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Aiken/Akin, Joshua and 1st wife, Elizabeth Adams from Penny Chatfield
Aiken/Akin, Joshua and 2nd wife, Selina Catherine Loy from Penny Chatfield
Akin, William from Penny Chatfield

Family of Martin Robert Ansbach who was born 11 Jul 1845 near Strasburg, France; died 27 Nov 1928 Omaha, Ne and buried at Clarinda, Page co, Ia; wed 09 Sep 1901 Isabella Jeffrey.

Harold Jewett
1609 South 35th
St Joseph, Mo 64507

Mar 1986

Arnold - Hughes - Hough

Irene Estelle Hough born 29 Sep 1895 Omaha, Ne was the daughter of Charles Woodruff Hough and Marie Anderson. Irene married a Hughes.

Charles Hough was born about 1873 and died about 1920 in Omaha?

Charles was the son of Mr Hough and Ida Udora Arnold.

Ida Udora Arnold was born 04 May 1859 in Henry co, Il to Charles Arnold and Abigail Graves according to her obit. Mrs Boyd had her parents as Mr Arnold and Adelaide Fisk. She married Mr Hughes. He died. She married W.J. Stoops and lived in Clarinda, Page co, Iowa. She died 24 Jan 1924 in Clarinda.

Sandra Hughes Boyd
43 Linden Street
Rochester, NY 14620

31 Dec 1970


Baker family site They went to Page Co. from Indiana in Sept. 1850. My branch went on to MO in 1869, but many of the relatives stayed in Page. Jim Baker


Barlow family from David Voth? link no longer works

Barner, Benjamin and Isabelle Low - First Families
Barnes, Charles R. and Susana Thornell family
Baumgarten, Elmer Fred Henry from Arliss Powell
Baumgarten, Frederich Heinrich Johann from Arliss Powell
Baumgarten, Paul Kenneth from Arliss Powell
Baumgarten, Walter Emil Henry from Arliss Powell
Baumgarten, Wilhelmina "Minnie" Caroline Anna Buch from Arliss Powell

Bitner, Malinda Woldruff an 1850 First Family

Blakeman, Serena Anna Graham from Roland Martin
Boylan, Thomas and Martha - 50th wedding anniversary
Bright, James H. - 70th birthday article and picture
Brislin, James and Margaret and family from John Stutzer
Buckingham, Joseph and Mahalia Beckam - First Families
Buckingham, Joshua and Rebecca Stonebraker - First Families
Callicotte, John Bailey and Ellender Thomas family
Cameron, Robert Alexander from Mary C. Heald
Carey, Jonathan and Elizabeth Ann Foote family from Shelley Jansen

Chaney, Thomas and Elizabeth

Coder, Oliver Family from Patte Kelley

Combs, Martin Byrd and Permelia Sexton family

Crook, Mary Macomber - life story
Danner, Putnam – tells of birthday and death notice

Davison, Lee Franklin and Emma Lena Reed family

Dougherty, Gideon 1850 First Family
Dougherty, Robert
Dougherty, Samuel
Dougherty, William Shelby
Dougherty, Warden 1850 First Family
East, Thomas

Edwards, William and Mary Ellen Kenney family

Estes, Alexander [Ed], Frank, Byron


Farrens and Kelly records - please contact Joan Lutz:


Ferguson. George Thomas

Lertia Augusta Ferguson born 29 May 1873 Cuppy's Grove, Ia, died 17 Jun 1942 Kirkman, Ia. Her father was George Thomas Ferguson born 10 Feb 1854 Quincy, Adams co, Ill, died Aug 8, 1916 Kirkman, Ia. He married 04 Mar 1875 to Lucetia? Runnel? (can't read writing). Lertia married Albert Alandor Mitchell who died Jan 1891.

These people homesteaded up around Denison, Iowa; sold out in 1923. Moved to Shenandoah, Ia; had a fire and burned up a barn and later a house. Moved to Kirkman and died and were buried there.

Harry J. Hansen, Rt 1 Box 141, Stanfield, Or 97875 - Apr 1981

Field, Henry Arms on from Sharon Becker
Fishbaugh, E.C., writes about collecting early history

Gillespie, David and Rebecca Hayes

Gillespie, William and Mary Ann McMillen

Gottbrecht, John Sebastian and Francina Eckersberg family

Graham, R.M. & Elizabeth Martin from Roland Martin
Griffey, Peter from Penny Chatfield
Hamm, Christian family
Hankins, Abram family
Harrell, Basil from Penny Chatfield
Hays, Harold "Pood" and Ruth Thompson
Heady, Ezra and Emily Snider family
Herzberg, Augusta Anna Maria [Rohlfs] Rurode from Arliss Powell
Herzberg, Augusta Marie from Arliss Powell
Herzberg, Eleanora Anna Sophia Grebert from Arliss Powell
Herzberg, Ernest Fred from Arliss Powell
Hicks, Roland from Arliss Powell
Holt, Flora King from Arliss Powell
Hunter, George Washington family from Bill Hunter: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4
Inscho, John
Jackson, Ruth Farrier from Arliss Powell
Johnston/Johnson, Emma Reid dau of David & Sarah Johnston - who was she?
Johnston, James J. and Mary Ann Corbet

Keister, James D. family from Claudia


Kelley, James Madison and his family from Joan Lutz

Kelley, John and Ann Doyle family

Kelley, Mary Ann Tetrick from Joan Lutz

Kelley, Wilbur and his family from Joan Lutz


Kelly, Jefferson from Joan Lutz

Kretzer, Jack
Krout, John

Leathers, Samuel H. family

Levi researcher: Mary Ziegler -
 LITTLE/CRAWFORD around Blanchard, MO research.
Dear Pat O'Dell,
        A year ago this month a friend found a newspaper obituary for a Great
Uncle of mine.  He had died at Clay City, Indiana.  (Located in the
west-central part of Indiana.)  That is 20 miles from where I was born and
live now at Poland, IN.  It was a surprise to learn his home and family had
been near Blanchard, Missouri.
        His name was Wilson S. LITTLE  b.  Apr. 1843 in Ohio  d.11 Dec. 1919.
        His first wife was Phebe (BROWN) LITTLE  b.      1842 or 44 in Ohio  d.
before Nov. 1899.  This is the date he married his second wife in Clay
County, Indiana.
        From the 1880 census and the obituary I believe the children were:
        James L.  b. @  1867 in Missouri.
        Mary Annie  b. @ 1870 (married name DUBOIS  in Almena, Kan. in1919).
        Mary R. b. @ 1871 (married name CRAWFORD living in Kansas City, Kansas  in
        Charles E. b. @  1876 ( was living at Blanchard in 1919).  As was his
sister   C. E.   b. @ 1879 ( was listed as Mrs. E. O. CRAWFORD in the obit in

        If you could research this family any help would be greatly appreciated.
 Please e-mail the fee charged for this request.

         Bud & Betty Herbert

Litzenberg, Hiram H. from Penny Chatfield
Lowe, Amos - First Families
Lowe, John - First Families
Loy, David from Penny Chatfield
Loy, George Tate from Penny Chatfield
Loy, Jacob from Penny Chatfield
Loy, William from Penny Chatfield
Lytle, Isaac and Elizabeth Seacrest from Steven J. Cramer
Maclean, John, Rev - researcher Dr Jim Habeck
Martin, Blakely
Martin, Nate and Flossie from Roland Martin

McCulley [McCullough], Thomas

McCulley [McCullough], William

McKee, Gerald W. from Arliss Powell
Miller, Isaac - biographical from 1973 Southwest Iowa's Heritage
Miller, Isaac from Penny Chatfield
Miller, John from Penny Chatfield
Moore, George Lueder from Bert Stevenson
Morgan, Richard from Sharon Becker
Morgan, Richard and Sarah Pace
Mosley, William and Olive J. Lowe
Myers, Thomas and wife Martha Roscoll; wife Agnes Byers
Nealeigh family researcher: Mary Ziegler -
Osborn, John William and Melvina Merriam Osborn family
Otte, Henry and Charlotte
Platter, Andrew from John Stutzer

Pointer, William and Elizabeth Mason family from Jane Sanderman Mason

Porter, Patrick Henry and Isabella Heckathorn from Rita Holmes:
Reed, Cyrus from Penny Chatfield

Reed, Henry Graff & Susan Anna Jones family

Reed, Milton from Penny Chatfield
Reid/Reed, Bernard from Penny Chatfield
Reynolds, John - life and burial

Rhoades, Abraham/Abram - Descendants - David Voth

Rose, John family
Roush, Henry family
Roush, William and Harvey; piano builders - page 1 - page 2
Rurode, Amelia Anna Solomon from Arliss Powell
Rurode, Arvid Otto from Arliss Powell
Rurode, Helen Marie from Arliss Powell
Rurode, Louis Heinrich Frederick from Arliss Powell
Rurode, Otto Christian Johann from Arliss Powell
Rurode, Theodore Henry Rohlfs from Arliss Powell

Ryan, Anne Marie Black Genealogy Page

Scott, Joel and Mary Elizabeth Salyer family
Scott, Noble Felix and Elizabeth Gunn family
Shambaugh, Jessie Field on from Sharon Becker
Shearer, William and Anna Reece - First Families

Shum reunion 2001

Shum, Bertha Gladys - birth

Shum, Harold - birth and death information

Shum, Harry Joseph - birth

Shum, John and Grace Mae Spring - marriage

Shum, Lillian Ruth - birth

Shum, Lola May - birth

Shum, Marjorie - Joe Tunnicliff - marriage

Shum, May and Lloyd Van Alstine - marriage

Shum, Merrill - marriage

Shum, Paul Lester - death information

Shum, Wayne - birth and death information

Smith, Mrs Dr [Annie Smith] - tells about early Shenandoah schools
Snodderly, Nicholas from Penny Chatfield

Spunaugle family - David Voth

Squier/Squiers, Andrew Jackson & Joanna Husong

Squiers, Sarah Smith
Sunderman, Emma Rebecca Caroline Katherina Rurode from Arliss Powell
Tanner, Benjamin and Arabella Lowe - First Families

Tetrick, Eleanor Farnsworth from Joan Lutz

Tetrick, John's family from Joan Lutz

Trent, John
True Family history from Patte Kelley:
Umbenhower or Umbanhower
family is researched by:
Wade R. Hansen, 3131 Greenwood Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225.
Phone and fax (360) 734 - 1002

Van Alstine reunion 1940

Van Sandt, N.L. (Mrs) - article about them coming to Clarinda in 1858
Van Sandt, Mrs E.H. - article about visiting old home in Troy, Ohio [1917]
Williams, Dora Grace Graham from Roland Martin -
Wilson, Mr and Mrs J.H. from Roland Martin

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