Page County, Iowa divorces 1900 - 1921 [part 1]

transcribed by: Pat O'Dell -


from Clarinda Herald, Clarinda Journal and Page County Democrat - newspapers of Clarinda, Iowa

These may not be all the divorces in the county during this time period, but these were the ones in the court news in the newspapers. Many misspellings in these and the original documents should be viewed to ascertain the details. The date on the left refers to the newspaper issue and not a date of the divorce.



Adair, Maude vs husband

1893/08 22 Adney, J.W. vs Sarah Adney. Plft states he is a resident of Clarinda; that he was married to deft. in Schuyler county, Mo., in January, 1855, and lived together until October, 1882, when she deserted him; therefore asks for decree of divorce, costs, etc.


Aikman, W.F. vs Emma Aikman


Aldrich, Flo L. vs P.M. Aldrich


Aldrich, Flora L. vs P. Maurice Aldrich


Aldrich, Florence vs Albert Aldrich. Married in Chariton 1910, have lived in Shenandoah since Oct 1915.


Aldrick, Flora vs P.M. Aldrick


Allen, Charles E. asks for divorce from his wife Clara Allen, and for the custody of their two children, ages 11 months and 4 years who are now with their mother. The couple were married in 1918 in Fremont, Nebr., living together until last November, when, the petition states, the wife voluntarily left the home. “The plaintiff further states that defendant has made statements of and concerning their children to the effect that she wished they were dead,” the petition states, the father thus asking for custody of the little ones.


Allen, H.L. vs Amanda Allen


Allen, Nora vs Frank Allen; She asks for custody of minor child Thomas, 2. Married 1907 Marshall Hill, N.D. Another child Verona 6 yrs old.


Allen, Robert asks for decree of divorce from his wife Mae Allen. The couple were married July 22nd, 1916, and lived together until June 1918 when, the petition states, the wife absented herself from the home, leaving her husband and the child, Charles M. Allen, now four years of age, who has remained with his father, who now asks for legal custody of the boy.


Allison, Maybelle vs Geo M. Allison


Anderson, Ava [Ara] married William J. Anderson in crocker, Mo Jan 5, 1908 and on April following the defendant deserted. She ask for restoration of her maiden name, Ava Burton.


Anderson, C.W. vs Almeda Anderson


Anderson, Karl vs Mamie V. Anderson. He ask for custody of their minor child, Grace Drusilla Anderson age 10. Married Feb 28, 1902 Shambaugh [Iowa]


Anderson, Oscar vs May Anderson. Married May 1916 being the second marriage for earch party. Married in Omaha [Nebraska]


Anderson, Vida vs J.W. Anderson now of Scranton, Ia. Married May 1913 in Des Moines, Ia.


Andrews, Jennie E. vs Harley H. Andrews


Arebaugh, F.V. of Shenandoah vs Mary A. Arebaugh whom he married at Van Wert, Ia March 8th, 1905 and lived together until July 10th of the same year. The plaintiff states that at the time of his marriage to the defendant he was only a common laborer having no means of support other that his daily toil. The wife on the other hand was possessed of a farm valued at $4,000 in Texas county, Mo and city property in Van Wert worth $1,500. The plaintiff complains that because of their difference in financial standing, his wife would not recognize him as the head of the family or his right to direct or look after its affairs or assert any interest in her property but would recognize him only as a hired hand. This attitude was encouraged by the relatives of the defendant so the petition goes on to state until finally she told him that she did not wish to live with him any longer and ordered him to leave her home. This he claims he was compelled to do although an old man over fifty years of age. The worry and hardship incident of his treatment the plaintiff states has injured his health and endangered his life to such an extent that he now asks for alimony in the amount of $1,000 together with the costs of the case.


Arnold, Thomas Sherman vs Susanna S. Arnold. Married Gelwnood, Ia Jun 20, 1914.


Asbell, Estella Maude resident in Grant Township, was married to Avery W. Asbell in Clarinda in 1910. For eleven years they lived together as husband and wife, having a child nine years of age, now with his mother, for which she asks the custody, together with $250 temporary alimony during pendency of suit, and $5000 permanent alimony. Cruelty and non support are given as cause for action.


Ashmore, Vera vs Homer Ashmore


Babcock, Grace petitions for divorce from James Babcock, and for custody of their baby Helen, with alimony of $500, and $25 a month thereafter for support of the child. Married in Clarinda in January 1920.


Bagby, Mamie vs Thos Bagby; maiden name Mamie Sims


Baker, Elizabeth vs Roy I.P. Baker; minor son, Merle Baker


Baker, Elizbeth Kerns vs Wilbur F. Baker with restoration of her maiden name, Elizabeth Marie Kerns. Married in Adams County [Iowa], June 1st, 1915, the couple lived together until July 17th, 1919.


Baldwin, Guy vs Minnie R. Baldwin who is now residing with her parents, and consent is given that the mother retain possession of the baby, Charles Wesley LeRoy. The couple were married at Rockport, Mo., Mar 11, 1914.


Barber, Claud E. vs Ina Barber. Minor child, Wendall Walker Barber


Barchus, Dora E. vs R.J. Barchus


Barchus, John vs Stella Barchus. Divorce not granted and he is required to pay her $10 per month toward her support.


Barnett, Mildred vs John J. Barnett. Plaintiff asks for custody of one minor child, Thomas Jefferson Barnett aged 13 yrs. Married Rockport, Missouri, July 1895.


Barnhill, Amelia C. vs J.L. Barnhill; maiden name Amelia C. Beals.


Barrows, Louise W. petitions for divorce from Clarence W. Barrows, on the grounds of cruelty and failure to provide for herself and the two children, ages 4 and 6, for whom the mother asks the custody. The couple were married in Muscatine in 1914, the plaintiff having resided in Clarinda since April 1921.


Bartley, M.R. vs J.E. Bartley. Minor children, George, Ruth and Mabel


Bates, Della J. vs Willmet Bates. Ask for her maiden name Della J. Milleson [Millison] restored and custody of minor child, Darleen Icel Bates. Married Maitland, Mo Dec 27, 1913.


Beam, Ada C. of Clarinda vs Chas W. Beam. Desertion. Son and daughter minor children.

1919/01/16 – Dec 26, 1918

Beard, Ethel, resident of Shenandoah vs H.C. Beard. She has custody of minor child, Fern Christina Beard. Married Jan 3rd, 1915 Mansfield, Mo.


Bedell, Bonnie vs Frank Bedell. Plaintiff given custody of minor child, Bert O. Bedell. Married in Des Moines June 6th, 1913. He deserted the mother and babe in Dec 1916.


Beery, Edna vs John Beery. Married in Clarmore, Okla 1912.


Beery, Enoch A. vs Anna Beery; 2 minor children, Lloyd and Velma


Beezly [Beezley], Miranda Miller vs David Beezly. Married at Ft Collins, Colo, Oct 4, 1906 the defendant then being 68 years and the plaintiff 65. They began housekeeping at Yorktown and he turned from being a gentle loving suitor to a brutal and inhuman monster.


Behm, John W. vs Lillian Marie Behm


Benedict, Albertina vs Edward Wallace Benedict. Ask for custody of one minor child. Married Red Oak June 1, 1911.

1918/03/21 - 1918/02/14

Benefiel, Robert  vs Clara Mina [Nina] Benefiel. He ask for the custody of two minor children, Thomas Oliver Benefiel, 8, and George Benefiel, 6. They were married at Shenandoah Oct 11, 1915. Plaintiff alleges that defendant is living a disorderly and immoral life and is not a fit person to have charge of the children.


Bennett, Ester vs John Bennett. He is in reformatory at Anamosa.

1921/01/06 – 1918/12/05 – 1918/10/17

Bennett, Wiley vs Mary Belle Bennett. She deserted March 10th, 1914.  Married in Tennessee in 1913. Plaintiff resided in Nebraska Twp for 4 years but now lives in Clarinda.


Bloom, Bessie L. vs Jacob F. Bloom. Married in 1897 in Tarkio Twp, Page co and lived with him until October 1915. Six children, 1 to 17 yrs old.


Boardman, Settie vs Calvin Boardman; minor child, Olinda.


Bolen, Mabel a resident of Shenandoah asks the court for decree of divorce from Edward Bolen, with the right to resume her maiden name, and for temporary alimony $100 and $500 permanent alimony, with such further relief as the court may find her entitled to at time of trial. The couple were married Sept 26, 1919 in Lincoln, Nebr., and went to live in Sioux City. Three weeks after marriage the wife discovered for the first time that her husband was an immoral man, with low ideals, without income or property or any disposition to work and earn a living by any honorable industry or profession, but only by means of immoral and dishonest methods. Whereupon plaintiff returned to the home of her mother, and now asks for divorce on the grounds of adultery.


Bomar, Stella vs Elwood Bomar. Two minor children, Grace and Delmar


Bonsall, John Q. vs Emma Bonsall


Bostrom, Myrtle E. vs Oscar Bostrom. Petition for divorce, and asking for custody of their five minor children, with $250 temporary alimony and $4000 permanent alimony. The couple were married in Page county, Ia, June 9th, 1897. The plaintiff is a resident of Shenandoah, with the five children, in the home which she owns, three older children having grown up and left home. An order of court is asked, forbidding the defendant from coming to their home or molesting the mother and children. According to the petition the defendant is owner of a garage building in Shenandoah, where he conducts an auto repair business, his title to the building being gained by trading in property that the plaintiff owned, which was located in Hebron, Nebr. Among other acts, enumerated in the petition, under the head of cruel and inhuman treatment, the defendant is said to have continually nagged and cursed the plaintiff, besides beating and abusing her, so that she can no longer live with him as his wife.


Boyce, Della Barton vs Albert Boyce; minor child, Lucille


Boyd, Ernest vs Bertha Boyd. Married Dec 24, 1898 at Hamburg, Fremont County, Iowa and lived together until Jan 16, 1907. 4 children


Boydston, Lennie C. vs Clarence E. Boydston


Boyer, Martha M. vs John Boyer. Married 1902 Council Bluffs.


Brawner, E.H. vs Stella Maud Brawner


Briggs, Lou Ella vs John Floyd Briggs. Petition for divorce, with the right to resume her maiden name, Lou Ella Parkinson. The couple were married in Shenandoah, April 16th, 1920.


Bright, Dora Clarinda vs Manley M. Bright. 3 minor children. Married June 7th, 1911 Shenandoah [Iowa] and lived together until Aug 1918.


Bright, Kate vs John Bright


Brink, Iva M. vs Walter Brink is a petition for divorce, and for the custody of their minor son, asking for deed to lot 13 in Wagon Works addition to Shenandoah.


Broadston, Martha vs Ulysses Broadston


Bromley, Lillian C. asks for divorce from Wayne E. Bromley, on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment and desertion, coupled with the usual statutory clause. The couple were married in Clarinda June 8, 1920, and lived together, mostly in Randolph, until June of this year, when the husband deserted his wife without leaving any address.


Brown, Gertrude vs Montie Brown


Brown, Irene E. of Buchanan twp [one entry says resident of Shenandoah] vs James E. Brown. Married Corning, Iowa, Jan 1, 1894.


Brown, Leonard T. vs Hattie M. Brown. Both resident of Clarinda. Married March 31, 1909. She has refused to let him go to bed with her and has refused to get his meals for him. He asks for custody of three children ages 4,3, and 1.


Brown, Lottie J. vs James L. Brown


Brown, Mattie of Clarinda vs W.E. Brown. She ask for custody of minor children, Laurence, 19,  Linnie, 17,  Francis 14,  and Elvin 9. Married Dec 24, 1896.


Brummett, Evalena vs John Brummett; restored maiden name Evalena McManama.


Buck, Alvin a resident of Blanchard for 2 years vs Nettie Buck. Married Velpen, Ind Jun 14th, 1916 and lived together until July of this year when she left and returned to her former home in Indiana.


Buck, Chas H. vs Sarah A. Buck


Buck, Cloe vs Wm Buck


Buck, E.L. vs Jane Buck

1914/10/18 – 1917/08/23

Buck, Edward vs Mae Buck. Plaintiff had sought to recover from defendant the custody of their minor child, Vera Mae Buck, 6, whose custody had been given to the defendant when she secured a divorce from the plaintiff, he not having contested the divorce action. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant had said she did not care for the child, had threatened to give it away, and that he was in good position to care for it. Married Maryville, Mo, May 11, 1910. Mother has two other children by a former husband and has said she didn’t want the little girl. He is now living with a sister and can give the girl a good home. Divorce granted Nov 23, 1916


Buck, William vs Inez Buck


Buckmaster, Lucinda of Grant township vs Charles Buckmaster and custody of minor child


Bullard, Cora vs Charles Bullard

1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27 – 1917/09/06

Bullock, Pearl, 29,  vs Harry [Henry] Bullock, 46. Married Sept 16, 1909


Bundick, Sarah A. vs Thomas E. Bundick


Bunker, May J. vs Park L. Bunker. Minor child, Rex L. Bunker


Burge, Mattie E. vs Jas F. Burge


Burleson, M.J. vs Laura Burleson; she deserted


Burnett, Eva vs William Burnett; she ask custody of minor son F. Kirkland Burnett


Burnham, May of Grant Twp vs Byron Burnham, One minor child, Marie, 14. He has not lived with her since Feb 1897

1914/11/26 – 1914/12/03

Buskirk, Victoria vs Archibald . Maiden name Victoria Ginther or Stonebraker restored [these articles give two different maiden names]. Married Clarinda Feb 3, 1910 and lived together as husband and wife until May, 1914.


Butts, Elva vs John W. Butts


Buzzard, Jennie vs R.I. Buzzard, mother to have custody of minor child; married North Platte, Ne 1898.


Byers, Martha M. vs William E. Byers. Petition ask for the divorce to be set aside because the defendant was insane at the time confined to the state hospital


Callahan, Lottie A. vs Frank M. Callahan. Residing now in Shenandoah, plaintiff was married in Corning the day before Christmas 1902, and for two years led a roving life, the defendant now being brakeman on some road west of Chicago. Various instances of cruel treatment.


Campany, Emma vs John L. Campany


Campbell, Myrtal vs Jerry Campbell. minor son


Campin, James A. vs Grace V. Campin. Married Aug 12, 1902 Fremont co and lived together until July 15, 1905.


Carbaugh, G[eorge] W. vs Maria Elizabeth Carbaugh


Carroll, Lora vs Paul Carroll

1918/09/12 - 1918/08/22

Carson, Curtis H. vs Leila Carson. She will resume maiden name Leila H. Osborne. She left him March 10th, 1916. Married in Creston [Iowa] Aug 1st, 1915.


Carter, Ella vs Colwell Carter. She asks for custody of minor child.


Casey, Charles B. petitions for divorce from Mabel Casey, on the usual statutory charge. The couple were married in Omaha Oct 29th, 1920.


Casey, Martha of Clarinda ask the court for a divorce from Bruce Casey and custody of the three children


Casey, Rosa petitions for divorce from Bruce Casey on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment. Married in Clarinda, January 2, 1921.


Cass, Minnie vs Harry Cass


Cast, Mary J. vs W.P. Cast.  She ask for separate maintainance for herself and an adopted child,  rather than divorce.


Casteel, Mary Elma vs Wm Casteel


Catron, Etta M. vs Robert M. Catron. Lived together from  Jun 1st, 1890 till August of the same year. She asks for custody of 16 year old son Jesse Catron. Mother and son live at College Springs.


Chattin, Joseph A. vs Mary Elizabeth Chattin; desertion


Clark, Alice vs Lewis Clark. Married in Oakley, Ill Aug 29, 1880. 4 grown children.


Clark, Della of Blanchard vs Chas C. Clark; married Apr 1894 Hutchison Co, Mo and lived together until the 5th of Mar 1902.


Clark, Minerva N. vs Albert F. Clark on the grounds of 2 yrs desertion. Married July 30, 1903 and lived together until Jan 16, 1906.


Clark, Wilbur H. vs Emma A. Clark


Clawson, Jessie vs Alonzo M. Clawson


Clayton, Catherine vs Joseph Clayton


Cleveland, Ray H. vs Goldie N. Cleveland

1917/05/03 – 1917/03/15

Clites, Edith vs Elmer C. Clites. Defendant is found to of unsound mind and plaintiff is granted decree of divorce. Elbert A. Reed appointed guardian of said Elmer C. Clites. Married August 25, 1906 3 children born to them; two died in infancy and the nine yr old has been blind from birth. She says that at the time of their marriage, he was unsound mind and therefore unable to enter into a binding contract. She now works at a glove factory in Shenandoah to support herself. He is an inmate in the Clarinda State Hospital.


Coleman, Clyde vs Esther Coleman. Married May 6th, 1914 St Louis, Illinois. He has found out some things that he didn’t know before and ask to be released from the marital tie.


Coler, Edna vs Wm Coler


Collier, A.L. vs Zina Collier


Colvin, Cora Elizabeth vs Arthur W. Colvin; minor children Julia and Alfred


Combs, Charles A. vs Agnes P. Combs. Plaintiff grand custody of two minor children, Cedric and Edith Irene. Defendant given custody of minor child, Donald C. [Harry D.] Combs. [1917/01/18] Married Maryville, Mo 1902 and lived together until July 1916. He asks for 3 children 13, 11, and 5.

1918/03/14 – 1917/09/06

Combs, Effa vs Charlie A. Combs


Coons, Chas E. vs Dora Graham Coons


Coons, Dora vs Charles Coons. Married in Falls City, Nebr Dec 1916 [sic, 1906?] and lived in several places, including Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. [Nov 1917] Divorce is refused.


Cooper, Coral vs Lora E. Cooper and the right to her maiden name, Coral Mace.


Cooper, Shilo M. vs Charles Hugh Cooper; two children 2 ½ and 1 yr old, Maxine and Fern Cooper.


Corbin, Dollie May vs George Corbin; married Sep 1903; one minor child 10 yrs old.


Cordell, Gertrude M. vs John W. Cordell; she ask for custody of son Trueitt Fay Cordell.

1921/06/02 – 1917/03/29

Cowles, Estle Festes vs Hazel Marie Cowles is a petition for divorce. The plaintiff, who is employed by the express company in Shenandoah, claims that he came home one day in June 1918 to find that his wife had packed her belongings and left home during his absence, going at that time with another man, and since that time has been in different parts of the country with other men, being at the present time in Red Oak, where she has said to her friends that she hopes to be rid of a plaintiff as a husband. Married in Maryville in May 1915. She also sues him for divorce because he has not provided her with any clothing whatsoever except one skirt worth $6.


Cowles, Reba vs Estle Cowles


Coy, Wm vs Cora M. Coy

1921/06/09 – Dec 26, 1918

Crabill [Crable], Elizabeth petitions for divorce from John H. Crabill on the ground of desertion for a period of more than two years, also for $100 temporary alimony and $500 permanent alimony, with the right to resume her maiden name, Elizabeth A. Brewer. The couple were married in Page county, Clarinda, during December 29, 1912.


Cramer, Bertha vs John Cramer. She ask for custody of 14 mon old daughter. Married at Leon in 1914.


Cramer, Rose L. vs Wesley Cramer


Crawford, Susie – W.C. Crawford. Daughter Gladys and 2 boys. She ask that the boys be not bound out unless they both agree.


Cross, Edith vs Leslie Cross


Cross, Mary [May] E. or Anna vs Geo H. Cross. Married Mar 30, 1900 and lived together in Shenandoah until Sep 15, 1914. Five children, three boys and two girls.


Crow, Etta J. vs William Crow


Crumb, Dessie vs William F. Crumb


Culley, Pearl of Shenandoah vs Wilber Culley. Married at Shenandoah, May 14, 1902 and lived together until last Christmas time.


Culp, Charles L. vs Mary E. Culp


Culver, Fern Adel vs Corwin M. Culver


Cunningham, J.A. - Emma Cunningham. Divorce on grounds of adultery, and asking for custody of three minor children, ages 11, 8, and 4, youngest now being cared for in Audubon by plaintiff’s mother. In the petition Floyd Groves is named as co-respondent, and it is stated that defendant is believed to be with him in Nebraska. Married in Shenandoah August 1904.


Curran, Leah Augusta vs John M. Curran. She is 54 years old and for 11 yrs has resided in Lincoln, Neb; he is resident of Shenandoah. Five children all out on their own except the youngest, 19, who is an invalid.


Currie, Bessie M. of Harlan township vs Donald A. Currie. Minor children, Lucille A. and Russell Currie. Married in Burlington Junction, Mo, Feb 16th, 1898.


Custer, Rebecca vs William Custer; maiden name Rebecca Kapple restored.


Custer, William vs Della Custer


Damewood, Paul C. vs Alice Damewood

1878/05/23 Darnell, Susan L. vs Sanford Darnell


Davis, Ella W. vs Cloyd W. Davis; Maiden name Ella Weber.


Dawes, W.V. vs Mary R.V. Dawes


Daykin, Lillie D. vs Benj Daykin

1918/04/04 – 1917/12/20

DeForest, John vs Marjorie Garrett DeForest. He states that he and the defendant were both in the theatrical business, he as producer and she as leading lady in his plays, and that her desertion of him has caused him much injury and suffering, both mentally and financially, he stating that he had tried to win her love and affection in every way possible. The defendant is a resident of Shenandoah.


Demont, Viola vs Joseph Demont and custody of two minor children


DeRousse, Sarah vs Frank Williams, Henry Reed, et al. Plaintiff was divorced from first defendant several years ago and granted $10 a month alimony. Property which should have been his by right, was transferred to Henry Reed, to preserve it from his debtors, claims the plaintiff. She asks that henry Reed be declared the trustee of said property and that the alimony and interest which have been accruing since 1896 may be granted her.

1918/04/04 - 1918/02/14

Dickey, W.C. vs Ida L. Dickey. Married Caldwell, Ind Aug 14, 1910. The following day she deserted and has not been heard from.


Dilts, Evangeline vs Wm Dilts. She ask custody of two year old daughter and that her maiden name Evangeline Martin be restored. Married in Clarinda, July 15, 1912. He counter sued saying she had been living with her parents in Buchanan twp since Jan 1914.


Donaldson, Mr and Mrs, divorced etc


Doty, Minerva May  of Shenandoah vs John W. Doty. They were married Dec 8th, 1892. Five children are living all of whom have attained their majority except one daughter, Lena May Doty, 9, for whose support and education $300 temporary alimony is asked and $25 per month permanent alimony.


Dougherty, Olive Blanche vs Ora Elbert Dougherty. They were married in Taylor County on Christmas Day, 1898, and lived together as husband and wife until June 18, 1919. The court is asked to enjoin the father from interfering with the children, now living with their mother’s parents, Mr and Mrs R.F. Thompson. There are four children, three daughters aged 19, 15, and  4 and a son 9. [see obituaries – Ora killed himself over this.]


Drake, Fannie C. vs Joseph M. Drake


Draper, Wilber H. vs Jennie M. Draper, and custody of 2 children, Marguerite V. Draper and Helen A. Draper.


Dredge, Clara J. vs


Driskell, Daisy H. vs Hartson Driskell. Married Nov 25, 1908. One minor child.


Dunbar, Martha E. vs James Dunbar. Married Feb 21, 1872 and lived together until Apr 22, 1908. Raised five children all of age. She says he’s worth $50,000 and she had to take in sewing to have any money to spend and was never allowed to buy presents for the children at Christmas or birthdays.


Duncan, Blanche vs Frank Duncan.

1918/03/14 - 1918/02/14

Dunham, Maude vs W.E. Dunham; she wants to assume her maiden name, Maude Smith Married Clarinda Nov 19, 1905.


Dunn, Emma M. vs Geo A. She given custody of minor children.


Eastman, Ada vs Allie C. Eastman


Edmiston, Ella vs George W. Edmiston


Edmonds, J.K. vs Mary Belle Edmonds; he ask for minor children, Artlie Edmonds and Clennie O. Edmonds.


Edwards, Clara vs Joseph Edwards


Edwards, Cornelius L. vs Emma Gray Edwards. He seeks compensation for his wounded fellings.

She also is suing him for divorce. Ask custody of two minor children. Married Sep 1909.


Egan, Etta S. resident of Grant Twp seeks annulment of the marriage tie with George Egan on the ground of the habit of drunkeness having been contracted subsequent to their marriage. Married in 1903 at Vandalia, Ill. Lived in Illinois, Nebraska and for four years in Iowa until October last. One daughter /  or son [two different articles say different things], 5 years old.


Eggleston, Lettie M. vs Jesse D. Eggleston. 3 minor children, Ermine E., Marjorie E. and Cecil E.


Elliot, Samuel W. petitions for divorce from Verinda Elliott on the ground of desertion for three years. The couple were married 1895, at Hebron, Nebr and have two children, both grown.


Ellis, Lena L. vs James H. Ellis


Ellis, Matthew P. vs Elizabeth Ellis


Endsley, David S. vs Nellie H. Endsley. Maiden name of Nellie Horton restored.


Endsley, Sarah J. vs Andrew J. Endsley,  she says he is an habitual drunk. Married at Maryville, Mo, April 12, 1884 and she ask for cusody of five minor children. 1907/12/13 dismissed at plaintiff’s cost


England, Margaret vs Robert England. She alleges incest. Plaintiff states that defendant married her and said he was no relation, but proved to be her full brother. Married Red Oak Jul 1, 1916. He was sent to prison for these false statements.


Essenther, Grace L. vs Frank C. Essenther. Married Mar 9, 1918 and lived together until Sep 1, 1919.


Evans, Ella R. – Thomas J. Evans


Ewell, Lulu E. vs Emory Ewell. She asks for custody of three minor children, Arthur, Agnes and Charles; married 1899; separated in Apr 1913.


Farrens, Estella A. vs Samuel W. Farrens.

1919/01/16 – 1918/12/12

Felt, Claudia M. of Shenandoah vs Clarence C. Felt, Married Trenton, Mo and for a time resided in Ottumwa, Iowa.


Fife, Emma Grace vs Clyde Lee Fife; she asks for custody of minor son, Melvin Taylor Fife; he deserted Nov 1909.


Fife, Ora V. vs Harley Fife, asking for the right to use again her maiden name, Ora Vinnerd. She resides in Shenandoah with her parents. They were married Sept 18, 1918 in Omaha and made that their home for four months. The cause of action is stated to be cruelty arising from drunkenness contracted after marriage, at least plaintiff was not aware that the defendant had the liquor habit when she married him. Since the first of the year the husband has not contributed to the support of the wife, except $5 at one time, although he is well educated and in good health, capable of making a good living for both.


Fleener, Otis vs Kate Fleener


Flinn, Ada vs Robert Flinn


Flory, Jacob vs Nellie Marie Flory


Flynn, Jennie May vs Ralph W. Flynn. One minor child to plaintiff.


Forney, Mabel Green vs Clyde Forney. To resume maiden name Green.


Forney, Zelma vs Charles C. Forney. Married Mar 8, 1913 Page County.


Foster, Bessie vs Mitchell Foster


Foster, Minerva vs David Foster; she has custody of 2 minor children


Friesz, Kate vs A.G. Friesz. Minor child.


Friesz, Kate vs Adam G. Friesz. She resides near Norwich. Married near Norwich Mar 2, 1893, and lived together until Aug 3, 1907. Two sons, Eleazor 13, and Alfred 7.


Friesz, Louis vs Fannie Friesz

1899/02/28 – 1899/03/03

Fronabarger [Fronabarge], Ed vs wife; A divorce suit is pending between E. Fronabarger and his wife. Some sensational developments are expected. [03-03] Ed Fronabarge surprised us by kidnapping his two children, a boy and a girl. The little one at home went up town with the father to get candy. The girl at school was ready to take a buggy ride. It seems the buggy was ready and they flew where the Woodbine twineth. Thus stands the first move in the sensational divorce case spoken of Tuesday.


Fry, C.W. vs Victoria Fry


Fry, Lena vs Charles Fry

1918/04/04 – 1917/12/20

Fulk, Maggie M. vs George Fulk. Married Feb 1917. He drove away her two nephews who had made their home with her for years, and to whom she was very much attached.


Gage, Eva vs Warren Gage


Galbraith, Charles F. vs Anna Galbraith


Gallup, Myrtle L. vs Samuel Gallup; minor child, Calline.

1918/09/12 - 1918/08/22

Galpin, Ella M. vs Chas. W. Galpin. Married Omaha [Nebraska] Sept 22nd, 1911.


Garver, Mabel E. vs M.J. Garver. Married Shenandoah, Nov 26, 1902 and lived together until May 1, 1904 when he deserted. One son Paul now over two years of age. When they married she had about $5000 in her own right and the defendant gained possession of all of this and squandered it. She ask for it back and $20 a month for the support of the child.

1916/02/10 – 1915/04/08

Geer [Greer], Charles E. vs Goldie Belle Geer [Greer]. Married June 30th, 1913 and the couple have since lived on the farm of plaintiff in Tarkio Twp, a baby having been born in January of this year. Before that each party had been married before, and lost their first mates, Mrs Geer having been Mrs F.M. Lefever and the mother of two children who are now living with their grandfather of the same name in Bedford. Mr Geer by his first wife also has four living children, who have been making their home with their father on the farm; but compliant is made that the new mother is not acceptable, and the court is asked to dissolve the bonds of matrimony and to order that defendant be denied any custody of the older children or occupancy of the home, being permitted however to take the baby until such time as it shall appear to the court that other custody is desirable.


Gell, Maude being resident of Grant Township at the home of her aunt, asks for annulment of a marriage contract which she entered into with Richard Gell, in 1895, at a time when, it now appears from the petition, the defendant was of unsound mind and incapable of making such a contract. She lived with the defendant for over four years, when it was necessary that he be taken to the State Hospital for the insane, where he has been for the past 21 years. Previous to entering into the marriage contract the petition states that the defendant made threats that if she did not do so she would rue it, which was one reason for making the contract. She now asks title to the home and household goods, which she has paid for from her own earnings.


Gibson, Ida [Ada] L. of Grant Twp petitions for divorce from Sam R. Gibson, asking for the right to use her maiden name, Ada Johnson. The couple were married in Maryville [Missouri]  March 6th, 1913.


Gilbert, Estelle vs George Gilbert. Petition for divorce, and restoring to plaintiff the right to her maiden name, Estella Jones. The couple were married in Clarinda Oct 14th, 1911. The petition mentions different ways in which the defendant mistreated his wife, calling her names that reflected on her character unjustly, saying that he did not care to live with her any longer, this causing her to live a while with her daughter in Shenandoah, finally returning to live with him, when he failed to properly support her, and finally deserted his wife altogether, His present location being unknown.


Gilbert, Lydia M. vs Richard H. Gilbert. 1 minor child


Gitchell, Lina vs George Lewis Gitchell; she has custody of minor child


Goff, Ethel Amy vs Henry Austin Goff; 2 minor children, Florence and Eddie,  now residing with the grandparents in Shenandoah.


Goodell, Eliza vs Edmond Goodell. Married Jan 19, 1887 at Mt Ayr and lived together until March 12, 1908. Plaintiff now resides in Clarinda but until lately the family lived in Mills county, near Silver City.


Gooden, Vera M. vs Albert E. Gooden. Plaintiff, who is a resident of Shenandoah, sues for divorce on the usual statutory charge, naming Ella Ivy as correspondent. The petition asks that plaintiff be granted custody of the two minor children, Dorothy May, age 7, and Lois June, age 4 years. With $75 temporary alimony, and $18 per month permanent alimony, for the support of herself and children. Married at Shenandoah June 3, 1908 and that they lived together as wife and husband until July 16, 1919. The plaintiff asserts that her husband is a brick mason, that he earns $8 to $9 a day by his labor.


Gorton, Doris vs Charles F. Gorton. Petition for divorce and restoration of her maiden name. Married in Olathe, Kans, May 12th, 1918, the petition gives cruel and inhuman treatment and failure to support her followed by desertion in February 1919 as the main causes for action. She believes that he is not now a resident of the state of Iowa.


Gowey, M.J. or H.J. vs [Adelia] Jane Gowey. He says she left April 2nd, 1917 and has ever since absented herself from him. Married in Clarinda, August 29th, 1916.


Gray, Jennie vs George Gray


Gray, Myrtle vs Neal Gray, with custody of the minor child, Horace Orlen Gray, with $100 temporary alimony, and permanent alimony of $25 per month for support of the child. The couple were married in Clarinda Dec 11th, 1907, both being residents of Page County.


Green, Addie L. vs Edward Green; 2 minor children. Married Yorktown, Ia, Sep 9, 1896.

1921/05/05 – 1921/07/07

Green, Rosetta petitions for divorce from Leslie Henry Green, and for the custody of the son Harrison, and daughter Grace Elizabeth Green, ages 5 and 7, also for $10 a month alimony for their support. The couple were married in 1912 in Blanchard, where, it is claimed the defendant deserted the plaintiff.


Griffen, Mary E. of Coin vs William S. Griffen. Married Nov 5th, 1882 and lived together until Oct 10, 1907.


Grimes, Dona vs Edgar D. Grimes for divorce. The mother seeks court decree giving her custody of the minor child, the daughter Bula Grimes. They were married in Hawleyville, in April 1893.


Grimes, Mary F. vs Edgar D. Grimes. She ask for custody of their 12 year old daughter Beulah Grimes and monthly payment of $12.50 to support the daughter until she is 15 years of age and $10 per month until she attains her majority. The couple were married April 23, 1893, in Nebraska Township, Page County and have three daughters able to make their own living, besides the fourth daughter as above stated.


Gross, Madge asks annulment of the marriage tie from Benjamin Gross and for custody of two children, Glenn and Esther, ages 7 and 6 years. Married in Shannon City, Ia in 1908. Plaintiff resides in Clarinda and defendant in Tarkio, Mo. She ask that the court enjoin him from visiting the home of plaintiff’s mother, Mrs Amanda Manifold in Clarinda or having any custody of the children.


Grosscup, Mary H. vs George Edward Grosscup


Guenther, wife vs Peter Guenther


Guice, Mattie Inez vs P.H. Guice; minor children, Francis Hamilton Guice and Henry Carrolton Guice


Haberland, Mabel L. vs Harmon A. Haberland. The plaintiff seeks a divorce from the plaintiff and asks for the custody of the minor child, William, age 5 years.


Hagopian, G.D. of Ontario, Canada vs Edna V. Hagopian. He ask for custody of the 2 minor children.


Hagopian, G.D. of the province of Ontario, Canada, is asking the district court to grant him a divorce from Edna V. Hagopian. One can hardly think that she will appear in court to stop it, being glad to get rid of that awful name. She must have wanted to marry awful bad to take such a title.


Hague, Charles W. vs Nannie Ellen Hague


Hale, Ella E. vs Benjamin F. Hale


Hall, Anna M. vs Edward D. Hall


Hall, Louie A. vs Delia Hall. She is living with Harry Hall in Waverly, Ia.


Hall, Myra vs John Hall; married Nov 19, 1912


Halstead, Mattie or Millie vs William H. Halstead. Five minor children two of whom, Harry and Delbert, the petition states have been taken away by their father. She ask for custody of three minor children, Grace, Jessie and Verle Oran Halstead.


Halterman, Pauline vs A.J. Halterman


Handley, Alta vs Charles E. Geer for breach of promise. Their marriage had been planned for June 1916 but Mr Geer by that time was already married so the petition states.


Handley, Alta vs Wilber C. Handley. She asks for custody of daughter 2 yrs old. Married Council Bluffs in Aug 1913.


Hanon, Walter S. vs Dora Hanon; 3 minor children


Harris, Lillian of Hawleyville vs E.R. Harris on grounds of desertion.


Harroun, Samuel F. vs Zella [or Zetta] E. Harroun and he ask for custody of their four children, Charles 14, Delos 12, Cortland 10 and Carl 7. Plaintiff who is a resident of Shenandoah was married to defendant March 17th, 1904 and lived together until July 1st, 1917 when, it is alleged, defendant wilfully deserted her family and has ever since remained absent.


Hascall, Arthur vs Lillian Hascall. He ask for custody of minor son, Alva S. Hascall who is about 7 yrs old and living with the mother.


Hause, Nora vs husband


Havern, Louie vs Isaiah Havern. 5 children


Hawk, Henry vs Amanda Hawk


Hayes, Emma A. vs J.C. Hayes. Married Sep 8, 1903 and on 11 Sep 1903 deserted. She ask for custody of minor daughter, Joyce Cecilia Hayes


Head, Jessie B. vs Wm Head. She was given custody of minor child


Heflin, Adah vs Ernest Heflin. Minor child one month old.


Hefner, Nancy vs N.H. Hefner; married Jan 1, 1913 and lived together until April; she asked him to take a bath and cleanse himself, and he refused and bragged of an alleged fact that he had never taken a bath in his life and now that he was seventy-three years of age, he did not propose to commence any such mode of life.


Henderson, Bonnie M. granted divorce from Walter A. Henderson


Henderson, Edward divorced from Lina Henderson is asking the court to make division of property in Braddyville which was the property of both parties during their married life by reason of the property being given them by Elizabeth Large. He claims a half interest, and asks the court to order sale of property if it can not be divided otherwise.


Henry, Emma vs Robt Henry

1878/09/01 Henshaw, Anna M. vs Horace; 1 minor child


Hensleigh, David S. vs Nellie Hensleigh who has gone off and left him. Married Jan 16, 1918 and she left in July.


Herrell, Mary vs George B. Herrell


Heumphreus, Lenora M. vs Robert M. Heumphreus. Married Clarinda, Jun 21, 1906, and lived together until Feb 23, 1909. One minor child, LeRoy, 3 yrs old.


Hewett, Adele M. vs Charles P. Hewett. She gets custody of minor child, 8, Vernon Hewett.


Hicks, Loy vs Edna D. Hicks. He says she failed to perform the household duties of a wife.


Hill, Edith vs John Hill. One child


Hill, Hugh Arthur petitions for divorce from Daisy Alice Maring Hill and for custody of their one child. The couple were married in Holt County, Nebraska, where they farmed for awhile, but had a sale, with the object of coming to Page County, Iowa, where the plaintiff owns 80 acres of land in Amity township. The wife failed to follow him as expected, which gave rise to desertion being the cause named for action. Married Nov 28th, 1914 in Osmond, Neb.


Hill, Wm R. vs Jessie B. Hill


Hilton, Linnie C. of Shenandoah vs William A. Hilton; desertion; minor child, Edmund W. Hilton. Husband’s present address is unknown.


Hixon, Mary vs husband and custody of minor child


Hoag, Blanche L. vs Lyman N. Hoag.


Hodge, William vs Delia Hodge


Hodges, George W. vs Lena W. Hodges. Petition for divorce on the ground of desertion for a period of more than two years. The couple were married at Seymour, Ia, Dec 26th, 1913, and have two daughters, ages 3 and 7; who are now living with their mother at the home of her parents.


Hoffman, Ella M. vs Lewis E. on grounds of adultery with Berl Reed. Married Jan 11, 1908 Shenandoah.


Hoffman, Emma vs Norma Homer Hoffman; Married Nov 11, 1909 and lived together until Mar 30, 1911; 21 mos old son Raymond Isaac Hoffman


Hoffman, Martha E. vs John D. Hoffman. She ask for custody of minor children, Custer Norman Hoffman, Elbert Drew Hoffman and Wilbert Hoffman


Holden, Glen W. vs Nora M. Holden. Married Council Bluffs 1908.


Holmes, Daisy vs Forrest J. Holmes. 2 minor children

1917/10/11 – 1917/09/27 – 1917/08/23

Holmes, Mary E., 21, vs Clarence Holmes, 22. Married Oct 16, 1914. Minor child Avis Holmes


Homedale, Nellie [Nettie] vs Wm Homedale; maiden name Nellie Dunmire restored.


Honett, Cecil Lankton vs Walter Honett

1893 Aug Hopkins, James vs Elizabeth; he ask for custody of child Mary I. Hopkins now living with him


Hoskins, Arzelda vs James C. Hoskins; minor children Wilma and Lena

1916/10/05 – 1916/08/24

Housley [Housel], Adaline C. vs Waldo Robert Housley [Housel]. May resume maiden name Adaline C. Madson [Masden]. Notice was served on defendant at Mt Pleasant, Ia July 14th, 1916. Married in Mt Pleasant, Ia, in 1914.


Howard, Birdie J. vs Charles W. Howard, 3 minor children, 9, 7, and 4. Married Ft Scott, Kansas 1907.

1920/01/15 – 1919/11/13

Howard, Marie [Maria] colored,  divorced from George E. Howard. Desertion, no children. Married Oct 15th, 1914 Clarinda, but that on April 15th, 1915 husband deserted.


Howery, Alice was married to Floyd E. Howery in Page County on Christmas day 1920, now asks the district court to grant articles of divorce on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment.


Howes, Helen Marie vs Earl O. Howes; she will resume maiden name Helen Marie Buffington. Married Red Oak June 1912.


Howland divorce


Howland, Myrtle vs R.E. Howland


Hoyt, Clara vs Jas F. Hoyt; Clara Hoyt has brought legal proceedings against her husband, Jas F. Hoyt, to secure a divorce on the grounds of inhuman treatment. If her charge is true she should find no trouble in being freed from the brute and custody of her daughter given to her.


Hubert, Minnie vs W.H. Hubert. Plaintiff granted divorce, and title to real estate in Tarkio township quieted in her.


Hultman, L. Annie vs Alex F. Huntman [last names don’t match] 4 minor children


Humphreus, Lenorah E. vs Robt E. Humphreus. She was granted custody of minor child, Leroy Humphreus.


Hurdle, Maude E. vs Bert A. Hurdle. She gets custody of the minor children. Married in Clarinda August 1898 and have six children ages 4 to 17 years. The wife asks for custody of three of the children, Theodore age 15, Arbella age 14, and Josephine 4 years of age.


Hurst, Ella M. vs Jacob Hurst. Plaintiff now a resident of Shenandoah, asks for divorce from her husband on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment also non-support, and for custody of one minor son, Perry [John Perry Hurst], 15 years of age and an invalid. The couple were married in Clarinda, Dec 7th, 1882, and have several children, all of them of age except the son above mentioned. They lived together as man and wife until Nov 1913.


Hurst, Esther vs Frank Hurst. Maiden name Esther Pierce restored.

1921/07/14 – 1921/09/08

Huston, Leola asking for divorce from Carl Huston the fact that he is now serving a term in the Iowa State Reformatory in Jones County, Ia, sent up for a felony. Married in Blanchard, Ia in 1917.



Illingsworth, Ruth A. vs John Illingsworth. They were married Jan 7th, 1892 at Cambridge, Ia , living together until July 7, 1919.


Ingram, Bertha M. vs Clyth Ingram; residents of Nebraska Twp


Irvin, Ethel G., who resides in Coin, petitions for decree of divorce from her husband, William S. Irvin. According to the petition they were married in Coin in 1911, and have two children, Ruth Lucile and Wilda Ethel,  for which the mother asks the court to grant her the custody, to help rear, educate and raise the said children, the father to have the right to visit them at such times and places as the court may direct. The wife asks for $75 alimony, and for permanent alimony of $25 per month, for the support of the children during their minority. Cruel and inhuman treatment is given as the chief cause for action.


Ivy, Ella, who lives with her father in Shenandoah, and works as a professional nurse, alleges cruelty, non-support, and the usual statutory cause, as reason for divorce from Wm A. Ivy. She also asks for custody of the younger son, Wesley, aged 9 years old, besides which is an 11 year old son said to be living with his father in Tarkio. They were married in Tarkio in 1905.


Jackson, Effie vs Fred Jackson

1911/02/02 – 1911/07/13

James, Ethel vs IsaacE. James; lived east of Braddyville


Jarman, Minnie L. vs Roy Albert Jarman. Married in Adams County [Iowa] 1903.


Johnson, Ada R. vs Marion Johnson


Johnson, Bessie vs Wesley Johnson; she ask for custody of daughter, Arletta; married at Westboro, Mo, Nov 1909


Johnson, Grace Oralana vs Carl Ivan Johnson. Divorce granted, plaintiff being given the right to resume her maiden name, Grace Oralana James


Johnson, Lida vs Harry E. Johnson


Johnson, Lillie B. vs John Johnson; married Centerville, Nov 1909.


Johnson, Mabel vs William E. Johnson and custody of minor child, Farland Johnson. They were married in Maryville, Mo, Oct 1st, 1911. May 1st, 1919 husband sent to five years in reformatory at Anamosa, Iowa.


Johnson, Nellie A. vs J.F. Johnson. She ask for custody of minor child, Emma Johnson, age 7.


Johnston, Lulu vs Harry E. Johnston


Jones, Emma vs Madison Jones; desertion and ask for maiden name Emma Snodderly be restored.


Jones, Fern vs I.Lee Jones; 3 minor children Ira Ray, Jessie and Carroll.


Jones, John Q. vs Mary Jones


Jones, Maud vs George Jones. Maud Jones tells the tale of alleged inhuman treatment on the part of her husband George Jones, from whom legal separation is asked, giving as reasons that during all their married life he bought his wife only one pair of shoes, no other clothing received from him, and that at one time he threatened to kill her, running her out of the house with a knife and chasing her with a revolver, swearing he would blow her brains out. Then in Aug 1915 he left her entirely. Besides asking for divorce, alimony is asked for to the extent of such interest as defendant possesses to the present home property in Frazers addition Clarinda. Married in Page county in 1903.


Jordan, Alice M. vs W.W. Jordan, she granted custody of two minor children, Vanessa and Buelah. Married in Page county 1902.

1914/10/18 – 1917/07/12

Joy, Rose vs John H. Joy. Plaintiff resides in Blanchard. They were married in Clarinda July 10th, 1900.


Keith, Ruth Anne vs Enoch J. Keith


Kenney, Bessie W. vs C.L. Kinney; Bessie W. Kinney has filed a petition in the district court against Carrie Strickler of Omaha, Nebr., whom she claims stole the love of her husband and gained control of his actions to the extent that he left the plaintiff and their three children and went to live with the woman who came between them. Mrs Kinney goes farther and claims that this same Carrie Stickler encouraged him to give her attention, and induced him to visit her in Omaha and lived with her days and nights frequently, and that previous to his becoming acquainted with the Omaha woman, he had been a faithful and loving husband, concerning himself at all times with the welfare of his family and the happiness of his wife.

Mr and Mrs Kinney were married January 22, 1902 at Essex where they have made their home. They have three children, Chas Lynn, aged 13, Leland Buck, 8, and Kathryn, 3 years old. Mrs Kinney maintains that the loss of the attentions and affections of her husband is worth much to her, and that the defendant who owns much property in Page county and elsewhere, should pay to her $25,000 for damages which she has suffered in the loss of her husband’s companionship. On February 5, 1920 Kinney disappeared, and later it was discovered that he had gone to Omaha where he is alleged to have made his home with the woman named in the suit.


Kenny, Ida vs Ambrose J. Kenny


Kilpatrick, Ezekiel vs Ellen Kilpatrick. In the year 1880 he and his wife were living in Pennsylvania on a farm, and it was agreed by them that Mr Kilpatrick should go west and fine a location and when a suitable location should be found, his wife would dispose of the real estate in Pennsylvania and join her husband. Mr Kilpatrick came to Page county and bought a farm and then after his wife had disposed of the land in Pennsylvania she refused to turn over to him the money and would not live with him.


Kimsey, Emma vs F.A. Kimsey


King, Emma S. vs Frank L. King. Married in Clarinda Nov 25, 1903.


King, Nellie F. vs Mott R. King. Minor son, Tom Moore King


Kluge, Beda vs August Kluge. Maiden name restored – Beda Delaney


Klum, Richard M. of Grant Twp near Shenandoah, seeking for annulment of the marriage tie from his second wife, Pauline Klum. The couple were married in Fairfield, Ia last June, and lived for a time at Eagle Grove, Ia where plaintiff was engaged as a florist. He had a four year old son at time of marrying her. The said defendant was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains, of Virginia, says the petition. She claims she was not satisfied to live in Iowa. She carried a Smith & Wesson revolver, fully loaded, and oftimes had it out for exhibition, to fix it and display it, and to brandish it in front of the plaintiff and his minor son. She threatened to use it on the plaintiff, in case things did not go to suit her. She threatened to kidnap the minor son of the plaintiff, who was four years old, and talked about tragedies that had happened in her family and neighborhood. Finally the petition states, she received $50 from a man in Chicago who had means, going with him to Kentucky, and has failed to return, being supposed to now be with the man in Canada.


Knight, Effie vs Harlan Knight


Knight, Pearl E. vs Grover E. Knight asking for her married name, Pearl E. Stockton be resumed. Both parties have resided for the past fourteen years in Shenandoah, where they were married Aug 4th, 1917.


Kock, Martha H. vs J.J. Kock


Koons, Oral N. vs Raymond A. Koons. She given custody of daughter, Norma. Married at Sioux Falls, S.D. in 1912 and lived together only two weeks.


Kreider, Jennie vs Alonzo S. Kreider


Krout, Rosa vs Louis Krout


Kynett, Mrs Addie vs S.S. Lingo; suiting him for breach of promise to marry her. Ask $20,000 damages to her affections and heart for an alleged promise of marriage. He then married a lady from Ohio. The trial was a battle royal, and until the end no one could forecast the probable verdict.


Kynett, Zella vs Earl Kynett