Clarinda Mental Health Institute - State Hospital
[opened Dec 15, 1888]
*NOTE: This facility was closed in July 2015. The records are being moved to the Cherokee facility and are not currently available.
General Information regarding requests for genealogy information from the Clarinda Mental Health Institute should be addressed to:
PLEASE! be sure to ask what the cost is going to be before you order. This can be pricey!
in writing -
Medical Records Director
P.O. Box 338
Clarinda, Iowa 51632
by phone -
Medical Records Department
712.542.2161 ext 2248
by e-mail -
e-mail: Teresa Barlow
Minimum information required:
patient name, your relationship to the patient, date of birth or approximate age when a patient
Other helpful information:
social security number, date of admission, date of discharge or death, name of spouse or parents
This information was supplied by the Nodaway Valley Historical Museum [] in Clarinda.
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