List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, 1886. By Adjutant General of Iowa
compiled by Pat O'
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name rank company residence state unit
Keagle, J.S. Chaplain -- Clarinda Ohio 52nd Infantry
Keasey, John Serg G Shenandoah Pennsylvania 126th Infantry
Keenan, J.H. Private F Clarinda Ohio 173rd Infantry
Keener, James Serg I Clarinda Pennsylvania 16th Cavalry
Kendall, Z.S. Private D Hawleyville Illinois 19th Infantry
Kidwell, James Private C Coin Illinois 14th Cavalry
Kilpatrick, E. Private D College Springs Pennsylvania 2nd Cavalry
Kilse, C.F. Private I Clarinda Iowa 46th Infantry
Kimmons, Henry Private A Essex Illinois 45th Infantry
King, Daniel Private H Clarinda Iowa 36th Infantry
King, J.G. Private K Hawleyville Pennsylvania 211th Infantry
Kipp, J.J. Private D Shenandoah Illinois 102nd Infantry
Kloft, William Private K Shenandoah Illinois 127th Infantry
Knowls, J. Private H College Springs Ohio 144th Infantry
Krutsinger, Thomas Private I Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Langford, JOhn Private B Hepburn Kentucky 15th Cavalry
Latimer, J.A. Corp I Shenandoah Illinois 83rd Infantry
Laughlin, J.D. Private G Shenandoah Ohio 91st Infantry
Laveley, I.S. Private E Coin Tennessee 6th Cavalry
Lee, Marshall Private M Yorktown Iowa 8th Cavalry
Leech, D.J. Private F Clarinda Illinois 124th Infantry
Leggett, John Private H Hawleyville Iowa 16th Infantry
Lepert, George musician A Clarinda Ohio 145th Infantry
Leslie, J.C. Corp A Clarinda Illinois 138th Infantry
Leslie, J.R. Serg C Clarinda Illinois 83rd Infantry
Lester, J.E. Private D Yorktown Illinois 102nd Infantry
Lewis, Jno Private E Clarinda Iowa 1st Infantry
Lewis, Wm Private A Shenandoah Illinois 36th Infantry
Lincicum, Andrew Private F Clarinda Indiana 16th Infantry
Lindberg, Andrew Private C Clarinda Illinois 9th Infantry
Lippitt, Chris Private H Shenandoah Ohio 161st Infantry
Little, Samuel R. Private K College Springs Illinois 156th Infantry
Loman, Thos Private L Clarinda Ohio 1st Artillery
Lomer, Fred Private B Hawleyville Ohio 19th Infantry
Long, Anson Corp F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Long, Jasper Private F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Loranz, Henry Private A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Loudon, Adam Private H Blanchard Pennsylvania 47th Infantry
Loudon, D.S. Corp A Norwich Pennsylvania 49th Infantry
Love, John Private F Hawleyville Iowa 23rd Infantry
Lowtham, H.H. Private K Shenandoah Ohio 120th Infantry
Lynur, R.H. Private G Clarinda Pennsylvania 139th Infantry
Lyons, G.C. blacksmith I Clarinda Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Macaw, William Private G Clarinda Illinois 15th Cavalry
Malone, W.T. Private A Clarinda Illinois 14th Cavalry
Maloney, R.A. Serg Maj -- Essex Missouri 1st Engineers
Maloney, W.N. Private E Essex Illinois 132nd Infantry
Mann, Henry Private H Clarinda Iowa 29th Infantry
Mann, I.B. Corp I Clarinda Indiana 20th Infantry
Mariner, George Private C Bingham Illinois 151th Infantry
Markle, Solomon Corp I Yorktown Illinois 85th Infantry
Marley, Jacob Private H Clarinda Iowa 29th Infantry
Martin, A.J. Serg A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Mason, S.B. Private F Shenandoah Iowa 8th Infantry
Mason, W.H. Private B Clarinda Iowa 25th Infantry
Mather, A. Private B Essex Illinois 46th Infantry
Mathews, Z.D. Private C Shenandoah Illinois 13th Infantry
Matthews, Eli Private D College Springs Illinois 78th Infantry
McCabe, James Private B Shenandoah New York 161th Infantry
McCall, L.A. Private E Clarinda Illinois 61st Infantry
McCarty, Joseph Private A Clarinda Illinois 153rd Infantry
McClellan, W.S. Private C Yorktown Pennsylvania 57th Infantry
McClosky, Robert Private E Clarinda Illinois 61st Infantry
McClure, Alex Private K Braddyville Illinois 101st Infantry
McComb, John H. Private K Shenandoah Illinois 73rd Infantry
McCord, Wm Private K Blanchard Iowa 4th Infantry
McCreary, A.B. Private D Clarinda Ohio 20th Infantry
McCullough, G.D. Corp K Coin Indiana 66th Infantry
McCune, S.F. Corp I Clarinda Iowa 1st Cavalry
McDaniel, D.A. Private K Blanchard Iowa 23rd Infantry
McDonald, C.C. Serg Maj -- Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
McDonald, C.C. Serg A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
McElhose, Robert Serg D Clarinda Illinois 100th Infantry
McFarland, H.C. Corp G Clarinda Kansas 8th Infantry
McGoggy, James Serg D Shenandoah Indiana 48th Infantry
McIntyre, David Private C College Springs Ohio 96th Infantry
McIntyre, Geo Private C College Springs Ohio 96th Infantry
McIntyre, W.N. Private K Braddyville Illinois 156th Infantry
McIvor, T.T. Private C Coin Illinois 112th Infantry
McKee, Joseph Private B Shenandoah Indiana 7th Infantry
McKirahan, Andrew Corp D College Springs Ohio 43rd Infantry
McLarnon, A. Private C College Springs Iowa 36th Infantry
McMahon, F.M. Private D College Springs Illinois 78th Infantry
McMahon, R.L. Private C Blanchard Illinois 108th Infantry
McPike, Francis Private A Braddyville Indiana 24th Infantry
McQueen, Erastus Private F Hawleyville Illinois 103rd Infantry
McQueen, Orlo Private I Yorktown Illinois 11th Cavalry
McThoman, Joseph artificer C Hepburn Missouri 1st Engineers
McVey, Chas. Private G Clarinda Iowa 18th Infantry
Meacham, Samuel Private I Clarinda Iowa 14th Infantry
Meeks, Peter Private G Shenandoah Wisconsin 46th Infantry
Middaugh, Daniel Corp C Clarinda Iowa 5th Cavalry
Miller, Geo A. Private B Shenandoah Illinois 73rd Infantry
Miller, J.W. Private A Shambaugh Ohio 43rd Infantry
Miller, John 2nd Lt D College Springs Pennsylvania 206th Infantry
Miller, John Private A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Miller, John R. Private A Clarinda Illinois 88th Infantry
Miller, R.A. Private A Clarinda Missouri 1st Engineers
Miller, Robert Private C Clarinda Missouri 1st Engineers
Miller, Wolf Private F Yorktown Iowa 23rd Infantry
Mitchell, C.W. Private G College Springs Illinois 89th Infantry
Monroe, H.W. Serg H Coin Indiana 72nd Infantry
Moody, J.A. musician I Shenandoah Missouri misc
Moore, G.W. 1st Lt I Essex Illinois 96th Infantry
Moore, Patrick Private A Clarinda Ohio 43rd Infantry
Morgan, Charles Private D Clarinda Illinois 34th Infantry
Morgan, David Serg A Hawleyville Missouri 1st Engineers
Morgan, S.D. Private G Clarinda Illinois 10th Infantry
Morgan, Sidney Private D Clarinda Illinois 34th Infantry
Morgan, Thos Private K Shenandoah Kentucky 35th Infantry
Morris, David Private I Clarinda Illinois 46th Infantry
Morsman, W.W. Capt I Clarinda Iowa 22nd Infantry
Moss, Martin Private H Clarinda Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Mount, C.V. Serg D Shenandoah Iowa 8th Infantry
Mudge, O.A. Private K Clarinda Iowa 24th Infantry
Murphy, H.H. Corp C Hawleyville Colorado 3rd Infantry
Myers, C. Private K Braddyville Indiana 73rd Infantry
Nelson, W.L. Private C Clarinda New York 13th Heavy Art
Nelson, Wm Private K Clarinda New York 6th Heavy Art
Nevins, W.H. Private I Coin Illinois 12nd Cavalry
Nichols, C. Private H Essex Illinois 1st Artillery
Norton, F.E. Capt A Clarinda Illinois 124th Infantry
Nye, S.J. Capt G Clarinda Ohio 6th Infantry
Nye, William Private E Bingham Illinois 93rd Infantry
Orth, C.J. Corp L Clarinda Pennsylvania 3rd Cavalry
Orth, J.A. Private C Clarinda Pennsylvania 126th Infantry
Orton, W.H. 2nd Lt D College Springs Iowa 13th Infantry
Osborn, G.W. Private K Clarinda Iowa 2nd Cavalry
Osenbaugh, Lafayette Private K Clarinda Ohio 176th Infantry
Owen, G.W. Private G Clarinda Indiana 75th Infantry
Owen, J.R. Private A Clarinda Illinois 148th Infantry
Palmer, J.F. Private C Shenandoah Ohio 14th Infantry
Palmer, John Capt A Coin New York 156th Infantry
Parish, F.W. Serg -- Clarinda Wisconsin 6th Battery
Patterson, G.W. Private G Shenandoah Iowa 2nd Infantry
Patterson, John Private D Coin Pennsylvania 206th Infantry
Patterson, Lewis Private E Shenandoah Indiana 86th Infantry
Payton, D.H. Serg D Clarinda Illinois 112th Infantry
Payton, J.W. Private D Clarinda Illinois 112th Infantry
Pease, E.N. Private E Shenandoah Iowa 29th Infantry
Pendleton, B.S. Corp H Essex Ohio 76th Infantry
Pendleton, C.B. Serg H Essex Ohio 76th Infantry
Pepper, Geo Corp E Shenandoah Massachusetts 36th Infantry
Perkins, Gabriel Private K Hawleyville Iowa 34th Infantry
Perrigo, R.D. Private K Blanchard Illinois 156th Infantry
Pettis, Morris Private B Coin Indiana 9th Infantry
Phelps, L.D. Serg K Clarinda Ohio 39th Infantry
Pickerell, M.H. Corp H Clarinda Iowa 17th Infantry
Pierce, David Private 4th Art Essex Iowa Misc
Piper, Benj. Sergt K Clarinda Illinois 45th Infantry
Porter, Samuel B. Private G Clarinda Illinois 104th Infantry
Powers, C.W. Private -- College Springs Illinois 3rd Cavalry
Pratt, Horace Private C College Springs Ohio 129th Infantry
Preston, G.R. Private E Yorktown Iowa 14th Infantry
Preston, I.C. Corp G Essex Wisconsin 1st Cavalry
Price, John Serg D Braddyville Iowa 2nd Infantry
Pugh, Sanford Private G Shenandoah Iowa 19th Infantry
Rambach, Michael Private A Clarinda Iowa 2nd Infantry
Ratekin, J.H. Private I Shenandoah Illinois 11th Cavalry
Rawlings, Ben Private F Clarinda Nebraska 1st Infantry
Rawlings, R.M. Private A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Rawlings, Wash Capt F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Reed, John Private A Shenandoah Ohio 44th Infantry
Reed, M.V. Private E Clarinda Iowa 46th Infantry
Reynolds, L.A. Serg F Shenandoah Michigan 11th Cavalry
Rhodes, J.W. musician D Clarinda Missouri 18th Infantry
Rice, Jesse Private H Clarinda Illinois 16th Infantry
Ridenour, D.E. Corp D Yorktown Illinois 112th Infantry
Ridenour, D.W. Private I Clarinda Ohio 187th Infantry
Ridenour, N.C. 1st Lt F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Ridenour, N.E. Lt F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Ristin, D.F. Serg M Shenandoah Pennsylvania 16th Cavalry
Roberts, W.M. Private E Clarinda Iowa 15th Infantry
Robinson, Allen Private C Hawleyville Ohio 142nd Infantry
Rock, William Private K Hawleyville Vermont 12th Heavy Art
Rockafield, J.A. Private I Shenandoah Illinois 50th Infantry
Rockafield, J.F. Corp I Shenandoah Ohio 113th Infantry
Roepe, John D. Private G Clarinda Illinois 82nd Infantry
Rogers, George Sergt H Shenandoah Illinois 52nd Infantry
Ruechel, A. Serg A Clarinda Wisconsin 45th Infantry
Ryan, Wm M. Private K Shenandoah Kentucky 13th Cavalry
Salsgiver, H. Private G Clarinda Pennsylvania 2nd Infantry
Sanborn, J.W. Private A Clarinda Louisiana 2nd Infantry
Saum, A.B. Private I Clarinda Iowa 14th Infantry
Sayers, Talbot Private K College Springs Illinois 93rd Infantry
Scholes, G.W. Private A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Scholl, John L. Private L Shenandoah Illinois 7th Cavalry
Scott, G.W. Private H Clarinda Missouri 6th Infantry
Shafer, John Private E Shenandoah Pennsylvania 62nd Infantry
Shafer, S.J. Private E Clarinda Ohio 66th Infantry
Shafer, W.N. Private K Shenandoah Illinois 12th Cavalry
Shaul, G.L. Corp F Clarinda Iowa 17th Infantry
Shaw, G.E. Private G Hawleyville Illinois 102nd Infantry
Shaw, T.R. Corp K Coin Ohio 62nd Infantry
Sherman, T.C. Private H Clarinda Missouri 6th Infantry
Shoemaker, J.W. Private H Clarinda Iowa 11th Infantry
Short, J.B. QM Serg A College Springs Iowa 8th Cavalry
Simms, D.W. Private I Clarinda Indiana 34th Infantry
Sloan, James Capt E Clarinda Indiana 7th Cavalry
Smith, D.J.K. Private G Clarinda Wisconsin 47th Infantry
Smith, Henry Private K Shenandoah Indiana 34th Infantry
Smith, J.S. 2nd Lt G Clarinda Iowa 10th Infantry
Smith, Tompkins Private D Coin New York 6th Cavalry
Snodderly, John Private F Yorktown Iowa 23rd Infantry
Snodderly, Wm Private F Yorktown Iowa 23rd Infantry
Snook, John Private C Shenandoah Illinois 151th Infantry
Sonders, G.B. Private H Coin Maryland 3rd Cavalry
Southerland, Donald Private H Clarinda Iowa 31st Infantry
Spaulding, Dudley Corp G Shenandoah Indiana 140th Infantry
Spencer, Richard Private D Shenandoah Illinois 28th Infantry
Spunaugle, Jacob Private B Bingham Missouri 1st Engineers
Spunaugle, W.J. Private B Yorktown Missouri 1st Infantry
Stanton, Frank private G Shenandoah Illinois 77th Infantry
Stearns, A.M. Private H Essex Illinois 119th Infantry
Stevens, John W. Private G Shenandoah Illinois 54th Infantry
Stewart, J.T. 1st Lt/QM -- Shenandoah Iowa 2nd Infantry
Stilwell, H.L. Serg I Clarinda New York 103rd Infantry
Stiverson, Steve Private B Clarinda Iowa 18th Infantry
Stokes, Joseph Private K Shenandoah Pennsylvania 66th Infantry
Stone, E.P.H. Capt D Clarinda Illinois 29th Infantry
Storrs, H.M. Private A Clarinda Michigan 8th Infantry
Sullivan, S.D. Sergt C Shenandoah Illinois 47th Infantry
Sutherland, W.H.H. Private B Shenandoah Illinois 45th Infantry
Taylor, Eli Private D Clarinda Illinois 30th Infantry
Taylor, G.R. Private E Shenandoah Indiana 65th Infantry
Taylor, John Private K Shenandoah Iowa 2nd Cavalry
Teeman, C. Private -- Hepburn Iowa 4th Battery
Thomas, J.D. Capt H Shenandoah Ohio 169th Infantry
Thompson, William Private E Braddyville Indiana 12th Infantry
Thorp, C.R. Corp I Shenandoah Illinois 72nd Infantry
Tidball, John Serg E Clarinda Illinois 102nd Infantry
Tippin, Robert Corp F Clarinda Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Toner, John Corp C Clarinda Iowa 5th Cavalry
Townsend, John Private K Hawleyville Iowa 22nd Infantry
Trusdall, John [navy] Private   Clarinda    
Tufts, Winfield Serg L Hepburn New York 6th Heavy Art
Turnbull, R.A. Sergt B Coin Illinois 19th Infantry
Turnbull, Thomas Private B Northborough Illinois 19th Infantry
Tweed, W.S. Private H Clarinda Ohio 170th Infantry
Vance, C.R. Private A Clarinda Illinois 71st Infantry
VanDuzee, A. Private C Coin New York 5th Heavy Art
Varley, Henry W. Serg A Shenandoah Illinois 77th Infantry
Veach, Robert Corp A Yorktown Iowa 8th Cavalry
Vincent, Edmund A. Private D Shenandoah Illinois 65th Infantry
Waldron, Perley Private B Blanchard Ohio 18th Infantry
Walkinshaw, H.W. Corp G College Springs Iowa 39th Infantry
Wallace, W. Private C Coin Ohio 169th Infantry
Walters, Wm Private F Hawleyville Iowa 34th Infantry
Walton, James Private D Clarinda Illinois 112th Infantry
Ward, E.M. Private I Clarinda Ohio 184th Infantry
Washburn, Geo Corp E Coin Ohio 1st Artillery
Washburn, John Serg F Blanchard Ohio 1st Artillery
Watson, C. Private I Shenandoah Illinois 11th Cavalry
Waynick, J.S. Lieut C Clarinda Indiana 13th Infantry
Weaver, Salathul Private A Coin Iowa 8th Cavalry
Webster, W.B. Private E Clarinda Ohio 66th Infantry
Welch, E.H. Private F Shenandoah Illinois 1st Cavalry
Welch, E.H. Private I Shenandoah Illinois 133rd Infantry
Welch, J.C. Private E Clarinda Ohio 88th Infantry
Welch, P.B. Private A Clarinda Virginia 2nd Infantry
Wells, P.B. Serg E Blanchard Ohio 45th Infantry
West, A.J. Private F Shenandoah Wisconsin 5th Infantry
West, Thos Private K Clarinda Ohio 27th Infantry
Wheeler, C.R. Private D College Springs Vermont 16th Heavy Art
Whigham, J.M. Corp G Blanchard Ohio 155th Infantry
Whipkey, George Private C Yorktown Ohio 36th Infantry
Whipp, Charles Sergt D College Springs Illinois 7th Cavalry
White, James Private B College Springs Iowa 15th Infantry
White, Samuel Private G Shambaugh Ohio 73rd Infantry
White, T.N. Private G Shambaugh Ohio 47th Infantry
White, W.B. hosp ward -- College Springs Ohio 15th Infantry
Whitehill, Thomas Serg C Clarinda Iowa 5th Cavalry
Whittaker, F.H. Private B Clarinda Illinois 126th Infantry
Wiggins, J.W. Private A Coin Pennsylvania 135th Infantry
Willfong, W.H. Private H Norwich Illlinois 15th Infantry
Willis, T.F. Private C Blanchard Illinois 11th Infantry
Willis, T.F. Private G Blanchard Illinois 33rd Infantry
Wilson, A.M. Private D Shenanodoah Iowa 14th Infantry
Wilson, Abram Corp A Coin Iowa 1st Cavalry
Wilson, Alfred 2nd Lt H Clarinda Iowa 28th Infantry
Wilson, D.C. Private B Shenandoah Illinois 33rd Infantry
Wilton, Orin Private B Clarinda Wisconsin 20th Infantry
Wingert, David Lieut C Shenandoah Illinois 34th Infantry
Winters, N.W. Corp E Braddyville Wisconsin 25th Infantry
Wise, Milton Private K Shenandoah Iowa 25th Infantry
Wolcott, L.E. Serg F College Springs Iowa 25th Infantry
Wolf, W.D. Serg D Clarinda Indiana 54th Infantry
Woodmansee, J.G. Private E College Springs Iowa 8th Cavalry
Woodruff, Thomas Private F Clarinda Iowa 5th Infantry
Woods, James Private F Shambaugh Iowa 37th Infantry
Wooten, John Private F Clarinda Indiana 23rd Infantry
Wright, David Private H College Springs Indiana 11th Infantry
Wright, S.G. Private C College Springs Illinois 36th Infantry
Wyley, J.W. Private A Blanchard Ohio 15th Infantry
Yates, Philip Private E Blanchard Wisconsin 18th Infantry