List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, 1886. By Adjutant General of Iowa
compiled by Pat O'
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name rank company residence state unit
Adel, A.T. Corp B Essex New York 3rd Lt Art
Aid, John Private D Hawleyville Kansas 13th Infantry
Akin, Lewis Private A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Alexander, W.M. 1st Lt F Clarinda Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Amos, T.B. Corp H Essex Iowa 40th Infantry
Anderson, John A. Private A Hepburn Illinois 43rd Infantry
Anderson, W.G. artificer -- College Springs Pennsylvania Knapp Bat E
Anderson, W.J. Private H Clarinda Pennsylvania 126th Infantry
Andrews, M.A. Private C Blanchard Illinois 118th Infantry
Arthur, S.S. Corp M Clarinda Ohio 8th Cavalry
Atkinson, Geo Private B Walkerville West Virginia 13th Infantry
Ayres, M.L. Private G Shenandoah Illinois 55th Infantry
Badger, E.F. Private H College Springs Iowa 13th Infantry
Baird, A.H. Private H College Springs Ohio 160th Infantry
Baker, M.W. Sergt B Norwich Illinois 11th Cavalry
Baker, S.H. Private F Clarinda Illinois 23rd Infantry
Baldwin, T.H. Private B Clarinda Illinois 42nd Infantry
Barnhart, D.C. Private L Essex Illinois 7th Cavalry
Bartlett, H.M. Private E Shenandoah Illinois 7th Infantry
Beal, Elijah Corp A Clarinda Illinois 65th Infantry
Beals, J.S. 2nd Lt G College Springs Iowa 7th Cavalry
Bean, E.T. Private D College Springs Illinois 83rd Infantry
Becker, John W. Private A Clarinda Illinois 9th Cavalry
Beckner, F.M. Private B Shenandoah Indiana 72nd Infantry
Beeks, I.J. Private I Shenandoah Missouri 48th Infantry
Beeson, W.H. Private F Clarinda Illinois 103rd Infantry
Beezley, F.M. Private H Yorktown Illinois 78th Infantry
Beezley, H.F. Private H Yorktown Illinois 78th Infantry
Beezley, Joseph Corp B Yorktown Illinois 118th Infantry
Behur, William Private B Clarinda Pennsylvania 101st Infantry
Bell, Robt Private H Shenandoah Iowa 38th Infantry
Benford, S.H. Private H Shenandoah Illinois 9th Cavalry
Bennett, Amos Corp B Norwich Pennsylvania 107th Infantry
Bennett, J.H.W. Private I Shenandoah New York Marine Art
Berry, J.P. Corp B Clarinda Ohio 4th Cavalry
Berry, T.M. Serg B Clarinda Ohio 146th Infantry
Berry, W.F. 2nd Lt B Blanchard Ohio 5th Cavalry
Bevelle, Benj Private G Clarinda Missouri 23rd Infantry
Bevelle, Benj 1st Lt/Adj -- Clarinda Missouri 14th Infantry
Birchard, James Corp E College Springs Pennsylvania 83rd Infantry
Birdsall, H.A. Private H Shenandoah Illinois 11th Cavalry
Black, H.A. Corp F Braddyville Pennsylvania 134th Infantry
Black, J.C. Private E Shambaugh Illlinois 42nd Infantry
Black, J.M. Corp B College Springs Illinois 101st Infantry
Black, W.I. Private H Clarinda Indiana 31st Infantry
Black, W.M. Private C Coin Indiana 146th Infantry
Blake, Willis Private B Clarinda Illinois 155th Infantry
Bloom, James Private D Walkerville Wisconsin 38th Infantry
Bloom, John Artificer E Shenandoah Illinois 1st Artillery
Boardman, A.E. Private I Coin Illinois 153rd Infantry
Bode, L.P. Corp C Shenandoah Michigan 5th Cavalry
Boggs, A.S. Private F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Bolen, William Serg G Morseman Indiana 72nd Infantry
Boles, Fred Private G Clarinda Illinois 34th Infantry
Bolser, Daniel Serg B Morsman Missouri 3rd Cavalry
Bolser, Daniel Serg B Morsman Missouri 3rd Cavalry
Booth, Alfred Private F Essex Illinois 72nd Infantry
Bower, John Private C Blanchard Wisconsin 2nd Infantry
Boylan, T.C. Private C Coin Illinois 78th Infantry
Bradburg, J.W. Corp C Clarinda Indiana 20th Infantry
Bridgman, John Corp A Clarinda Wisconsin 16th Infantry
Bright, J.B. Capt A Shenandoah Illinois 53rd Infantry
Bright, James Private K Shenandoah Iowa 4th Cavalry
Bright, Lebbens Private K Shenandoah Iowa 4th Cavalry
Broadstone, H. Private C Coin Illinois 94th Infantry
Brown, J.C. Private C Shenandoah Pennsylvania 49th Infantry
Brown, J.P. Corp I Clarinda Ohio 89th Infantry
Brown, J.W. Private F Bingham Ohio 13th Infantry
Brown, James L. Private -- College Springs Illinois 4th Cavalry
Brown, O.F. Private F Shenandoah Missouri 2nd Infantry
Brown, P.L. Serg B Shenandoah Wisconsin 36rd Infantry
Buchanan, J.A. Private C Clarinda Pennsylvania 48th Infantry
Buckingham, J.H. Serg C Hawleyville Missouri 13th Cavalry
Bunting, John Private F College Springs Illinois 148th Infantry
Burke, T.W. Com Serg B Clarinda Indiana 11th Cavalry
Burley, Lewis Private G Clarinda Iowa 34th Infantry
Burnett, E.G. Private K Shenandoah Illlinois 40th Infantry
Burns, G.W. Capt A Clarinda Iowa 8th Cavalry
Butler, Jacob Capt I Clarinda Nebraska 1st Infantry
Butler, S.D. Corp E Essex Illinois 112th Infantry
Butts, Anthony Private A Clarinda Ohio 1st Cavalry
Cadwell, E.J. Private K Coin Illinois 83rd Infantry
Calvert, I.G. Private I College Springs Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Calvert, James Private D Coin Illinois 51st Infantry
Campbell, David Private C Shenandoah Pennsylvania 49th Infantry
Campbell, M.B. Private D Shenandoah Iowa 14th Infantry
Carlson, Carl wagoner B Hepburn Nebraska 1st Infantry
Carper, G.H. Corp D Clarinda Ohio 6th Infantry
Carter, J.B. 2nd Lt E Shenandoah Indiana 65th Infantry
Carter, Moses Private G Clarinda Minnesota 3rd Infantry
Case, Thomas Corp A College Springs Kansas 10th Infantry
Castellow, J.T. Corp G Shenandoah Minnesota 11th Infantry
Castle, Geo H. Sergt A Shenandoah Illinois 59th Infantry
Chamberlain, J.B. Private E Clarinda Illinois 93rd Infantry
Chambers, Elihu Corp I Coin Indiana 24th Infantry
Chambers, Elihu Corp F Coin Indiana 67th Infantry
Chaney, Thos Private M Clarinda Missouri 11th Cavalry
Chapman, O.P. Private C Clarinda New York 22nd Cavalry
Chase, Albert Private K Hepburn Iowa 13th Infantry
Clark, G.B. Private D Essex Illinois 45th Infantry
Clark, M.K. Private C Clarinda Ohio 98th Infantry
Clark, W.H. Private A College Springs Illinois 123th Infantry
Claypool, G.T. 1st Lt D Clarinda US 5th Infantry
Clayton, C.C. Corp B Clarinda Ohio 81st Infantry
Clayton, J.R. Private B Clarinda Ohio 81st Infantry
Clemens, G.D. Lt D Clarinda Ohio 12th Infantry
Clifford, J.P. Private I Shenandoah Indiana 42nd Infantry
Clipson, J.C. Private D Clarinda Illinois 125th Infantry
Coe, W.H.H. Private D Shenandoah Missouri 25th Infantry
Coleman, E.H. Private H Coin Illinois 23rd Infantry
Cooper, G.H. Private G Clarinda Iowa 15th Infantry
Courtwright, J.R. Private A Shenandoah Illinois 75th Infantry
Cox, J.W. Sergt H Clarinda Illinois 55th Infantry
Cozad, H. Private K Essex Iowa 4th Infantry
Crabtree, J.B. Private E Hawleyville Iowa 18th Infantry
Cray, Z.S. Private G Essex Iowa 2nd Cavalry
Crews, G.W. Private B Clarinda Indiana 9th Cavalry
Crocker, Wm N. Private H Shenandoah Illinois 96th Infantry
Crooks, S.M. Sergt B Clarinda Dakota 1st Cavalry
Crosby, Edward Private K Morsman Ohio 159th Infantry
Crosthwaite, H.W. Private A Essex Iowa 5th Cavalry
Crow, Abijah Private E Clarinda Indiana 7th Cavalry
Crow, Joseph Private C Coin Iowa 1st Infantry
Culp, A. Private A Shenandoah Illinois 139th Infantry
Damewood, F.A. Private A Clarinda Iowa 4th Cavalry
Damewood, Isaac 2nd Lt F Clarinda Iowa 29th Infantry
Daniels, A. Private G Braddyville Kansas 2nd Cavalry
Davis, James Private H Braddyville Illinois 129th Infantry
Davis, John Private K Clarinda Iowa 4th Infantry
Davis, Lysander Private M Shenandoah Wisconsin 1st Artillery
Davis, M.L. Private K Hawleyville Missouri 25th Infantry
Day, Lemuel Private H Clarinda Indiana 52nd Infantry
Deering, N.W. Serg K Shenandoah Indiana 13th Infantry
DeLong, Dan Private F Clarinda Iowa 1st Infantry
DeLong, Dan 2nd Lt -- Clarinda Iowa 1st Battery
DeLong, Gilbert Serg K Clarinda Iowa 6th Infantry
Devault, James Private F Braddyville Iowa 16th Infantry
Dodds, David Corp F Hepburn Pennsylvania 137th Infantry
Dow, W.C. Private K College Springs Iowa 4th Infantry
Doyle, J.A. Private D Clarinda Wisconsin 2nd Infantry
Drace, J.H. Private A Coin Iowa 8th Cavalry
Draper, B.V. Private C Coin Michigan 19th Infantry
Duke, D.N. Private E Clarinda Iowa 13th Infantry
Dunlap, J.H. Serg D Clarinda Iowa 29th Infantry
Dunn, William Private C Hawleyville Ohio 161st Infantry
Dysart, Boyd Private E Clarinda Ohio 15th Infantry
Eastman, J.O. Corp I Essex Illinois 93rd Infantry
Easton, N.B. Serg E Coin Indiana 20th Infantry
Edmonds, R.L. Private F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Edwards, J.V. Private K Norwich Pennsylvania 55th Infantry
Elliott, J.S. 2nd Lt H Shenandoah Iowa 29th Infantry
Ellis, W.N. private B Coin Illinois 119th Infantry
Emery, Jacob Private F Shenandoah Kentucky 23th Infantry
Evans, J.H. Private H Blanchard Illinois 103rd Infantry
Everts, Peter Serg F Clarinda Ohio 57th Infantry
Faux, C.P. Private K Clarinda Indiana 1st Heavy Art
Fazel, James Private A Clarinda Iowa 3rd Infantry
Feltch, C.W. Private E College Springs Maine 23rd Infantry
Ferguson, W.P. Private G Shenandoah Texas 1st Engineers
Ferguson, W.P. Private B Shenandoah Ohio 5th Cavalry
Ferris, J.P. Corp C Clarinda Ohio 23rd Infantry
Field, S.E. Private E Shenandoah Illinois 138th Infantry
Finch, John 2nd Lt B Hawleyville Missouri 35th Infantry
Flanagin, Thos Private D Blanchard New York 21st Cavalry
Forney, G.D. Private C Clarinda Ohio 186th Infantry
Foster, B.B. Sergt H Coin Colorado 3rd Infantry
Frank, John Private B Hawleyville Missouri 18th Infantry
Frank, S.R.B. Capt C Coin Illinois 57th Infantry
Fulton, K.H. musician D Clarinda Pennsylvania 206th Infantry
Funk, J.A. Private D Blanchard Illinois 137th Infantry
Fussell, J.L. Capt D Shenandoah Indiana 34th Infantry
Gage, A. Private G Yorktown Indiana 10th Infantry
Gage, Wm Private H Hawleyville Iowa 38th Infantry
Gamble, James Corp F Coin Indiana 66th Infantry
Gatlin, G.A. Serg I Coin Missouri 11th Cavalry
George, J.N. Private D Blanchard Illinois 89th Infantry
Gibbs, Ben Private K College Springs Iowa 4th Infantry
Gibson, James Private F Clarinda Missouri 25th Infantry
Gibson, John Private G Blanchard Missouri 24th Cavalry
Gilchrist, E.M. 2nd Lt C Hawleyville Missouri 13th Cavalry
Ginther, J.W.V. Private F Clarinda Iowa 23rd Infantry
Goodman, W.B. Private E Clarinda Indiana 9th Cavalry
Gorman, J.A. Serg D Clarinda Ohio 15th Infantry
Goshen, M.V.B. Sergt B Shenandoah Illinois 11th Cavalry
Gottbrecht, John Private H Braddyville Nebraska 2nd Cavalry
Goudie, John Private A Hawleyville Iowa 8th Cavalry
Graff, Valentine Serg G Clarinda Missouri 12th Cavalry
Graham, J.C. Private F Clarinda Illinois 83rd Infantry
Gray, Jesse Private G Hawleyville Indiana 153rd Infantry
Gray, Wm Private D Shambaugh Missouri 11th Infantry
Griffin, C. Private B Shenandoah Michigan 1st Cavalry
Griffith, John X. Serg A Shenandoah Illinois 77th Infantry
Griffith, Wm Corp E Shenandoah Illinois 34th Infantry
Grosvernor, A.D. Serg H Clarinda Ohio 11th Infantry
Guild, Jesse Private E Essex New York 104th Infantry
Haifer, George W. Private A Shenandoah Illinois 34th Infantry
Hall, J.C. Private K Hawleyville Iowa 34th Infantry
Hall, J.C. Private A Hawleyville Iowa 34 & 38 Inf
Hall, Joseph Private B Shenandoah Illinois 71st Infantry
Hall, O.E. Private -- Clarinda Iowa 1st Battery
Hall, Wesley Private F Essex Iowa 39th Infantry
Hampshire, Henry Private C Hepburn Missouri 23rd Infantry
Hamson, Wm Private M Shenandoah New York 2nd Cavalry
Hand, G.F. Major -- Shenandoah Illinois 55th Infantry
Hankinson, G.W. Private B Essex Illinois 147th Infantry
Harrington, E.P. Private H Hawleyville Illinois 51th Infantry
Harris, Alexander Private L Coin Illinois 7th Cavalry
Hart, S.M. private C Coin Illinois 77th Infantry
Haskin, C.V. Private F Shenandoah Illinois 103rd Infantry
Hatch, Milo H. Private E Clarinda Illinois 106th Infantry
Hatfield, W.H. Private A College Springs Ohio 15th Infantry
Hayes, N.W. 1st Lt I Braddyville Ohio 36th Infantry
Hebbert, James Private I Clarinda Illinois 3rd Cavalry
Hedgcock, S.C. Private H Shenandoah Indiana 57th Infantry
Henderson, Alex Serg I College Springs Pennsylvania 16th Cavalry
Henderson, James Serg E College Springs Indiana 59th Infantry
Henderson, John Private B College Springs Pennsylvania 62nd Infantry
Henderson, W.P. musician H Clarinda Illinois 28th Infantry
Heneyer, Adam Private K Clarinda Illinois 112th Infantry
Hepburn, W.P. Lt Colonel -- Clarinda Iowa 2nd Cavalry
Hermon, William Private M Shenandoah Illinois 17th Cavalry
Herron, Samuel Private D Coin Ohio 18th Infantry
Hill, J.H. Private F Shambaugh Ohio 60th Infantry
Hill, J.H. Corp H Shambaugh Ohio 1st Cavalry
Hill, Joseph Serg F Clarinda Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Hinse, Nick Private F Clarinda Missouri 11th Cavalry
Hitchcock, H.F. 1st Lt C College Spinrgs Illinois 76th Infantry
Hoag, L.D. Corp D Blanchard Illinois 1st Cavalry
Hobson, Calvin Private G Clarinda Iowa 4th Cavalry
Hodge, A. Private E Shenandoah Illinois 42nd Infantry
Hodge, A.J. Private E Shenandoah Illinois 36th Infantry
Holden, Fred Private F Clarinda Illinois 1st Artillery
Holland, M.C. Private K Hawleyville Missouri 1st Engineers
Hooper, G.W. Serg E Clarinda Ohio 75th Infantry
Hopkins, A.C. Private M Burl Junction, Mo Ohio 2nd Cavalry
Hopkins, Z.J. Private F College Springs Illinois 3rd Cavalry
Hosier, Peter W. Private I Clarinda Illinois 93rd Infantry
Howard, C.T. Private G Shenandoah Illinois 7th Infantry
Hudson, J.D. Private D Clarinda Indiana 55th Infantry
Humphrey, John Private H Clarinda Illinois 11th Cavalry
Humphrey, Milton Corp H Clarinda Illinois 11th Cavalry
Humphrey, Thos Private K Clarinda Iowa 12th Infantry
Hupp, Daniel Private G Clarinda Iowa 8th Infantry
Jackson, A.C. Private A Hawleyville Iowa 8th Cavalry
Jackson, J.F. Sergt H Shenandoah Illinois 33rd Infantry
Jackson, T.S. Private G Hawleyville Iowa 4th Cavalry
James, J.J. Serg F Braddyville Missouri 11th Cavalry
James, J.M. Private F Shenandoah Illinois 124th Infantry
Jenkins, Thos Corp E Clarinda Ohio 66th Infantry
John, J.H. Corp K Clarinda Indiana 19th Infantry
Johnson, Alexander Private F Coin Iowa 23rd Infantry
Johnson, C.J. Private D Essex Illinois 57th Infantry
Johnson, M.C. Private F Clarinda Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Jones, Alfred Private E Shenandoah Illinois 71st Infantry
Jones, J.D. Serg I Clarinda Indiana 124th Infantry
Jones, Jerry Private H Norwich Illinois 9th Cavalry
Jordan, W.S. 1st Lt Clarinda Indiana 22nd Infantry
Journey, Joseph Corp D Shambaugh Illinois 75th Infantry