Blanchard news items, Dec 23, 1920 Page County Democrat

Gene Ripley went to Rochester, Minn Tuesday for an operation for a growth in his stomach.

The people of Auburn, Nebr by a vote of nearly six to one, refused to consent to a raise of 15 per cent on their light bills.

Mrs Helen Hutcheson Dressler of Ashby, Nebr, visited her brother, Fay Hutcheson, and other relatives and friends here for a week returning home last Tuesday.

Mrs Aaron Wood, who has been ill this week with pneumonia, is some better at present. Her son, Marion Hodges, came up from St Joseph Sunday.

The little son of Mr and Mrs Earl Herrick drank some kerosene last Saturday night, and for a day it was a question as to whether he would recover. He is all right now, however.

W.H. Kisby returned Sunday night from Breckenridge, Minn, where he had been to look over his new farm. He drove up last week, making the 500 miles in two days. He left his car there and returned by train.

Mrs John E. Pease died Monday at her home near Farragut, after a long illness. She was the mother of Harry Pease, who lives west of Blanchard two miles. The funeral was held this afternoon at Farragut, conducted by Rev H.D. Kerr of the Congregational church.

H.A. Arnold of Galesburg, Ill, is visiting his brother, W.I. Arnold and other relatives in this vicinity. H.A. is not so old as W.H. but he is a trifle more weatherbeaten. He wears on the lapel of his coat the bronze button of the G.A.R. and on his body the price he paid for it—three times, which more than evens up the difference in years.

Joe Foser got back from Iowa City last Friday night. He had been up there for examination at the state tuberculosis hospital. He was told that while a lung was somewhat affected, he was in no serious danger and that he could recover fully in time. A change of climate—Arizona was suggested—was recommended and he was cautioned in regard to his work. He has not yet decided upon what he will do.

Blanchard news items, Jan 1, 1920, The Clarinda Journal, Clarinda, Iowa

Donald Gell returned home Saturday morning from overseas, where he has spent about fourteen months in France. He landed Dec 21. He is certainly a happy young man to be home again and is the last Blanchard soldier to return home.

Mr and Mrs A. Fletcher and son, Robert went to Creston, Wednesday to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs S.C. Manifold and family.

Homer Gillespie of South Dakota has been visiting with his parents, Mr and Mrs A. Gillespie.

Rev. S. Morrow of Buena Vista, Colo, spent the last of the week here with his father, William Morrow and wife.