photo of: This is a Clarinda football team; scanned by my 2d cousin, Allen Douglas. Photo by Christensen (Clarinda). Almost certainly taken before 1903, when Homer Flagg (guy in striped shirt) married Eva Spunaugle, since I doubt that she would have encouraged football in her new husband.

I am not sure how the names were assigned, but under the photo is the following:

1. Pinkerton, 2. Skinner, 3. Bun <maybe Bunn??> 4. Abbot (Abbott, possibly Sam?) 5. Rinker 6. Rohn 7. Flagg <--this is Homer Dawley Flagg - wearing stripes. He was b. 1879. He married my great-aunt, Eva Spunaugle, Dec.15, 1903, in Clarinda. (we are sure). 8. More 9. Walterman 10. Killingsworth <--this would have to be Zell Killingsworth, son of Daniel Killingsworth M.D. - I don't know which kid he is in the photo, though. 11. Bagnall 12. Brandon

I have asked Allen for the names of the other three if they are still legible. Homer Flagg was b. 1879; Zell Killingsworth was b. ca.1883, so Zell must be one of the younger ones in the photo. Allen says it is a "town" football team, not a high-school football team. Apparently they played four games that year and were undefeated. Also, the scores for their four games:

Clarinda 22, Braddyville 0
Clarinda 22, Shenandoah 0
Clarinda 22, Shenandoah 0
Clarinda 37, Creston 0

On comparing photos, it does look like they are photographed on the steps of the Court House. Appeared to be a cloudy day (no shadows to give the direction of the sun away). By the way, those things hanging around their necks are nose-guards (which were probably useless). Little bit of padding in the hat, but nothing that could be called a helmet. Also, you will notice the shin guards. Actually, I have seen a drawing of the 1902 West Point and Annapolis football uniforms that look just like these uniforms. Anyhow, enjoy it, and I'll see if we can come up with more names for you. Elaine:

photo date: pre-1903?
Photo owner: Allen Douglas