Joseph Porter Hunter, b 1906, Castle Rock, CO.  He grew up in Shenandoah and made his home there as an adult.  Died 1993 in Shenandoah. 
Merrily's comment to Myra, daughter of Joseph Porter Hunter -
I met Joe a time or two but don't remember him well.  When I looked at this picture, it made me think of Georgia, more than Myra or Tom.  What is the family resemblance here that made me react this way? 
I think the last time I saw Joe, he came to the funeral for Bob's father, Joe T. in 1985.   He came afterwards to a coffee at the house, sitting in a chair with everyone going over to visit with him.  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed that visit, too!
He must have contributed significantly and been special in Shenandoah to have a city park named for him!
Myra, I assume that Joe's grandchildren were just as cute as this when they were tiny!
photo from Hunter/Tunnicliff Photo Album: Merrily Tunnicliff