Jefferson Kelly Family
from Joan Lutz:

1809 Jefferson Kelly born in Mason County, KY
1811 Catharine Patterson born in Fayette Township, Clark Co., KY
Sister Mary Ann Kelly born in Clark Co., IN
1813 Brother Henry Kelly born in Clark Co., IN
Brother Thomas Patterson born
1817 Sister Mary Ann Kelly died
Second sister Mary Ann Kelly born in Clark Co., IN
Brother Thomas Patterson born
1820 Brother William Henderson Patterson born
Census record for father Anthony Kelly in Clark Co., IN
1823 Sister Mary Jane Kelly married James Patterson in Clark Co., IN
Sister Elizabeth Kelly married in Clark Co., IN
Sister Mary Ann Patterson born
1824 Brother John Willima married Eleanor Patterson in Clark Co., IN
Brother John Wharton Patterson born
1827 Brother James Scott Kelly married in Clark Co., IN
1929 Brother Newton Dickey Patterson born in Clark Co., IN
1832 Brother Madison married Elizabeth Patterson in Clark Co., IN
1834 Jefferson and Catharine married in Clark Co., IN
1835 First child, Leander Scott born, lived two months
1836 Son Samuel Patterson born
1837 Mother Mary Kelly Kelly died in Clark Co., IN
1838 Son Thomas Jefferson born
Sister Mary Ann Kelly married Robert Patterson
Brother Robert Patterson married Mary Ann Kelly in Clark Co., IN
1839 Son James Madison born
Brother James Patterson married
1840 Lived in Johnson Co., IN
Son Newton Dickey born
Brother James Scott Kelly died in Clark Co., IN
1842 Helped found the New Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Needham, Clark Co., IN with minister Rev. Dickey
1843 Only daughter Margaret Jane born
Sister Jane Patterson married Benjamin Henderson in Clark Co., IN
1844 Father Anthony Kelly died in Johnson Co., IN
Brother Henry Kelly died in Johnson Co., IN
1849 Son John Henry born
1850 Lived in Johnson Co., IN
Sister Mary Ann Kelly Patterson died before 1850
1852 Mother Betsy Henderson Patterson died
1855 Son John Henry died at age of 6 years
1856 Went to Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa
1857 Brother Madison Kelly died in Johnson Co., IN
Father Samuel Patterson died in Clark Co., IN
1858 Son James Madison married in Iowa
1860 Lived in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa
1864 Son Thomas Jefferson married
Brother William Kelly died in Johnson Co., IN
1865 Daughter Margaret married
1868 Son Samuel Patterson married
1870 In Hawleyville
Son Newton married in Taylor Co.
1872 Catharine Patterson Kelly died in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa
1886 Brother John William Kelly died
1887 Jefferson Kelly died in Hawleyville

"Jefferson Kelly, Anthony Kelly's son, came to Hawleyville, Iowa and settled in 1856. Jefferson's children were (listed in order of age) were James Madison, Sam, Tom, Dick, Margaret." Source: Marion Kelly 1934.

1820 IN, Clark Co., Charles Township, p. 31
Anthony Kelly
Anthony was head of a household in Clark Co., Indiana in 1820 (Roll 13, p.31 on Census). He had
one boy under 10 (Henry was 7)
3 boys between 10 and 15 (Jefferson and Madison were 11, William was 13)
1 between 16 and 18, (Thomas was 17)
2 between 18 and 25 (John was 19)
one man over 45 (Anthony)
one girl under 10 (Mary Ann was 3)
one between 10 and 15 (Elizabeth was 15)
1 between 16 and 25 (Mary Jane 21)
one woman (Mary) between 26 and 45. There were four people engaged in agriculture.

1830 IN, Clark, NE of State Road
Anthony Kelly
1 boy 15-20 (Henry was 17)
2 boys 20-30 (Jefferson and Madison were 21) [William,Thomas, John was gone from the home]
1 man 50-60 (Anthony)
1 girl under 5 [possibly a grandchild]
1 girl 10-15 (Mary Ann was 13)
1 woman 20-30
1 woman 50-60 (Mary)

In 1840 Jefferson Kelly was listed in Johnson Co., IN
!SOURCE: 1840 IN Census, Johnson Co., p. 457.
Jefferson went to Johnson Co. in early 1846.

In 1850 Jefferson (41)was living in Franklin Township, Johnson Co., IN with his wife Catharine (38) and six children: James (16), Samuel P (14), Thomas J (12), Newton D (10), Margaret J (7) and John P (7 mos.). He was a farmer born in KY. Living up and down the same street was Madison Kelly, Samuel Tetrick, Samuel H Tetrick, John Tetrick, Julia Ann Kelly and James Patterson and their families.
!SOURCE: 1850 Census Johnson Co., IN, Franklin Township.

NEW PISGAH (O. S. Presbyterian Church), Needham Township, was organized August 6, 1842, by Rev. John M. Dickey, sixteen persons uniting with the organization: James Magill, Maria Magill, James Patterson, Cretia Patterson, Thomas Patterson, Nancy Ann Patterson, Madison Kelly, Eliza Kelly, Jefferson Kelly, Catherine Kelly, William Kelly, Julia Ann Kelly, Henry Kelly, Francis Stewart, David McAlpin and Diana Pullen. David McAlpin, James Magill and James Patterson were elected elders. The succession of stated supplies was Revs. William M. Stimson, Benjamin W. Nyce, John B. Saye, James McCoy, John Fairchild, James Brownlee, L. P. Webber, T. A. Steele and William Clark. In the same neighborhood with the New Pisgah Church, the New Prospect (O. S.) Church was organized by Rev. B. F. Wood, April 10, 1850, the following persons joining the organization: John Henderson, Isabell Henderson, Joseph Henderson, Mitchell Henderson, James Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Jane McAlpin, Sarah McAlpin, John McCord, George Allison, John P. Henderson, Jane Henderson, Thomas Patterson, Nancy Patterson, William H. Patterson, Eliza Jane Patterson and Sarah Patterson. Thomas Patterson and John P. Henderson were chosen ruling elders. The Rev. B. F. Wood was the first stated supply, followed by Revs. Blackburn, Leffler, John Gilchrist, John Q. McKeehan and James Gilchrist. On September 15, 1870, the new Pisgah (N. S.) and the New Prospect (O. S.) churches were consolidated. The united church assumed the new school name and occupied the old school building, the membership being fifty. The Rev. J. G. Williamson was the first stated supply; the Rev. A. R. Naylor and Rev. Mr. Reeves followed, supplying the church in the order named. In 1875, Rev. James Williamson commenced to supply the church, and continued to do so for twelve years, closing his labors October 1, 1887. The present membership is about seventy-five.

He left Indiana on Sept.15, 1856 and arrived in Hawleyville, Iowa on Oct. 19, 1856. They traveled with John Tetrick and his family and later married his daughter, Mary Ann.

In 1860 Jefferson Kelly was in Hawleyville, Page Co., IA. His son James Madison Kelly was listed in Buchanan Township.
State: IA Year: 1860
County: Page County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: Hawleyville Page: 948
Database: IA 1860 Federal Census Index
1860 Federal Census, Iowa, Page, Hawleyville
Jefferson Kelly 51 farmer born in KY real estate worth $2000
Catharine 49
Thomas 20 IN
Newton D 19 IN
Margaret 16 IN

!SOURCE: 1860 IA Census, Page Co., p. 948.

In 1870 Jefferson was living in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa with his wife Catherine (58) and children Thomas (28), Martha (24) and Mary (18). This last child is interesting. She is definitely listed as a Kelly but gives her birthplace as Canada and her parents both born in foreign countries. Jefferson had $6,000 in real property and another $600).
!SOURCE: 1870 Iowa Census, Page Co.

!BIRTH: 1850 Census Johnson Co., IN

MARRIAGE: Marriage 486: Jefferson Kelly and Catharine Patterson, 15 Jan 1834 by John M. Dickey.

Jefferson and Catharine Patterson Kelly are buried near the top of the Hawleyville Cemetery outside Clarinda, Iowa. Buried next to them is her brother Robert Patterson. It is a lovely monument, about four feet tall.

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