Person subject to miliary duty in the Fifth District, Iowa: July 17, 1863
name age born occupation residence
Nash, George M. 34 NY farmer Buchanan Twp
Nealeigh, Levi 30 Oh farmer Nodaway Twp
Nealeigh, Tilman 37 Oh farmer Nodaway Twp
Neff, Martin 34 Ind farmer Nodaway Twp
Neil, James 38 Ireland farmer Amity Twp
Nelson, Fredrick 27 Swe farmer Amity Twp
Nicholas, Jackson J. 40 Oh farmer Amity Twp
Nixon, John 31 Oh farmer Buchanan Twp
Nixon, Samuel 37 Oh farmer Buchanan Twp
Oppenheimer, Augustus 28 Bavaria merchant Amity Twp
Orme, Nathan 27 Oh farmer Valley Twp
Orme, William 23 Oh farmer Valley Twp
Osborn, William 38 Oh farmer Douglas Twp
Osborne, Jacob 31 Oh farmer Buchanan Twp
Osgood, Charles 28 NH carpenter Nodaway Twp
Otte, George 33 Ger farmer Douglas Twp
Otte, Henry 31 Ger farmer Douglas Twp
Owen, Arthur G. 23 Ind cabinet maker Nodaway Twp
Owen, Silas 20 Ind artist Nodaway Twp, pri 1st Neb Inf
Page, O.F. 44 Ill farmer Washington Twp
Parker, Joel 40 Ky farmer Valley Twp - priv Co C 25th Mo
Patten, Sidney M. 26 Penn farmer Lincoln Twp
Pearson, Thomas 37 Eng laborer Nodaway Twp
Pendergraft, Thos 29 Tenn farmer Nodaway Twp
Penwell, Aaron 39 Oh farmer Douglas Twp
Perkins, John 37 Va farmer Nodaway Twp
Perkins, John 29 Ky merchant Nodaway Twp
Perkins, Woodsman 29 Oh farmer --
Peterson, Andrew 33 Norway painter Nodaway Twp
Petty, Andrew J. 38 Ind farmer Valley Twp
Pfander, Abraham 30 Pa farmer Nodaway Twp
Pfander, Charles 34 Ger farmer Nodaway Twp
Pfander, John 27 Oh farmer Nodaway Twp
Phillips, John 28 Oh farmer Nebraska Twp
Phillips, Peter -- -- -- Buchanan Twp
Pinkerton, Samuel 37 Ireland farmer Harlan Twp
Piper, James 26 Oh engineer Nodaway Twp
Pollock, David R. 29 Oh -- Amity Twp
Porch, John 30 Penn farmer Lincoln Twp
Porter, John F.M. 36 Va farmer Tarkio Twp
Portlock, Willis 31 Ind farmer Nodaway Twp
Powell, Richard 29 Ala farmer Buchanan Twp
Prigga, Fredrick 20 Ind farmer Harlan Twp
Quimby, Aaron B. 37 Md sawyer Nebraska Twp
Quimby, Ezra A. 28 Oh cabinet maker Nebraska Twp
Randal, James 31 Oh farmer Amity Twp
Raund, Joshua 30 Ind grocer Nodaway Twp
Rawlings, Robert 24 -- farmer Nebraska Twp
Record, William 23 Ind farmer Harlan Twp
Rector, James 24 Va farmer East River Twp
Rector, William 26 Va farmer East River Twp
Reed, Joseph A. 36 Oh farmer Amity Twp
Reed, Mitchell 36 Oh farmer Amity Twp
Reeves, Levi 40 Oh farmer Douglas Twp
Reser, Peter 44 Ind farmer Buchanan Twp
Ribble, David 29 Ind clerk Nodaway Twp
Richardson, John 25 Oh farmer Buchanan Twp
Ridgeley, Andrew 23 Oh farmer Buchanan Twp
Ridgeway, Peter 38 Oh farmer Washington Twp
Robbins, Oliver G. 44 NY farmer Valley Twp
Roberts, John 26 Ill farmer Nodaway Twp
Robinson, George 32 NY carpenter Nodaway Twp
Robinson, William Henry 38 Oh farmer Harlan Twp
Rodman, John 44 NJ farmer Fremont Twp
Round, Solomon 40 Md farmer Nodaway Twp
Runnels, Benjamin 40 Oh farmer Nodaway Twp
Russell, William 27 Ill teacher Washington Twp