Valley [twp] news items from local newspapers
transcribed by Pat O'

Valley [twp] news items - Apr 28, 1899 - Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa

Farmers are busy with their spring work. They are mostly through sowing oats and are now plowing for corn.

Mr Epps was in the neighborhood last week.

School in district No 1 commenced a week ago last Monday. Mr Ambrose, of Clarinda, is teacher.

Mr C. McPherrin, of Clarinda was in the neighborhood last week baling hay.

The fall wheat in some places is beginning to look pretty good.

Mr H. Murphey's family have been having the measles.

Mr G.R. Disney and wife, of Villisca, visited his sister and family last week.

Mr Haddam Carlton has put up a new stable on the Hipsley place.

Mrs Will McCoy and children were in the neighborhood last Sunday.

Any one wanting a good single covered buggy call at Mr W.H. Orme's.