Page County, Iowa Misc Family Records
misc. records transcibed and submitted by: Merrily Tunnicliff
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Birth record of Wayne Eugene Shum, book 4, page 120, Taylor County, Iowa:  Wayne was born 22 July 1920 at Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.  His parents were Pearl Jane Wilcox, 32, born in Iowa, and Pete Hugh Shum, 38, born in Kansas.  The physician was Delmar B. Sollis of Bedford.  The birth was registered on 7 August, 1920.
WAYNE SHUM Social Security data:
  SSN 479-16-2245    Residence:  64733  Chilhowee, Johnson, MO
  Born 22 Jul 1920    Last Benefit:  64733  Chilhowee, Johnson, MO
  Died May 1980    Social Security Number Issued:  IA (Before 1951)
(Note:  Johnson County is Kansas City, MO)
Burials at Englewood or Clinton City Cemetery, T41, R26, S12 - Clinton Township, 400 S. Vansant Rd, Henry Co, MO;
SHUM, Wayne Eugene - b: Jul 22 1920 Taylor Co, IA - d: May 5 1980 Chilhouee, MO - mil: Tec 4 US Army WWII - sp: Mamie E. HALL - 59Y - bur: May 8 1980 Blk:422 Lot:1968 Gr:10
Birth record, book 4, page 127, Taylor County, Iowa:  Mary Alice Shum, born 13 November 1930 in Ross Township, Taylor County, Iowa.  Her parents were Pearl Jane Wilcox, age 41, born Iowa, and Pete H. Shum, 48, born Kansas.  John T. Maloy of Bedford was the physician.  The birth was registered 6 January, 1931.
Marriage license of Mary Alice and Warren David Clark, book 17, page 516, Taylor County, Iowa:  Warren D. Clark, age 21, and Mary A. Shum, 19, were married 4 December, 1949.  Warren's occupation was listed as "mechanic".  He was a white American.  It was a first marriage for both.  Her parents were listed as Pete Hugh Shum and Pearl Jane Wilcox.  The witnesses were Herbert Marshall and Helen Novinger.  The physician who signed both certificates was J. F. Hardin of Bedford.  The minister was Ben W. Sinderson.
 The marriage of John C. Shum and Grace Mae Spring is recorded in Book 12-481, Page County, Iowa.  The affidavit was signed by Claude V. Shum.
 In 1922 John lived in Chamberlain, South Dakota and in 1941 he was in Hood River, Oregon.
The birth record of Harold Merl Shum is found in the Taylor County Birth Records, book 3, page 180.  It indicates the he was born Dallas Township, New Market, Iowa,  His mother was 25 at the time of his birth and the attending physician was Dr. W. A. Kitchen of New Market.  Howard's birth record was amended 10-30-1951. The original birth date was entered as 06-02-1912. 
Email note from Florence Shum, wife of Harold's brother Hilding, in September, 2001:    Hilding  tells me that Robert Charles was called Jr. as Harold was sometimes call Robert, as he did not like the name
of Harold.  Harold and Margaret had 4 children Robert Charles, Jerry ??, Betty and Linda. Hilding thinks the only one living is Linda.  Harold divorced Margaret and remarried a girl by the name of Mable and they had two children a boy and a girl. Harold was burried either in Battle Mountain or Alco, Navada. Hilding went to the funeral but is not sure where he was burried. Harold was also managing a trailor court in Battle Mountain when he died.
Birth Record of Howard Shum, book 3, page 180, Taylor County, Iowa birth records:  Born 9 June, 1912 to John Shum, 25, born Kansas, and Grace Spring, 25, born Iowa.  Dr. WA. A. Kitchen of New Market was the attending physician.    The date was originally recorded as 2 June, 1912 and was amended on 30 October, 1951.
George Francis (Frank) Shum                  Obituary  Frank shum  1893-1950
 George Francis (Frank) Shum was born near Clarinda, Iowa, October 18, 1893, and died November 10, 1950 in Hand County, South Dakota.  In 1922 he came to Wessington Springs, where he attended Seminary for two years.  He married Clara Jensen in 1913, who died in 1937. To this union were born two sons and three daughters, who survive except one son.  In 1949 he married Pearl Brown, who also survives, with two brothers, two sisters, seven grandchildren and a host of friends.  He was converted and joined the Free Methodist Church while at the Seminary.  He was a faithful member of the church, supporting it by every means at his command, and serving willingly and heartily in all the offices appointed him.  His death came as a release from years of suffering, which he bore patiently.  Funeral conducted by G. A. Evans, assisted by the writer.  Interment in the Wessington Springs Cemetery.  Howard Porter.
Paul Lester Shum, son of George and Ada (Bickford) Shum
The death record of Paul Lester Shum from Book 2, page 85, Taylor County, Iowa death records:  Died 22 August 1897 in Dallas Township, Taylor County.  He was 1 year, 1 month and 19 days old.  Cause of death was cholera infantum and he was buried in Gravity, Iowa.
Birth data:  Taylor County, Iowa Birth Records; Book 2, Page 159:  Lola May Shum, daughter of Ada Merritta Brickford and Geo Shum, born Nov 24, 1898, Dallas Township.
Marriage data:  Taylor County, Iowa.  Lloyd Van Alstine,  a farmer, age 26, of Polk Township, Taylor County, and May Shum, age 18, of Dallas Township, Taylor County, married 27 September, 1916 at the residence of Geo Shum, Dallas Twp, Taylor County. His parents were listed as Edward Vanalstine and Ellen Kunce.  Her mother was listed as Ada M. Bickford but her name - Lola May Shum - was listed where the "Bride's father's full name" should have been.  Witnesses werer Bertha VanAlstine and L. G. Vanalstine.  Wm G. Taylor, "minister of the Gospel, officiated.   Their signatures on the form:  Lloyd Vanalstine and Mae VanAlstine.  On the form, Lloyd's race is listed as "Dutch" and Lola May's as "Yankey."


Clarinda Herald Journal
Clarinda, Page, Iowa
July 2, 1953
Lloyd Van Alstine, age 63, formerly of East Taylor county, died June 30 at his home in Benge, Wash.  He is survived by his widow (the former Mae Shum) and two daughters, Mrs. Crystal Whitecotton, and Mrs. Eula Price of Benge, Washing, several grandchildren and four living sisters.  Mrs. William Mountfort, Denver, Colo.; Mrs. Louis Mitchell, Clarinda; Mrs. Dora Swallow, Barnhart, Mo; Mrs. Dell Orme, Clarinda; and one brother, Archie of Payette, Idaho. 


Clarinda Herald Journal
Clarinda, Page, Iowa
October 14, 1940

Van Alstine Reunion
The Van Alstine family reunion was held at the Clarinda Chautaugua park Sunday October 20, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Van Alstine and granddaughter Rosemary from Gingen, Wash. and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Van Alstine and Connie from Fruitland, Ida.  Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Max Williamson and Virginia Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown and family,  Mr. and Mrs. George Lawson and family,  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Van Alstine and family,  Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Van Alstine and Vona.  Mrs. Lewis Mitchell and family,  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Van Alstine,  Mr. and Mrs. George Wilcox,  Mr. and Mrs. Dell Orme and family,  Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Orme,  Mr. and Mrs. Hal Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Mae Scott and family.
Shum Family Reunion (Descendants of Glen), September 23, 2001
 The Shum family reunion was held September 23, 2001 a tithe Lied Center in Clarinda, Iowa with 42 attending.  Those that attended were Dwight and Thelma Minor, Centerville, Iowa; David and Donna Shum, Jason, Susan and Kaytlin Shum, Villisca, Iowa; Rae and bob Johnson, Gillette, Wyoming, Larry Randall Shum, Shenandoah, Iowa; Ruth Aikman, Dale and Idel Shum, Portland, Oregon; Patricia Shum, Omaha, Nebraska; Ed, Patti, Dustin, Kevin, Kristen and Ashley Johnson, New Market, Iowa; Pam, Joey and Dakota Woodruff, Shambaugh, Iowa.  From Clarinda were Duane and Debbie Burton, Caedron Bartles, Taelor and Kahner Hodge, Alice Woodard, Jim and Billie Shum, Cliff, Becky and Jodi Shum, Harry and Clarice Shum, Lyle and Kathy Kent, Merlin and Brook Barr, Lloyd and Sheryl Shum.  Everyone had a very enjoyable time eating very good food and visiting and taking pictures.
 Sunday evening some of them met at Harry and Clarice's for an evening of visiting and eating left overs.  Those attending were Ruth Aikman, Harry and Clarice, Jim and Billie, Dale and Idel, Thelma and Dwight, Lloyd and Sheryl, Rae and bob, Randy, David and Donna, Patricia, Pam, Joey and Dakota.  More pictures were taken.
 The 02 November 1916 birth of Bertha Gladys Shum to Glenn And Dona Gladys (Martindale) is recorded in Book 4, page 126, Page County Courthouse.  (Researched by Clarice Shum)  It also appeared in the Clarinda Herald on 28 March, 1918.  (as researched by Clarice Shum)
The 20 May 1920 birth of Lillian Ruth Shum to Glenn And Dona Gladys (Martindale) is recorded in Book 4, page 117 in the Page County Court House.  (as researched by Clarice Shum)
 The 01 July 1922 birth of Harry Joseph Shum to Glenn And Dona Gladys (Martindale) is recorded in Book 4, page 163 in the Page County Court House.  (As researched by his wife, Clarice Shum)
                          Year not given but it was 1938 or earlier
 Friends of Merrill Shum, who has been working in Los Angeles for four years, have learned of his marriage in the west to Miss Louise Vogt of South Gate, Calif.  The wedding Occurred September 1 at the South Gate church.
 Mr. Shum is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Shum and a graduate of Clarinda high school.  He is an engineer at station KTM in Los Angeles, having been in radio work at Los Angeles and in talking moving pictures in Hollywood.
Marjorie Shum and Joe Tunnicliff were married at the home of her parents on October 28, 1934. 
Two Tunnicliff-Shum wedding announcements:
 An outstanding wedding in the fall series was that of Miss Marjorie Elizabeth Shum, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Shum, to Joseph Stuart Tunnicliff, jr., of Shenandoah, on last Saturday afternoon.  At 4 o'clock the ceremony was performed by Dr. A. B. Thutt, pastor of the Presbyterian church, in the home of the bride's parents.
 As Miss Harriett Foster played Mendelssohn's Wedding March, the bridal party came down the stairway. Ruth Shambaugh and Barbara Anderson,members of Miss  Shum's Sunday school class, were flower girls, leading the party.  Miss Lillian Williams of Villisca was maid of honor and Paul Hunter of Shenandoah was groomsman.  The bride's father met her at the foot of the stairs and accompanied her to the altar.
 The living room of the home had been decorated tastily in autumnal colors, yellow and white predominating.  The couple stood before a lattice backgrounds as the impressive single ring ceremony was  performed.
 With a white satin bridal gown with lace insets, and the veil caught with a crown of pearl-set orange blossoms, Miss Shum was a beautiful bride.  She carried a bouquet of talisman roses and white chrysanthemums.  Her attendant was dressed in blue taffeta and carried an arm bouquet of yellow and white.  The men were in dark suits.
 Following the wedding, the party of twenty guests, including only the immediate families and close friends of the couple, were seated about a large table in the dining room where a dinner was served.  Misses Gwenevere Wiley and Wanda Misbach waited on the tables.  Out-of-town guests were Misses Wiley and Julia Thomas of Council Bluffs.
 Mr. and Mrs. Tunnicliff left early in the evening for a short wedding trip.  The bride's traveling outfit included a wine colored hat, dress and accessories.  They did not reveal the destination of their visit.  Upon their return, they will be at home in apartments which they have furnished at 603 south Church street in Shenandoah.  A reception of the Tunnicliff families will be held Monday evening.
 Miss Tunnicliffe has been assistant librarian for several years.  She completed her work in the  Clarinda  schools and chose Parsons college for her higher education.  At Fairfield she was a member of the Emperean society.  Mr. Tunnicliffe attended Iowa State college, and following his graduation has worked in Shenandoah.  He is now an employee of the Standard Oil Co.  he is son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tunnicliff living near Shenandoah.
 Joe Tunnicliff, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tunnicliff of Shenandoah and Miss  Marjorie Shum of Clarinda were married at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Shum at Clarinda, in the presence of the immediate relatives and a few intimate friends.
 Miss Lillian Williams of Villisca, was maid of honor; and Paul Hunter of Shenandoah acted as best man.  Barbara Anderson and Ruth Shambaugh were flower girls.  The ring ceremony was performed by the Presbyterian minister, Dr. A. B. Thutt.
 The ceremony was performed in front of a bay window prettily decorated with lattice work, autumn leaves and yellow chrysanthemums.
 Miss Harriett Foster played the wedding march and also during the ceremony.
 The bride wore a gown of white satin trimmed in shadow lace and wore a veil.  her bouquet was of tailsman roses and baby white chrysanthemums.
 The maid of honor, Miss Lillian Williams, wore a gown of light blue silk and carried a bouquet of yellow and orchid chrysanthemums. 
 The flower girls gowns were of pink and light green.  They carried baskets of white and yellow chrysanthemums.
 Following the marriage rites a three-course dinner was served when the guests were seated at one long table. Decorations were tapes, smilax and  yellow chrysanthemums.  The dinner was served by Gwen Wiley, Wanda Misbach and Alice Charlesworth.
 Out of town guests included Miss Gwen Wiley and Miss Julia Thomas of Council Bluffs; Miss Lillian Williams of Villisca; Paul Hunter and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Tunnicliff of Shenandoah. The newlyweds left the same evening, their destination unknown.
 They have an apartment at 603 Church street, Shenandoah.
 The bride who has been assistant librarian at Clarinda, is a graduate of the Clarinda high school and of Parsons college and popular in society and church work.
 The bridegroom is a graduate of the Shenandoah high school and Iowa State College, Ames.  He is employed by the Standard Oil  Co., in this city.
 Mr. and Mrs. Tunnicliff will entertain tonight at a seven o'clock dinner party in honor of their son's marriage.