Probate Record 1881 - 1885, Book 2
Anderson, Margaret J., 12 Jan 1884; page 225; to Rebecca A. Jones, Emma Eisenberger, Clarra E. Reid, William J. Anderson, Hugh M. Anderson, youngest child Charlie Anderson; probated 15 Nov 1884
Austin, Mary Ett, page 221, wife of Joseph A. Austin of Worcester County Worcester Mass intending soon to remove to Waterville, Maine; buried in cemetery lot in Danielsonville in State of Connecticut by side of the grave of my first husband. son Alfred E. Adams of Waterville, Me; 4 Oct 1883; probated 6 May 1884 [burial in Westfield Cem, Danielson, Windham Co, Ct says died Oct 18, 1883]
Bagnall, Charles, page 183; of College Springs; sons J.I. Bagnall, C.B. Bagnall, G.W. Bagnall, daus S.A. Lymer and Sidona H. Bagnall, grandson George Pratt; wife Anna; 28 Aug 1882; probated 29 Nov 1882
Boardman, Thomas W., page 231; written 04 Aug 1884; probated 05 May 1885
Brown, Valorous page 169, of Clarinda; wife Eliza; children of deceased daughter Achsah L. Aid, namely Louisa A. Aid, Stillman Aid, William Aid, Crittenden Aid; son Stillman S. Borwn; all children Irvin J. Brown, Stillman Brown, Wesley H. Brown, Clarissa M. Henshaw, Laura A. Perry, Adelia Seaton, Mary S. Miller, Jennie E. Kedney, Aletha L. Cook; 12 May 1882
Campbell, Mary, page 234; written 22 May 1882; probated 22 Nov 1882
Collins, Carrie V., mother Louisa Jones?? of Page co; husband S.A. Collins of Page co; 08 Apr 1880; probate 11 May 1881 [page 159]
Dixwell, John James of Boston, Mass, page 196; brother Epes S. Dixwell of Cambridge County Middlesex, Mass ; bro-in-law William Bowditch of Brookline, Co of Norfolk, Mass; wife Elizabeth B.I.B.Dixwell; children Anna Parker Dixwell, Arthur Dixwell, Caroline Curtis Dixwell; nephew Charles P. Bowditch; 13 Apr 1874; probated 11 Dec 1876
Dougherty, Gideon M., page 248; written 15 Jan 1884; probated 11 Nov 1885
Eads, Alexander, page 173, of Town of Buchanan, county Page, state of Iowa, wife Axa Eads; 2 Mar 1882; probated 9 May 1882
Edgar, Elizabeth, page 238; written 28 Mar 1884; probated 10 Nov 1885
Edmonds, Elizabeth, page 236; probated 10 Nov 1885
Ennis, T.J., page 163, of College Springs; 73yr, wife Cynthia Ann Ennis; dau Dora Bell Ennis, son Benjamin Franklin Ennis; 17 Sep 1881, probated Book E page 285 29 Nov 1881
Falk, C.A., page 229; 07 June 1884; probated 05 May 1885
Gates, Osmer C., of Grant Twp; page 166, son Charles C. Yates; son William A. Gates; wife Didamie L. Gates; 26 Oct 1881; probated 9 May 1882
Hall, Haven C., page 220, wife and children not named; 10 Apr 1884; probated 17 May 1884
Harris, Reuben D., died 187, of Page County; wife Jemima Harris; children Elizabeth Snodgrass, Mary Stickelman, Olive Addleman, Martha E. Harris, Ann S. Harris, William H. Harris and Lilly A. Harris; 14 Jan 1876; probated 28 Nov 1882
Hart, George, 06 Dec 1881; page 227; wife Miranda Hart; dau Elizabeth Finley; dau Mary Ann Urton; son James Hart dec'd his son John Hart and John's daus Hazel Hart and Maud Hart; dau Sarah Patton dec'd; son Christopher Hart; son Samuel Hart; probated 13 Nov 1884
Heggland, Errick, page 167, of Page co; son Emil Heggland; wife Brita Heggland; children A. Mariah Isaacson, Carrie Heggland, E. Luces Heggland and C.J. Heggland; 9 Jan 1882; probated 9 May 1882
Hollis, Edward, page 242; written 10 May 1879; probated 19 Nov 1885
Lancey, Samuel, page 240; written 18 Jun 1883; probated 16 Nov 1885
Laremore, John, page 232; written 03 Jun 1884; probated 12 May 1885
Lester, C.D., page 246; written 06 Jan 1885; probated 11 Nov 1885
Loranz, Antony, page 164, wife Sarah B. Loranz; to Henry Loranz 2 shares, Mary Loranz Brown 1 share, Sarah Loranz Wise 1 share, Mollie Burch Clark 1/2 share Lizzie Burch 1/2 share. 20 Jun 1881; probated 29 Nov 1881
Loy, Job, page 244; written 21 Aug 1873; probated 11 Nov 1885
Marlin, William B., died 212; of Coin; son John D. Marlin, son William B. Marlin; son Augustus Marlin; dau Mary A. White; 30 May 1883; probate 28 Nov 1883
McCunn, John, page 210; wife Harriet E. McCunn; dau Maggie Jane McCunn; dau Manda Blanche McCunn; dau Anna May McCunn; son Frank Calvin McCunn; dau Hattie McCunn; dau Mary McCunn; dau Alta Catherine McCunn; 8 Aug 1883; probate 7 Dec 1883
McDonal, Daniel, Amity Twp, 11 May 1883; page 208; wife Anay McDonal, son William McDonal; probated 27 Nov 1883 Book E page 477
McGee, Martha, page 209, town of Morton, Page County; 29yrs old, son Walter Gelith McGhee; 2 Oct 1882; probate 3 Dec 1883 Book E page 482
McMichael, William, page 182; of Amity twp; wife Martha; children, not named; 15 Oct 1878; probated 1 Dec 1882
McPherrin, William, of Clarinda; page 216; of Clarinda; wife Fanny; 17 Nov 1883; probated 6 May 1884
McQueen, Lucinda, page 162, age 56yr, son in law Daniel Kepple, son Daniel McQueen, son John McQueen, 28 May 1881; probate Book E page 284 29 Nov 1881
Orr, William, page 218; of Page Co; wife Mary A. Orr; son William Orr; children Sarah Clark, Thomas Orr, James Orr, Mary Harrol, Elizabeth Linn; written 15 Nov 1881; probate 14 May 1884
Owen, Eleazor, page 185; of Page Couny; wife Clarissa Owen; son Chauncey Sherman Owen; 30 Oct 1882; probated 9 Dec 1882
Patterson, Susan, page 181, son Lewis Patterson; granddaughterJessie Patterson eldest child of Louis Patterson; 19 Apr 1881; probated 28 Nov 1882
Peters, Dow T.C., of Lynchburg, Virginia; page 176; brother William E. Peters; niece Donna Julia Quibble dau of Austin M. Quibble Esq; to David E. Spencer for the maintainance of his wife Sarah B. Spencer and their daughter Mary; 13 Sep 1870 ; probate 9 Nov 1880
Redfield, William, Sr, of Manti, Fremont Co, Iowa, 62yr; wife Mary Ann Redfield; son Joseph H. Redfield; son George Z. Redfield; dau Rebecca Ann Whting; son William Redfield; son John Franklin; dau Twyphemaa? Redfield; written Feb 1, 1873; probate May 13, 1881 [page 154]
Ryan, James J., page 215; mother Mary Ryan, sister Catherine Ryan; brother John Ryan, brother Thomas Ryan; 14 Feb 1884 ; probated 6 May 1884
Selby, John N., page 239; written 23 Jun 1885; probated 16 Nov 1885
Siler, Peter, page 188; wife Louisa Siler; land in Preble Co, Ohio and Decatur Co, Iowa ; son Levin Siler, son John Siler, probated 12 Oct 1883
Sprigg, J.D., of Washington twp; May 26, 1880; sons James and Davvid; other heirs Matildy I. Stoderd, Joseph Sprigg, Flora B. Sprigg, Samuel E. Sprigg; probate 10 May 1881 [page 157]
Strong, Nathan, wife Mary, children J.L. Strong, Nathan L. Strong, Lucy M. Strong, Carrie E. Strong; also Frank E. Fox, George E. Fox, Frederick E. Strong and John C. Strong; 24 Jul 1880; probate 10 May 1881 [page 160]
White, Miles, page 202, of Baltimore City, Md; wife Margaret White; to Mary Berry and Martha Chappel [no relationship stated]; nephew Jason Trueblood; nephew Miles W. Trueblood; niece Mary Trueblood; niece Miraim Trublood; grandson Miles White son of Francis White; granddaughter Sarah Elizabeth White dau of son Francis White; grandson Richard J. White son of Francis White; to Miles White Newby son of my niece Martha Newby; sis Rebecca White of Raysville, Ind; 7 Jul 1874; probate 12 Dec 1883
Wolf, John P., dau Ollie, dau Ida Belle, mother Eliza Wolf; Eliza to be guardian of two daus; written Dec 7, 1880; probate 10 May 1881 [page 155]