Page County, Iowa divorces 1900 - 1921 [part 2]

transcribed by: Pat O'Dell -


from Clarinda Herald, Clarinda Journal and Page County Democrat - newspapers of Clarinda, Iowa

These may not be all the divorces in the county during this time period, but these were the ones in the court news in the newspapers. Many misspellings in these and the original documents should be viewed to ascertain the details. The date on the left refers to the newspaper issue and not a date of the divorce.



Lainson, Ina E. vs Percy A. Lainson. Minor child

1921/07/14 – 1921/09/08

Landers, George W. vs Nellie V. Landers. The plaintiff, formerly resident in Centerville, now resides in Shenandoah, being employed as a railroad conductor. Cruelty and inhuman treatment and desertion are the alleged causes for action. The couple were married at Osceola in 1901, and for a time lived in Centerville. When Mr Landers was compelled by his work to move to Shenandoah, his wife refused to follow him, but instead, according to the petition, has been using all the salary he has received and has run up other bills in the stores which he is unable to pay; that his wife refuses to write him or tell how his two daughters, 14 and 16 years of age [or 12 and 14], are getting along; but writes only when she wishes railroad passes and then refuses to sign her name, that through spite she refuses to sign a quitclaim deed to the property he wishes to transfer and give good title to. The conductor’s side of the case is set forth in the law papers by Ferguson Barnes and Ferguson of Shenandoah.

The wife answers that the money furnished is insufficient for support of herself and two daughters, denying cruel treatment, but remaining silent on the claim of desertion.


Landes, Eliza vs Samuel S. Landes; he deserted Sep 15, 1910; maiden name Eliza Slump restored.


Lane, Lou vs W.S. Lane, married at Chariton, Ia Dec 22, 1886.


Larson, Emil Leroy vs Anna Larson; married 1903


Larson, Jennie P. vs Emil Larson. Petition for divorce on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment, and asking that the wife be given possession of their household goods.


Larson, Martha vs Andrew L. Larson


Lasley, Nicholas vs Martha Lasley


Lawrence, Emily G. vs Carlos W. Lawrence. Married Feb 7, 1881, and lived together until Mar 1, 1898. He deserted Mar 1898.

1893/08/18 Laws, Mary C. states in her petition that she is a resident of Clarinda, and was married to Sylvester Laws on Feb 14, 1891; that defendant within two weeks after their marriage began a course of abuse and ill treatment, striking her in the face with his fist, knocking her down and choking her, using vile epithets, threw knives and forks at her saying he would kill her; that on account of being afraid she left him on April 12, 1893; that deft. is a resident of Mills county; therefore asks for decree of divorce and other relief as may seem equitable.


Lawson, Daisy [Dollie] V. vs William Lawson jr. Married Jan 1, 1904 and they lived together at their home near Yorktown until August 12, 1904 when it is alleged by the plaintiff that the defendant became unbearable toward her and that she was not permitted to enter her own home. The plaintiff sues for divorce from the defendant, $100 for her expenses at court, $50 for witnesses and the permanent alimony of $2500, part to be paid in land, being the se qr section 26 and the sw qr section 25, township 69 north range 38, Page county, and such other allotments as the court may think just.

1919/04/10 – 1919/04/24

Lawson, Jennie L. vs James Lawson. Mother to have control of the minor children Ada Louise Lawson, James Bernard Lawson and Clyde Richard Lawson. She was granted title to the farm in Lincoln Township, besides property in Ribble’s addition Clarinda, also a one sixth interest in the estate of Mary L. Handorf in Lincoln Twp. Also, she is to get the household goods and furniture with $1105 alimony.


Lawson, William vs Eva May Lawson; He has custody of three minor children.


Leach, Leota Aurora vs William Walter Leach.


Lease, Mary Ellen, Mrs, has decided to go back to Witchita and live with her husband, so there will not be a divorce. Poor Mr Lease.


LeBarron, Lydia vs Eugene S. LeBarron. Minor child


Leer, David W. vs Nellie M. Leer; Married Sep 25, 1916 Nevada, Mo and lived together until Mar 20, 1918.


Lees, Bella vs Hugh Lees. Married at Shenandoah Jun 15, 1908 and lived together until Jul 1909.  No children.

1901/10/24 – 1901/08/27

Leonard, Sarah vs Jas Leonard; she states that Leonard abandoned her in July 1879 after she had been married to him about a year. She has never heard of him since that time and believes him dead.


Limecooley, Rose vs Harry C. Limecooley


Lindquist, Augusta M. of Shenandoah vs Mr Lindquist


Lines, Erastus E. vs Nellie A. Lines


Linrod, Elsie vs Paul Linrod


Lister, A. vs Tabitha Lister. Married Aug 15, 1906 and she deserted Oct 24, 1906.


Littlejohn, Etta vs William Littlejohn


Loghry, R.E. vs Anna R. Loghry. Baby girl given to paternal grandmother for custody at present. Each parent might visit once a month for 2 hours.


Loghry, Susan J. vs Jas E. Loghry

1917/12/20 – 1917/11

Lohmar, Emma vs F. William Lohmar.


Long, Lillian seeks legal separation from her husband, Ernest Long, whom she believes went to Washington about a year ago, with a girl about 15 years of age, by the name of Lois Cook


Lucas, Annie M. vs Otis R. Lucas. Desertion


Lynn, Cora J. vs Thomas J. Lynn. 5 minor children


Mace, Mattie vs Simeon Mace; 3 minor children, Simeon Edward Mace, Wilbur Mace and Gladys Mace [Willie H., Mable G. and Simeon E. listed in another place]


Malony, G.D. vs Anna Malony


Markwell, Margaret vs George Markwell;


Marshall, Edyth vs Roy Marshall; maiden name Edyth Staten restored.


Marshall, Sarah vs W.J. Marshall. Married July 18, 1889 Clarinda and lived together until July 8th, 1907. He ask to have her committed to the insane asylum and they refused to admit her.


Martin, Addison of Shenandoah vs Maggie Martin; he brought suit against his wife on grounds of fraud practiced upon him by concealing her condition from him at the time of their marriage. They were married in Newton county, Indiana, January 30, 1895, and have not lived together since the husband discovered the fraud that had been practiced on him.


Martin, Doris vs Clifford Martin; married Braddyville, Feb 1915 when bride was 15 and groom 19; maiden name Doris Putman restored.


Martin, Floe  vs Abraham Martin; desertion and ask that maiden name Floe Skinner be restored.

1916/07/20 – 1916/10/05

Martin, Hattie [Hallie] G. vs Willam Martin. 2 minor children, Carrie Martin, 14,  and Lillie Martin, 12; married Dec 1900 in Marshall Co, Ks. [1915/12/02] Dismissed because she failed to establish residence within the state for the required length of time.


Martindale, Edna vs Thos E. Martindale; she asks custody of minor child


Mathews, May vs W.H. Mathews; custody of minor child to her; married at Hanabal, Mo, Sep 3, 1904; maiden name was Mary Phillips later Mary Harris, this being her second marriage.


Mathews, Rose vs St Elmo Mathews


Matthews, Wm A. vs Agnes Matthews. Married in Sioux City Nov 2, 1912, and lived together until Jan 8, 1918 and when Mrs Matthews left his home and steadily refused to return. Matthews has lived in Shenandoah the past 15 months.

1907/09/27 – 1907/10/11

Maxwell, Thomas vs Maud G. Maxwell. He  wants marriage annuled. Annulment decreed.


Mayall, Carrie L. seeks separation from A.J. Mayall to whom she was married in Ringgold co Dec 16, 1890. Four children Fred, Roy, Goldie and Nellie custody to her.


McAllister, Harry has petitioned to sever the marital ties which have legally bound him to Maude McAllister. Cruel and inhuman treatment, defendant having failed to attend to her household duties and associated with other men since the time they were married in July 1905 in Carterville, Mo.

1916/10/05 – 1916/03/09

McCann, Charles S.P. vs Cammie McCann. Married Aug 14, 1910 Nebraska City, Ne. Minor child, Charles Stuart McCann


McCann, Margaret vs James McCann


McCarty, Nellie V. was married to Samuel E. McCarty in 1889 and subsequent to that date he cohabited with other women. In May, 1907, Mr McCarty deserted his wife and she does not know where he is. She asks a legal separation.


McClellan, Ida May vs W.C. McClellan


McCorkle, Gertrude vs Walter McCorkle; minor children, Lois and Laura


McCulley, Ella vs Thomas McCulley, defendant is serving a term in the penitentiary for the crime of incest.


McCullough, Sarah E. vs Samuel McCullough


McCune, Lola vs S.E. McCune; she restored maiden name [does not give]


McCunn, Verine vs Alda McCunn; married at Lenox, Iowa 1911; now resident of Shenandoah


McFarland, Carrie vs Geo W. McFarland


McFarland, Mertie vs T.H. McFarland.


McGinnis, Hallie B. vs William J. McGinnis. Minor son Ivan


McKay, A.E. vs Fannie McKay for desertion


McKean, Alta vs James McKean. One minor child


McKee, James vs Anna McKee


McKee, James C. vs Effie McKee; he awarded custody of children, Martha T. and Lois E. McKee

1920/01/29 – 1918/10/17

McKinley, Bertha granted divorce from Gomer McKinley, on the grounds of desertion. Married Clarinda March 1903since when three children were born, ages 14, 12 and 9 years.


McKinnon, Roxie V. granted divorce from Harry [Henry] J. McKinnon. Her place of residence is Clarinda. They were married Nov 30, 1918 in Omaha and lived as husband and wife until July 1, 1919.


McMannama, Pearl vs Ralph McMannama, One child.


McMillen, Clara vs Henry C. McMillen. Married 39 yrs ago, 1877 in Warren Co, Illinois. Six grown boys the oldest 38 years of age and the youngest 19.


McMillen, Gladys resident in Colfax Twp seeks release of the marriage tie from Orville R. McMillen, also for the custody of their minor son, with temporary alimony of $500, and permanent alimony of $25 a month until their child attains his majority. The couple were married Aug 16th, 1916, and lived together as husband and wife until Oct 30th, 1919, when the defendant is said to have deserted the plaintiff.


Merritt, Kate of Shenandoah was married at Oregon, Mo on Dec 11, 1905 to W. H. Merritt and in Mar 1908 he deserted. One child


Meyers, Goldie vs Harlan Meyers; maiden name Goldie A. Thomas


Michael, Gelena vs John L. Michael. Two children Floyd F. and Lloyd L. to her custody.

1919/01/09 – 1918/10/10 – 1918/09/26

Middaugh, Cora Ethel resident of Grant twp vs Fred Otto Middaugh. Four minor children, Mabel, Mary, Caroline and Dorothy. Their first child, a boy, died at birth. Married in New Market in Sept 17, 1901.


Middaugh, Mary E. asks for legal separation of the marriage tie from James E. Middaugh, to whom she was married in June 1914, but cruel treatment by the husband at their home in Shenandoah has caused her to be in constant fear of him, and she petitions the court to issue an order restraining him from visiting the home.


Miller, Jessie vs Kirby Miller


Miller, Nellie vs George L. Miller


Miller, Vera vs James J. Miller. Married 1909 at Lincoln. One child 4 yrs old.


Mills, Lucy of Shenandoah vs Harley Mills. They were married in Carthage, Mo 1914 and have one child, Anabel.


Mitchell, Nira Inez vs Nova J. Mitchell; Nira now resident in Yellowstone Co, Mont and granted custody of 2 minor children.


Moore, Nancy vs Hiram Moore


Morris, Mabel of Shenandoah vs Alonzo G. Morris. Married eight years ago at Shenandoah and lived in a great many places because of the defendant’s “uncontrollable disposition to rove” as the plaintiff puts it. She ask for custody of 6yr old child Darlene. Married Oct 17, 1898 at Shenandoah and since then have not lived in any place more than 6 months – at Kansas City, Omaha, Wabash, Mo, Enid, Okl, Bedford, Iowa etc

1908/09/25 – 1908/12/15

Morris, Sarah J. vs Wm. H. Morris. Married 1900. He deserted Jan 1906. She ask for control of the land to sell/operate. Ten children [in six years]. [1908/10/01] The divorce mill is not out of business yet, as Sarah J. Morris is asking the October district court to grant her a permanent relief from the bonds of matrimony with Wm H. Morris, after a six years term of a peculiar honeymoon period together. She lays the serious charge of desertion against him and also failure to support her and the ten children. Well, she may not intend to be an unreasonable woman, but it would require a brave and stout hearted man to fact that proposition with the prospect of a long life before him. But she avers in her petition that there is a forty acre farm [sw qu of nw qu section 22, twp 69 range 36]and some person property involved in their entanglement, and if he desire to play fair in the deal now that he has a good chance for liberty that is lasting he will relinquish all right, title and interest in said property and go on about his own business as though nothing had happened. There are always two sides to a question and it may be possible he was in part responsible for this “white man’s burden.” Who knows? The court should act advisedly.


Morton, Mary A. – Geo W. Morton. Married Aug 6, 1908. He’s gone to Washington State


Moseley, Wm vs Cora V. Mosely

1874/10/29 Moyer, W.C. vs Nancy A. Moyer; he ask for minor children


Nauvert [Navert], Emma M. vs William H. Nauvert [Navert]. Married 1889, ages 55 and 50. Married in Page county in 1887 – seven children, the oldest who has attained majority.

1921/04/14 – 1921/06/30

Navert, Pearl Martin vs Charley Navert


Nelson, Jacob B. vs Alice R. Nelson. Ask for legal separation, married Apr 1875 and lived together until 1895. [1913/06/12] Alice R. Nelson vs Elmer R. Luckett?, administrator in the estate of Jacob B. Nelson, deceased. Plaintiff, now of Missoula, Mont., declares the defendant during his life obtained divorce from her illegally and asks that same divorce be cancelled that she may have share in his estate as his lawful widow and that she may obtain the pension to which she is entitled as the widow of a soldier.


Nelson, Louella vs Ray Nelson. One minor child, Nemo Joy Nelson and her maiden name Louella Sperry restored. Married in St Joseph [Missouri] in Sep 1906


Nelson, Mabel E. vs Bert M.Cole Nelson. They were married in Springfield, Mo, Feb 21, 1914,  and June 10, 1914 the defendant deserted her and has ever since remained absent. She resides in Shenandoah.


Nevius, Luta E. vs Frank C. Nevius. One minor child, Cecil, 16. Married in Gravity in 1898.


Newman, Mildred D. granted divorce from Elgin S. Newman; entitled to use maiden name [not given]; not allowed to remarry within the year.


Nolan, C.H. vs Nellie Nolan


Nolan, Jennie vs William H. Nolan. She is granted custody of the two minor children, Irene Fern Nolan and William Guy Nolan, but said children are not to be taken out of this state for a period of three years.


Nowles, Grace vs Olin E. Nowles

1921/06/02- 1921/09/08

Nowling, Give petitions for divorce from his wife, Ellen Nowling, on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment, consisting of absence from the home for as much as two weeks at a time, followed by harsh words and treatment after returning, besides bestowing her affections on other people including men. The couple were married in Clarinda in October, 1902. Mother given custody of daughter, Goldie Nowling, 14.

1921/07/07 – says divorce not final, temporary alimony to wife of $175.


Null, Ora Ellen vs Arthur M. Null; custody of minor child Melvin to mother; mother and child now living with her parents in Shenandoah. Married Stahl, Mo 1911.


O’Brien, Lottie Fern vs John O’Brien; she ask for custody of minor child, Maynard Merle O’Brien, 2. Married in Omaha Mar 26, 1912.

1906/10/13 - 1906/12/21

O’Neill, Ida vs William H. O’Neill. She is given custody of minor children, Luther C. and Mark O. O’Neill


Oldfield, Rosa vs Amos Oldfield


Oliphant, L. Lora vs O.W. Oliphant


Olsen [Olson], Huntie vs Fred W. Nelson. She ask for custody of minor child. [names are not the same]


Owen, Hannah Elizabeth granted decree of divorce from husband Alvin Wallace Owen and permitted to resume her maiden name, Hannah Elizabeth Biggs. Married in San Antonio, Tex, May 24th, 1917.


Owen, Martha Mabel vs John Owen


Owen, Pearl vs Martin Owen


Owen, Wm W. vs Mattie Owen; desertion

1888/01/24 Pace, Charlotte E. vs Charles W.: she asks for custody of two children, Almeda Pace and Susan A. Pace


Page, Leon[a?] vs Louis Page


Palmer, Bessie vs Lewis E. Palmer; desertion; she ask custody of child, Vada Irene Palmer


Palmer, Gladys A. vs Orville Palmer is the caption of another suit for divorce, the plaintiff asking that her maiden name be restored to her. They were married Dec 27, 1919, in Red Oak, the plaintiff’s present residence being Shenandoah.


Parkinson, Lou Ella vs James Parkinson. One minor child, James LaRash Easton Parkinson


Parks, Beulah vs Wilbur Parks. She wishes restoration of her maiden name. They were married in St Joseph, Mo June 28th, 1916, they lived together until Oct 11th, 1918.


Patterson, Claire Louise vs Orland E. Patterson. The plaintiff asks for the divorce and custody of the minor child, Jack Carver Patterson


Patton, Lena R. sues for divorce from Emmett L. Patton. Cruel and inhuman treatment being mentioned as cause for action, the wife asking for legal right to resume her maiden name, Lena R. Patterson. Plaintiff resides in Shenandoah. Married in June, 1918.


Payne, Fred vs Ada Payne. The couple were living at Valley Junction, Ia, prior to April 1919, when they moved to Clarinda. Her whereabouts are unknown. Married March 27, 1918 Polk County, Iowa and she left July 29, 1919.


Pearson, Anna asks for divorce from George Pearson, with the right to resume her maiden name, Anna Rydberg. The plaintiff resides in Grant Township. Ask for custody of their child.


Pearson, Ethel vs Harley Pearson. She asks for maiden name Ethel Barchus restored.


Pearson, Fred C. asks for divorce from Neva May Pearson on the ground of desertion. The couple were married in November 1915 at Bedford, Ia.


Pearson, Mary E. of Clarinda vs J.C. Pearson


Pearson, Mary vs Josiah [Joseph] C. Pearson. Married in Clarinda, Jul 21, 1913.


Pearson, Virgil R. divorced from Eleanor M. Pearson, on the grounds of drunkeness and adultery.


Pendergraft, E.A. petitioned the court for decree of divorce from Mary S/E. Pendergraft, to whom he was married March 20th, 1880, in Douglas Township, the couple living together until April 1913, when his wife wilfully deserted him.


Pennington, L.E. vs Ethelyn Mae Pennington


Perkins, Laura vs Elza Perkins. Married Mar 29, 1905 and lived together until Jun 20, 1906.


Peterson, Otto vs Ida O. Peterson. He ask that someone be appointed by the court to relinquish the right of his wife who is insane and in the Clarinda State Hospital for the purpose of giving a mortgage on real estate so that he will be able to purchase additional real estate.

1920/01/29 – 1919/06/19

Phillips, Myrtle Elizabeth granted divorce from Bruce W. Phillips, being given custody of two minor children, Rose [Rosa] Emma Phillips 2 [Jun 1919], and Laverna [Laverne] Lee Philips, 4 months [Jun 1919]. Married at Greenville, Green County, Tenn Jan 3, 1910 [Jan 5, 1916] and both of them are residents of Page county. She is currently living with her mother, Mrs Margaret Bright in Norwich. 


Pierce, Alice vs Herbert Pierce. Petition for divorce, and for custody by the mother of ther minor child, Eldon; also for $5000 alimony. The couple were married in Taylor County, Aug 25, 1892 and lived together as husband and wife until August 1919, when because of his cruel and inhuman treatment, the petition states, and the use of obscene language and destruction of the household property by his violence, plaintiff was compelled to leave the home.


Pike, Myrtle vs Rollen Pike, 2 minor children, Virgil and Viletta. Married in Elmo [Mo] 1907.


Pike, Sarah C. vs William W. Pike; married Page Co in Jun 5, 1870


Pitman, Ellen vs Richard L. Pitman


Poley, Margaret vs E.E. Poley. He has been convicted of a felony.


Pollard, Esther Isabelle granted default judgment for divorce from Robert W. Pollard who resides outside the state.

1893/08/01 Porter, Mary resident of Grant Twp married Sep 29, 1887 at age 14 to Thomas G.H. Porter ask for divorce


Pressly, Maggie L. vs Irvin S. Pressly.


Pricer, Minnie L. vs Lewis E. Pricer. She asks for custody of minor children, ages 5 and 3 . Married at Grand Island, Ne in June 1910.


Radke, Maude vs Ferdinand Radke; maiden name Maude Kenney restored.


Ratekin, Wilma B. – J.W. Ratekin. Minor child Marjorie

1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27 – 1917/08/23

Rawlings, Roy, 36, vs Rose Bean Rawlings, 19. Married Dec 30, 1914. Minor child 4 months old  Violet Catharine Rawlings awarded to plaintiff


Reardon, Emily vs John J. Rearden. Married Feb 1913 Douglas Twp. He was last heard of in state of Illinois.


Redmore, Lydia J. vs Elmer E. Redmore; custody of child to her


Reed, Caroline vs Andrew Reed. He has deserted for over 2 years.


Reed, Dorinda B. applies for divorce from Willard M. Reed, the couple having been married a year ago in Red Oak, but the wife claims her husband kept her on the farm all the time for weeks at a time not permitting her the use of a conveyance to go visiting, and besides was morose toward her, not speaking to her for days at a time, and finally ignoring her altogether during the last several weeks they lived together.


Reed, Maggie vs Floyd Reed


Reininger, U.G. of Shenandoah vs Katie Reininger. Married at College Springs on the 20th day of July, 1888 and lived together until the 23rd of July, 1906. He asks for custody of their three children, Beryl, aged 17, Earl, aged 15, and Harry 11. She was given custody of the children.


Rensahw, Maude vs LeRay [Leroy] Renshaw; one minor child


Reynolds, Pearl vs J.L. Reynolds; maiden name Pearl Lauderback restored


Ridenour, John W. vs E.M. Ridenour. Married at Lyons, Iowa, Jun 5, 1907 and lived together till August 31, 1907.


Ridenour, Sarah vs Jahue Ridenour; custody of minor children to her


Riesland, Carrie K. vs Frederick J. Riesland. She ask for custody of minor children, Chauncey Riesland and Mary B. Riesland.


Roberts, Donna W. granted divorce from Straude A. Roberts, who is now in Anamosa penitentiary. Granted right to resume maiden name, Donna W. South.


Roberts, Grace vs Harry E. Roberts


Roberts, Rhoda vs Claude Roberts. One child


Robins, Eva granted divorce from John W. Robins; with custody of their minor child, Malvern W. Robins to mother


Robinson, America vs James E. Minor child to her custody.


Robinson, Elizabeth vs Willia Robinson


Robinson, Elizabeth vs Wm Robinson


Robirds, C.T. resident in Grant twp petitions the court to annul his married with Teressa Robirds in Sterling, Colo, Aug 27th, 1920, stating that it has never been a married in fact, the couple not having lived together as husband and wife. The reason stated for their being married was that defendant made the claim of the plaintiff being the father of a child about to be born which claim he now says was fallacious, and that he submitted to the ceremony not realizing the consequences of the act, that the alleged contract was not mutual and not voluntary on his part.


Robirds, Pearl vs Fred Robirds. Married Apr 17, 1911 Council Bluffs.


Robson, Georgia vs Thomas Robson


Rochefort [Rochfort], Daisy M. vs Frank L. Rochfort divorce


Rockhold, J.P. vs Eva R. Rockhold. Minor child, Gerald Robert


Ross, Emma J. divorced from James E. Ross. [Jan 1, 1920] Emma J. Ross petitions for divorce from James E. Ross. For 8 years she has lived in Page County having been married April 11th, 1918 [sic], and now seeks legal separation of the marriage tie on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment, which included the throwing of a butcher knife, on Feb 1st last, at the same time calling her vile names, and threatening to take her life. The husband has also been absent from home at different times, remaining away one time for a period of two years.

1919/07/17 – 1916/09/21

Rosson [Rossen], Georgie [Georgia] vs Henry T[homas]. Rosson. The couple were married March 26th, 1918 or Mar 15, 1914, plaintiff having since been a resident of Grant township in Page County but says she believes defendant to be now resident in Missouri.


Rounds, Columbia A. vs Joshua J. Rounds


Rowe, Anna A. petitions for divorce from husband, George Rowe claiming desertion and cruel and inhuman treatment as cause for action. Married in Council Bluffs, March 12th, 1917.  - March 24, 1921, case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.


Rowe, Mary Belle vs Homer Rowe. Both of Shenandoah. Married in Missouri Nov 1885 and lived together until 1907.


Rowe, Myrtle M. vs Lee R. Rowe. She is resident of Grant township. They were married at Cedar Rapids [Iowa] May 6, 1916 and lived together until the month of August when the defendant left. One child, Donald, 22 months old. She asks for cancellation of a written instrument which she says was signed by her under duress, when she was sick,  in which she surrendered her rights to her son to Mrs Jones, the mother of the defendant.


Rurode, Delma Mildred applied for divorce decree from Herman Fred Rurode. The wife is a resident of Nodaway Twp and compelled to ask for divorce because of cruel and inhuman treatment, and refusal of the husband to support his wife and child Haroldson, whom he ordered to leave the premises and not to return. Alimony of $1000 is asked, $250 temporary alimony and $20 per month to assist in support of the wife and child.


Sales, Nellie of Shenandoah vs husband who was convicted of murder and sent to the penitentiary for killing Wm Richardson over a year ago.

1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27 – 1917/09/13

Savage, Virginia T., 32,  of Shenandoah vs Harry Arthur Savage 30. Married Aug 12, 1906 Bedford, Ia. Lived together until May 1916 when defendant deserted and from what information she has been able to obtain plaintiff is now a roving tramp in the west. She ask for custody of 2 children, Harold, 11, and Thelma 9.


Saxton, Nettie E. vs Homer J. Saxton. She awarded custody of 3 children.


Schadden [Scadden], Ada vs Ben Schadden [Scadden]. She has custody of 3 minor children

1918/09/12 - 1918/08/22

Schneider, Pearl D. vs Carroll G. Schneider. Minor child Marjorie to wife’s custody. The child will reside at the home of her grandparents Mr and Mrs H.E. Deater in Shenandoah where the father has the privilege to visit. Both residents of Shenandoah where Mr Schneider is a watchmaker and Mrs Schneider a stenographer and bookkeeper residing with her parents, Mr and Mrs H.E. Deater.


Schoenberner [Schoenberger], Frances vs Carl Schoenberner [Schoenberger]. Married Carbon co, Ne Apr 1907.


Schooler, Joe vs Esther Schooler


Schoonover, W.A. vs Alta Schoonover. Married Maryville [Missour] in October 1905.


Schwartz, Blanche B. vs George W. Schwartz. Petition for divorce, and restoration of her maiden name, Blanche Stockton. Married July 1st, 1919 in Shenandoah, the cause for action is given as habitual drunkeness contracted since marriage, also cruel and inhuman treatment, and lack of support, he having never purchased a single article of clothing for plaintiff, the petition states, except to pay part of the purchase price for a gingham dress.


Schwartz, W.R. of Shenandoah vs May Schwartz. Married in Shenandoah in Nov 1903 and lived together until March 1906 when she left


Sears, Gertrude of Braddyville suing for divorce from Orvil Sears. They were married in St Joseph [Missouri] Nov 16, 1909 and lived together as husband and wife until Dec 18, 1918.


Sherman, Carolina Marie vs Frank Sherman

1918/03/28 – 1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27

Shields, Alma D., 26,  vs William F. Shields, 33. She ask for custody of minor child, William F. Shields, Jr and right to her maiden name Alma D. Bredehorst. Married March 31, 1907. Married in Coxsackie, N.Y. March 1917


Shields, Antha vs Lester Shields for adultery


Shinn, Viola Elvira vs Wayne Shinn; Maiden name Viola Elvira Muck.


Sickles, Phoebe vs Wm Sickles


Simmons, Fleta S. vs Louis G. Simmons, asking for custody of the minor child, Leroy, and for permanent alimony of $25 per month for support of herself and child, besides $75 temporary alimony. Cruelty and failure to provide sufficient support are given as cause for action. The couple were married in Clarinda in 1910.


Simons, William vs Mary Simons; she deserted Sep 15, 1910; two minor children Blanche Simons and Ralph Simons to his care.


Skagg, Nellie M. vs Clarence C. Skagg; minor children Georgia and Hazel.


Smith, Elizabeth vs Samuel Smith; first divorce in Page Co recorded Oct 14, 1859. Cause was desertion and adultery.


Smith, Florence residing in Washington twp vs Wm LeRoy Smith. Married in Clarinda April 1908; one minor daughter.


Smith, Frank E. vs Mary Smith. Married Helena, Mont, Mar 29, 1910.


Smith, Mary vs John Smith. Married Aug 2, 1899 and lived together at Hawleyville scarcely two months. His whereabouts unknown.


Smith, Myrtle vs husband


Smith, Orange S. vs Lida Smith


Smith, Pearl vs J.M. Smith; She has custody of minor child Evelyn Marie Smith.

1918/07/25 – 1918/07/25

Smith, Stella M. of Grant twp vs Frank E. Smith.


Smith, Virginia vs Albert W. Smith; Custody of 7 minor children to her – Audrey, Albert, Annie, Jessie, Fred, Charley and Clifford. He is inmate of Arkansas reformatory.

1918/03/21 - 1917/12/20

Smith, Warren E. of Shenandoah vs Mabel Smith. One daughter 10 months old.


Snodgrass, Cordelia vs Bertram Snodgrass; minor child, Crystal H. Snodgrass


Sollers, Hallie E. seeks legal separation from Melvin E. Sollers on the ground of cruelty and nonsupport, also asking for custody of their minor child, Ruth Eleyne [Ilwyne] Sollers, and for temporary alimony of $75 and permanent alimony $25 per month, for support of her and the child. They were married March 27, 1920.

1917/10/11 – 1917/07/26

Solzman, Samuel I. vs Bessie Solzman. Married in Haradok, Russia in 1872 and lived there until 1888 when he, with full consent and approval of defendant, migrated to America, to see if he could better their condition, in which event he was to send for her. He found that he could do so, and, having settled at Clarinda, sent money for her and his family’s passage. She came to New York, N.Y. where she has since remained and steadfastly refused to join the plaintiff although he has twice sent her money to come to Clarinda.

1921/05/05 – 1921/06/30

Spaulding, Mamie [Maude] M. asks for legal divorce from Charles H. Spaulding on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment, and for approval by the court of a certain property settlement previously made between them, in a manner satisfactory to both parties.

1918/09/19 – 1918/08/22 – 1918/07/25

Speer, Mary O., 65,  vs George W. Speer. George Speer responds to the demands of his wife and denies all of them. She said that at one time she let him have $2000 of her mother’s estate and she wants it back plus half of the  property they have accumulated together. They were married at Davenport [Iowa] Feb 18 or 8th , 1879 and lived together until sometime in March 1918. They have six children all of age.

1917/04/05 – 1917/03/01

Speer, Opal B. vs Roy [Ray] Speer. Maiden name Bartlett requested.


Spencer, Clarence vs Anna Belle Spencer; she lives with James Milton Mayall and calls herself his wife


Spring, Dora vs John Spring. She is a resident of Monona county, Iowa. They were married Feb 2, 1884 and lived together until about three years ago. One daughter, Maude Spring 14. Once lived in Nemaha Co., Ne for a year.Then to Onawa, Ia for 3 years and to Clarinda. He became infatuated with Clara Wise.

1917/01/25 – 1916/08/10

Springer, Jessie M. vs Charles Springer. Married in Bloomfield, Ia in 1913. He works at electric light plant at Marshalltown, Ia.


Spunaugle, Lona vs Charles Spunaugle. Minor child


Spunaugle, Mary E. vs Wm Spunaugle


Srite, Louise M. asks for divorce from Larkin M. Srite, with custody of their minor child, May [Mary] Lois. The couple were married in Nodaway Township, Page County, March 30th 1919.


Stahl, Alice divorced from H.F. Stahl; cause desertion. [Jan 15, 1920] They were married in St Joe, Mo, May 21, 1914, and lived together just a year. They had no children.

1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27

Stahl, Audrey, 24,  vs Harry . Stahl, 24. Married Sept 27, 1913 in Clarinda.


Standage, Howard vs Grace Standage


Steeve, Augusta Brehmer vs Clamor Steeve. Married August 1910.


Stephens, Effa petitions for divorce from Phylander Stephens, also asking for custody of their two minor children, 9 and 14 years of age, with $500 temporary alimony and permanent alimony of $25 a month to support the children, and that she be allowed to have the equity now held by them jointly in 100 acres of land in No. Dak. The petition alleges continual faultfinding as one cause for action, including the husband’s having applied to the commissioners of insanity against her, and his having consulted an attorney regarding articles of divorce, besides taking his family to the home of his mother and a maiden sister who would not permit them to stay there.


Stephens, L.D. vs Ruth Stephens. Married Feb 28, 1914 Tyler, Tx. Desertion. Jack Flanders named as co-respondent.


Stevens, Clarence A. vs Ruby G. Stevens. Minor child, Blanche


Stewart [Stuart], Ellen V. vs George W. Stewart [Stuart]. She has lived in Page county 19 yrs. Married May 16, 1883 at Columbus Junction, Ia and lived with him until Dec 12, 1906. Three children, Eva and Emma both of age and Virgil Homer Stewart, a minor.


Stewart, O.F.W. vs Irene Stewart. Married in Adams co, Nebr in 1903. She left in 1905 and last heard of was in Junction City, Kans.


Stitt, Nellie M. vs Harman E. Stitt


Stoddard, Mary A. vs Isaac B. Stoddard


Stonebraker, Bertha vs Faye Stonebraker. Married Jan 18, 1903 and lived together until Jul 26, 1906. For 20 yrs resided in Clarinda. One son 4 yrs.


Stoneburner, Frances vs Harry Stoneburner

1918/09/19 - 1918/08/22

Stout, Bessie E. vs Joseph G. Stout. Married in Maryville [Missouri] Aug 5th, 1915 and the defendant still lives there.


Stover, Geo W. vs Alice Stover


Strode, Todd vd Rose Strode; married Sep 20, 1913.


Sullivan, Ida M. vs C.N. Sullivan


Swanson, Christensen petitions the court to permit sale of the homestead property in Coin, to help in the support of herself and family, the husband, Swan Swanson, it is alleged, having been absent from Iowa since 1901.


Swanson, Christina vs H.N. Swanson


Taylor, Belle vs Elmer Taylor


Taylor, John F. asks for divorce from his wife Lela G. Taylor, stating that he does not ask for alimony, as neight party to suit have any property. The couple were married in Chillicothe, Mo in 1919. Stating that she has gone riding with men of doubtful reputations, each time promising never to do it again. She has carried a gun and on one occasion threatened to kill this plaintiff by shooting him.


Tenhulzen, Martha vs Antony Tenhulzen. Married Clarinda June 1916. Plaintiff lives in Shenandoah and the defendant is said to reside in Hamburg.


Thompson, Anna M. vs Orie L. Thompson; one minor child


Thompson, Cora M. vs James W. Thompson


Thompson, G.W. vs Ethel B. Thompson. Desertion. Married Aug 1894 Independence, Mo.


Thorn, Jennie vs William Thorn; two minor children to the mother and one child, Leona, to custody of the father. Married in Coin, Ia, Feb 18, 1903


Thornburg, Lelia  [Leitha] vs M.A. Thornburg. She asks for custody of minor child. Married Braddyville Dec 22, 1909.


Thurber, Amanda of Page Co vs William J. Thurber of Taylor Co. Married in Custer co, Nebr in 1888.


Totten, Melvin vs Kate R. Totten; Married Clarinda, Ia, May 31, 1913


Townsend, L.F. of Grant twp vs Mildred A. Townsend to whom he was married July 28, 1888 at St Louis, Mo. Lived together until 1903 when she returned to the home of her mother in Maryville, Mo. They were living at that time in Hamburg, Ia where the plaintiff was a harness maker.

1919/07/17 – 1919/07/17

Townsend, Margaret vs Henry W. Townsend. Married Clarinda Feb 17, 1911. Lived in Page county until he abandoned her about Feb 1919.


Trudo, Jennie vs Alfred Trudo


Truax, Della M. vs W.H. Truax


Tucker, Ada vs John W. Tucker. blacksmith, 58 yrs old. Married 1897 at Rolfe, Ia. Two children.


Turnbull, Maria vs Thos G. Turnbull


Turner, Nell of College Springs vs Leonard Turner. Married at Quitman, Mo 1901. Two sons 14 and 12 years of age.


Turner, W.R. vs Anna Turner


Tuttle, Ida M. of Braddyville vs Chester W. Tuttle. Married in Clarinda, March 6th, 1911 and lived together until Oct 9, 1914.


Utter, Etta M. vs W.A. Utter; maiden name Etta M. Swift restored.


Vanalstine, Maude vs Loyd Vanalstine; ask for maiden name restored, Maude Neeley. Married in Clarinda Nov 13, 1913.


Vanderwall, Floyd A. a telegraph operator resident in Shenandoah petitions for divorce from  Buleah M. Vanderwall whom he wed at Nevada, Mo in 1913 but his wife now refuses to come to Shenandoah and live with him. They have a daughter 5 years of age.


VanFossen, Joseph M. vs Rosetta VanFossen


Vaughn, Ida M. vs John C. Vaughn. These parties now living together cause for divorce is dismissed, plaintiff to pay costs. Married Cincinnati, Ia 1896.


Vaughn, John vs Ida Vaughn. Married Cincinati, Ia Sep 1895. They have four children and the petitioner resides in Shenandoah.


Vaughn, Netha J. vs Bruce Vaughn based on desertion. She asks for custody of their son, Ermal Clark Vaughn, who is three years and five months of age. Married in Clarinda June 5th, 1916.


Vincent, Susie vs Ward Vincent. Minor child


Vliet, Addie vs John Vliet. She ask for her maiden name Spunaugle returned


Vliet, Julia asks for divorce from John Vliet, on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment and non support. The couple were married Sept 19th, 1914. Plaintiff claims that for two years past she has been obliged to take in washing for a living for herself and her two children. Among other cruel acts mentioned in the petition is a statement that at one time the husband beat his wife with a harness strap, leaving marks of the strap on her person.


Vliet, Nellie vs John Vliet


Vorhees, Otta, a resident of Shenandoah, asks for divorce from her husband, Jesse Vorhees, asking for custody of the child, Leroy Vorhees, for temporary alimony of $200 to pay attorneys fees and court expenses, and then that the court set a reasonable amount each month as permanent alimony for support of the child. The parties to the suit were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in 1909 at Omaha, the petition says, but cruel and inhuman treatment, including abusive language and lack of support, has made it impossible longer to live with him, the husband being an automobile mechanic.


Wagner [Wagoner], Roxie vs Charles W. Wagner [Wagoner]. One minor child, Viola Maxine. Married in Gravity.

1921/02/10 – 1919/11/27

Walker, Aleck L. vs Ethel C. Walker. Decree of divorce in favor of plaintiff. Aleck L. Walker is a returned soldier who is asking for legal separation from his wife, Ethel B. Walker, whom he married just before leaving for overseas service with the 90th Division. Fourteen months after he left America, a child was born to the defendant, of which he is not the father, so has refused to lived with her since returning from overseas, alleging that recently she was in the Douglas county Jail in Omaha on the charge of shoplifting.


Walker, Fannie of Shenandoah vs John H. Walker. The couple were married in Clarinda Dec 2nd, 1918.


Walker, J.W.  vs Florence Walker. Adultery with Guy Busch. 3 minor children


Walker, Mary A. vs John Walker. She has custody of 7 minor children, 20,17,15,12,10,7.


Walker, Tacy May vs Aleck L. Walker, she asks custody of 11 yr old son by former husband. Married in Shenandoah 1912.


Wall, Anna A. granted divorce from Samuel K. Wall. Mother custody of the minor child.


Walls, Hallie vs Olin C. Walls. She asks for custody of minor child, Helen.




Weaver, Georgia May a resident of Lincoln Twp petitions for divorce from her husband Ermal Weaver, whom on Jan 1st last she was compelled to leave because of cruel and inhuman treatment, and from his having contracted habitual drunkenness and the dope habit since marriage, the petition says. The couple were married Aug 1918 in St Joseph, Mo. The wife petitions for order of court granting her their few household goods.


Weaver, Lottie vs Obadiah Weaver. 4 minor children; she ask for custody of 2 minor children, Hazel and Mildred


Webb, Laura vs Gerald A. Webb; minor child about 1 yr old.


Wehrkamp, Elsie vs John Henry Wehrkamp. They were married Feb 17th, 1919 in Hepburn but he has refused to live with the defendant.


Weland, Edward R. vs Mary [Macey] L. Weland is the first divorce case filed for some time where the husband is the one suing. They were married Oct 2nd 1908, and lived together until Feb 1st, 1918, when defendant deserted the plaintiff without any apparent cause whatever, and has since absented herself from him. Five children were born, Edrie 11, John 9, Marjory 8, Gerald 5 and Paul 3; four boys and one girl. The father in his petition asks for custody of the two older boys, Gerald and John, with such other equitable relief as the court may determine.


Wern, Ethel vs Jud D. Wern; married in Clearmont, Mo 1898; two children ages 13 and 10.


West, E. May seeks annulment of the marriage tie from Clarence M. West, and custody of their two minor daughters, ages 16 and 14, with $250 temporary alimony and $50 a month permanent alimony for support. The petition represents the defendant as being of a morose disposition. He has a herd of twenty fine dairy cows worth $2500 on the dairy which he conducts near Shenandoah, besides farming implements sufficient to run a 160 acre farm. The plaintiff is represented as being owner of the 80 acres of land where the dairy is being run.


White, Mary L. vs William White


Whitney, Jennie vs Samuel Whitney; 4 minor children, Clyde, Dorothy, Alvai and Lucile


Wiggins, Geo E. vs Catherine I. Wiggins. He has custody of minor children.


Wightman, Frank of Shenandoah vs Katie Wightman. Married 1872 and have one married daughter living in Nebraska.


Wiley, Blanche vs Everett Wiley. Ask for maiden name Bowdre restored.


Williams, Bertha vs Homer Williams; married Aug 1913


Williams, Lottie vs John Clyde Williams; Ask for custody of minor child, Helen, 7 yrs old. Married Clarinda, Dec 21, 1905.


Willits, Eva F. vs J.A. Willits. She awarded custody of 3 minor children, Edna May Willits, Sylva Elizabeth Willits and Deborah Aditia Willits.


Wilson, Nellie vs R.H.Wilson is a suit for divorce, on the ground of cruelty and desertion. Married Aug 19, 1916 in Clarinda, the matrimonial sea ran smoothly for over three years, Sep 15, 1919, when defendant left the plaintiff, and she has not heard from him since nor has she any idea as to his wherabouts. During the time they lived together the husband would not permit his wife to leave the premises except he was along. At times he exercised physical violence toward her, especially during the month of December 1917, the petition states.


Wince, May vs Isaac R. Wince. She ask for custody of 3 yr old daughter, Georgia.


Windhorst, Mary L. vs Aug F. Windhorst


Winters, Florence applies for divorce from Claude J. Winters, the plaintiff being a resident of Grant Township. Married in Clarinda Dec 16th, 1919, and having one son nine weeks of age. The defendant is accused of having kicked his wife, calling her vile names on different occasions, making it impossible for her to live with him longer. Temporary alimony is asked in the sum of $150 besides $40 a month permanent alimony, for support of the wife and child.


Wise, Alice vs Fred H. Wise. Married 1888. One child, Freddie E., sixteen years of age.


Witte, Max E. vs Nevada Witte. Married at Mt Pleasant, Ia, May 21, 1891; he deserted about Nov 1912.


Wolf, Olive vs S.P. Wolf


Wolfe, S.C. [wife] resides in Shenandoah. vs J.L. Wolfe. Married Hancock County, Ill, in 1881 and lived together until 1908 when he deserted.

1917/10/11 – 1917/07/12

Wolford, Louise vs E.W. Wolford. Minor child. Alleges that he has broken his marriage contract with Fredella Reid. Minor child, Max, is asked for. Married Council Bluffs in 1912.


Wood, Chloe vs Douglas Wood; she asks for custody of minor child


Wood, Cora May of Shenandoah vs Edward C. Wood, to whom she was married at Shenandoah, Dec 27, 1905. She says he deserted March 3, 1906, One child Derrell Edward Wood.


Woodman, Nettie vs Fred P. Woodman; minor children


Woodruff, Dolie vs Arthur Woodruff, she granted two minor children, Wilma and Edna


Woods, Clara May of Shenandoah seeks legal separation from Marion M. Woods and custody of the three children


Woodworth, Howard C. vs Mary Louise Woodworth. He lives in Shenandoah but formerly lived in Hamburg; they were married in Omaha in August 1908.


Workman, Jennie vs Paul Workman. She will resume her maiden name of Ditter


Wright, Cora vs Thomas B. Wright. Married 1880 Jewell City, Kans. 5 living children all of age except 1 girl age 13.


Wright, Ethel G. resident in Grant Township near Shenandoah vs Andrew T. Wright. She ask for custody of minor child. The couple were married Sept 22, 1917 in Omaha, Ne and have lived in a number of places, including York [Ne], Omaha [Ne] and Shenandoah. One child, Corrine has been born of their union.


Yandle, Mary Marshall vs John Henry Yandle on grounds of desertion. She is of Shenandoah, but formerly of Castle Rock, Wash.


Yarger, Fred A. vs Edith Yarger . Desertion


Yaryan, Delia granted divorce from W.F. Yaryan


York, Bert L. petitioning for divorce from his wife, Minnie E. York. Married June 16th, 1916 in Red Oak, the couple lived together until Oct 18th, 1921, when according to the petition, his wife left him, and has failed and refused to return.


York, Ida M. vs John M. York. She ask for custody of one minor child. He is now resident in Springfield, Neb and has been absent for 8 years.


Young, Jessie vs L. Wesley Young on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment, stating that the defendant has a terrible temper, having threatened at one time to kill the plaintiff with a knife, and at another time thrown a stove poker at her. The couple were married in Bedford [Iowa] in June 15, 1911.


Zanders, Erick A. vs Maudie Bessie Zanders; married Maryville, Mo, Sep 1914


Zanoni, Geraldine O. vs J.L. Zanoni


Zook, Mildred Driskell vs John Wilson Zook. 3 minor children


Zuber, Marie vs Joseph Zuber. Married Dec 9, 1902 when plaintiff was 16 yrs old. They lived together until Easter Sunday, 1906 when the plaintiff was taken to the hospital for appendicitis and defendant deserted her. No children.