record of him, yet.  I thought this notice from
another newspaper might help me find some mention of him.

Hastings Democrat (Adams County, NE) 19 Oct 1933, pg. 1
Recalls Old Days At Iowa Reunion
   Dr. J. V. Beghtol of this city, who until his recent retirement was for
many years one of Hastings' most prominent physicians, happens to be an early
settler at Shenandoah, in our neighboring state of Iowa, arriving there from
the east in his young manhood.  Dr. Beghtol was at Shenandoah on October 13,
to be present at the Old Settler's Reunion which was a well attended, all-day
event, with 300 guests seated at a 7:30 banquet.  As a part of the evening
ceremonial Dr. Beghtol was awarded a diamond certificate, as he bears the
distinction of being the first settler to arrive in Shenandoah from the east.
  That was back in 1870 in the days of his young manhood when he came west
to teach a country school and for five years imparted the knowledge of
readin' 'ritin' and 'rithmetic to his young charges, and then in 1875 leaving
to attend medical school.  Last week in Shenandoah, he had the pleasure of
again meeting eight of his former pupils.
  When the doctor first took up his residence in Shenandoah back there in
the seventies, there was said to be only one Democrat in the entire precinct.
 That may have been something of an exaggeration, he says, but at any rate,
it was only a few years after the close of the Civil War, and the community
was full of ex-soldiers, all Republicans.  The doctor recalls that he cast
his first presidential vote in 1872, and it was for Grant.
  While at Shenandoah, Dr. Beghtol was the guest of a cousin, Mrs. Maggie
Woodford, who has been a resident of that community for more than fifty
years. [END]

Is there a record of this "Reunion" in the newspapers?  It would make for
interesting reading for me.  I surmise the event was October 13, 1933.  A
program? Pictures?

Also, there appears to be confusion on the name of one of Elias's children,
buried in Rose Hill cemetery, Shenandoah.  Our family records, and Elias'
notes, show her name as ELIA CARLINA, b. 8 Feb 1874, d. August or September
16, 1874.  We can't find any record of her name being "ELIZA".  We also can't
find which death date is correct as Elias wrote both of them.  Can you verify
the tombstone for Elia Beghtol, and let me know?

I realize this is two requests: one for the story of the reunion, the other
for the tombstone.  

I thank you for your time and attention, and will be happy to prepay or
reimburse for copying, postage, etc.

I have done reasonable amounts of research on the family of BEGHTOL, please
let me know if I can provide information to Page County, to be used by others.


Kate Welton Kuzmich
Sugar Land, TX :
Pat - your offer on IAGenWeb is too good to refuse. I am having a heck of a time finding any information on my great parents and beyond. Here is what I know: My great grandmother was Mabel S. Glass, born August 14, 1880 in Blanchard, Iowa.
Her parents (I think) were John Glass and Harriet H. Baird. I know nothing about John Glass. Harriet was born June 30th, 1842. Her parents were Captain William Perry Baird, born 9/30/1813, and Sarah A. Neely, born July 12, 1823. They also had one son, W. Henry Baird, born October 13, 1844. I have no idea when or how they arrived in Page County, except for the birth of Mabel in 1880. Baird and Neely are Scottish names so I wonder if they immigrated to Iowa.
I would be endebited for any insights. Thanks - John Courtney,
Hi Pat,
I am trying to find information on three families that lived in Page Co., Nodaway Twp.  I believe that both James Brown and Frederick Myers lived in Clarinda area in 1870.  The 1870 census info. that is on line at the Page Co. site shows two families by those names in Nodaway Twp.  Could you please look them up.
James Brown and Luann (Secrest) Brown
Jackson Marion Brown and Mary Louise (Myers) Brown
    m Jan 1868  Jones Co.
    oldest daughter born Oct 1868 Clarinda, Cora Jane Brown
    2nd child born born Jan 1870 Cherokee Co., KS, Frederick
Frederick K. Myer(s) and Jane (Smith) Myers
    1866 child born in Fairview, Jones Co., IA
    1871 child born in Rocky Comfort, McDonald Co., MO
Thanks in advance for your help.  Are your O'Dell's from MO??
Candace O'Dell:
Dear Pat:
I found your name on both the Page and Fremont Co. sites, and want first to
thank you for your volunteer efforts. Here is my problem, and maybe you can
help me or at least direct me. My Dad was "given up" at birth to an elderly
couple named Scottie & Bessie Mae (Moss) Rogers in Clarinda. He "believes"
that Bessie was the great aunt of his birth mother. His birth mother was
named Mary Mabel Smith (or Mabel Mary Smith) and her father was Loren Smith.
He knows that his birth Mom was born in Tabor, IA, (around 1919 I have
calculated) and he knows that Loren died in Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO around
1947 or 48. Dad was eventually put into foster care, and ended up in
Wisconsin. At about 15 yrs of age he ran away from the Wis. foster home and
searched for his family. He found his bio-fathers (surname Liston) family in
Maryville, or should I say he found their reputation. (apparently they were
rounders) Pretty much his father and his father's brothers had moved away
from the area. His father's father was rumored to be in a VA Hospital in
Wadsworth, KS.

I found online Scottie & Bessie's graves, and some others by the name of Moss
that I believe to be Bessie's sisters. (Roscoe & Opal Moss Maltsberger) I
have not found any census records for "Loren" Smith and do not have access to
a Family History Center or Library that archives census', on the local level.
Requesting info from vital records with such limited information seems
hopeless. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Kim in VA:
Pat Hi, my name is Phil Mitchell, and I am researching the "Hudspeth" line.
Let me tell you what I know about them so far:
Royal Hudspeth, B; Sep 1835, D; Apr 28, 1917 in Pottawattamie Co.
Married: Harriet Crawford, fulton Co, ILL  Jan 1, 1857
First child: John J. Hudspeth, B: abt 1858. John J. signed the death
certificate for Royal, he listed his address as Clarinda, Page Co. IA. THAT
is ALL that I know of John. So in 1917 he is in Page County. Think you can
help me?
Would be willing to pay for services rendered. Thank You in advance.
Phil Mitchell
Seattle, Washington.

I have just been searching the wonderful genealogy site for Clarinda, IA.
I am wondering how to go about finding a birth document for my
grandfather, William M. Floyd, who was born in Clarinda, IA, Driftwood
Township, on 2/5/1862. This information is from the 1900 Census. I am
trying to establish the names of his parents and any siblings.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Jeanne Schmunk
I am looking for information on Mary Carey.  In 1880 she had her boys living with her Milton Carey, Lincoln Carey (Link, Abraham Lincoln) and George Carey (George Washington).  I am looking for any grave information also.  I think Mary may be buried there.  Her husbands name was John and he could be buried there also.  Also if you have any information on Chauncey W. Stroud and Emma Stroud. There son Jether Page Stroud was born there.  John and Mary Carey had the following children: 
James Carey
John (Jonathan) Carey
William Carey
Louisa Carey
Susanna Carey
Emma Carey
Sarah Carey
Milton Carey
Lincoln Carey
George Carey
John I think died between 1870 and 1880.  Mary was a widow in 1880.  There daughter Emma was my great-great grandmother, her son Ernest was my great grandfather and his daughter Helen was my grandmother.  If you have any information at all on my Carey or Stroud families it would be deeply appreciated.  Thank you.
It seems that you are  one of the "gems" of our world.  Last time I
corresponded with you you found my marriage of Levi Nealeigh and Mary Jane
Simmons in Mo.
I just found this web site, and again see you are doing good works!!   THANK
 Today I found the cemetery listing for William Simmons [d 22 Dec 1884] and
wife Elizabeth [Aug 1892] located in Clarinda Cemetery, Nodaway twp, Page Co
Iowa.  Bingo these are mine and now I have their death dates.
   Alas I could not find them on any census material, either state or
federal.  Also
I still could not find Mary J. [Simmons] Nealeigh siblings.   
    I was wondering if there would have been an death notice in the local
paper for the dated mentioned above?
    Also I would like your neighbor to know that the Lays, Tilmans, Farrens,
etc. etc. are all related thru marriages to my husband.  Fun looking at the
people have added to the net.  Beats all the paper work that I did when I got
      Again  it's nice being in touch with you again!!   1992
 Mary Zieglar :
    I am looking for information on Alfred DuPont, a civilian scout who fought in the Battle of Beecher Island, now located in Yuma co. CO.,in 1867.  He was born near Montreal, Canada, Feb. 11, 1849 and died June 3, 1928 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor co, Washington at which time he lived at the County Farm.  His application for a Indian Wars pension was rejected in 1922.  What was he doing between these occurrences?
    A friend found a Alfred DuPont in the 1880 census index for Morton, Page County, Iowa.  He was living with a Henry Reid family, (page 488c in the census), and his relationship was listed as other. At this time we think this man is the DuPont we are researching.  As far as I know he was unmarried, could not write and was a loner.  Other survivors of the battle had reunions after 1900, but DuPont could not be found and was listed as missing until he turned up in the Indian Wars pension application list.
    I got your address from the U.S. Gen Web page.
        I would appreciate any information you might have on this individual.  I plan to put all I find in the Yuma museum to be kept as part of the local history collection.
        Thanks for any help you may be able give.
            Stephen Chaplin
            P.O. Box 24
            Yuma, CO  80759
I am looking for info on a Patterson Nathan Hogue married to a Mary Jane Porter in 1861 in Clarinda, Iowa area..  Her father is John Porter married to an Elizabeth.  Any info would be helpful.
susan Crow:
I am hoping to find obituaries of two very lost people. Henry Grafft
and Elizabeth Grove married in Woodford County, Illinois on November 18,
1855. They lived in Woodford County until sometime in the 1870's. I
found them in Hancock County, Illinois on the 1880 Census. They have
been lost until last night, when I found them via the internet in the
Maple Hill Cemetery, Page Co, IA. (Section 7, Row 9).
The index says that they both died in 1894, no month or day were given.
Would you have a way of finding the month and day of death for both
Elizabeth and Henry? Also, I would be very interested if an obituary of
the two people were written.
Thank you,
Elaine Nystrom:

Thanks for the great offer to check your previous research folders.
Elizabeth and Simon Peter Dressel are the parents and they had five
daughters who lived to adulthood. They are:
Malona Dressel married Urias Walton
Clara Dressel who married Calvin Harper(they stayed in College Springs
and are buried there.
Sadie Dressel married Thomas Walton (they are buried in College Springs
Margaret Dressel married Walter Mason
Lydia Dressel married Charles Mason
I found the parents and children living in College Springs beginning in 1895 (state census).

Thanks for checking!!! Marcy Tracy

Pat O'Dell
i am trying to find information on my Great Grandparents.
Drucy Charles Means and Susie Reed.
My great aunts Ida Myrl Means and Iva Pearl Means were born in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa, 9 Jun 1894.
I know the family moved from Page County to Buxton, Wilson Co., Kansas before 27 Apr., 1899. 
Any information you can find I would greatly appreciate. 
Thanks you for your time effort.
Wendell Jay Rose.:
Hello Pat,
Do you have obituaries for the following:

Descendants of Carrie Manifold Claybaker

Generation No. 1

1. Carrie7 Manifold (John6, William Fleming5, George4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, William1) (Source: Janet Hedges Springer, "Electronic," letter received on December 2, 2002.) was born January 13, 1885 in Page County, Iowa, USA (Source: Funeral Program, for Carrie Claybaker found in the Manifold minutes book.), and died July 17, 1958 in Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa, USA (Source: Funeral Program, for Carrie Claybaker found in the Manifold minutes book.). She married Howard Claybaker. (Do not know when) He was born January 20, 1893 (Source: Social Security Index, found December 29, 2002.), and died June 15, 1967 (Source: Social Security Index, found December 29, 2002.).

Notes for Carrie Manifold:

Source: Funeral program from Carrie Claybaker's memorial service found in the Manifold reunion book.

Carrie Claybaker

Born January 13, 1885, Page County, Iowa

Entered into rest, July 17, 1958 Shenandoah, Iowa

Age, 73 yrs., 6 mos., 4 days

Services from First Christian Church, Shenandoah, Iowa on Monday, July 21, 1958 at two-thirty o'clock

Words of Comfort, Rev. Gerald Waters

Soloist, Mrs. Mauritz Ivarson

Organist, Mrs. Arthur Larson,

Floral Arrangement, Mrs. Glen Hiatt and Mrs. Myrtle Renander

Ushers: G. F. Ruth and Harold Hawes

Bearers: Roy Murphy, Elmer Gee, Earl Annan, Fred Handorf, Clark Brockman, Merrill Snyder

Interment: Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Iowa

More About Carrie Manifold:

Burial: July 21, 1958, Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa, USA (Source: Funeral Program, for Carrie Claybaker found in the Manifold minutes book.)

Children of Carrie Manifold and Howard Claybaker are:

2 i. Evelyn8 Claybaker.

3 ii. LeRoy Claybaker.

4 iii. Grace Claybaker.

Do you know whether any of these children are still living in the area?  What their addresses might be??  I am trying to find Manifold descendants to invite them to share their family updates with me in preparation for an "at cost for paper and printing" booklet for the 80th Manifold Reunion to be held in August.  Would love for some of them to come to the reunion too.!

If you do not have Carrie and Howard's obituaries, would you look for them?  Let me know what your expenses are.  This is pretty distant to me, so do not spent a 100 hours on it--ok??  Just a fair amount?


Thank you, Mary Lou Rogers

303 Fairway Circle, Garner, Iowa 50438     or

I am looking for family history information to add to my family tree on my great-grandmother Sophia Mistress or Mister who came from Wales in 1874 with her parents.  She was living in Clarinda, Iowa, when she met my great-grandfather, Isaac Newton Jones, in 1883/1884 who had been living in Nebraska up until that time after immigrating from Wales in 1881.  This is all the information that I have at this time.  I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you so much.
Debra (Hilmer) Jahn:
Can u help me locate obituaries or other information for the following
Lewis GRIFFITH  died 10 January 1900
Amanda C. GRIFFITH died 12 December 1898
Records show they are both burried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Page County.
Place of death in my records shows College Springs.
Thanks for tor ur assistance.
These GRIFFITH'S  are my great great grandparents.
Michael DAVIS
    I have information that Daniel Lewis Harrah died on 27 Dec 1877 at Shenandoah, Page Co, Iowa.  Is there anyway you can verify this.  His wife Charity Burge Harrah went on to marry a Elijah Carpenter.  Can you help me.  they were in Pawnee County, Nebraska before Iowa.  thank You.
Respectfully Yours,
William E Shuman: