History of Salvation Army in Clarinda, Iowa

Bill Hunter continues to work on his father's [Rev J.R. Hunter of New Market] life story. Bill knew that Rev Hunter worked at some time with the Salvation Army and contacted the Salvation Army's National Archives in Alexandria, Virginia. This is the reply from archivist Scott Bedio:


"Thank you for your recent inquiry.  According to our records, the Clarinda, IA corps was opened in March 1904 and was in operation for five years until its closing in March 1909.  The first address for the corps is listed as 306 13th Street in Clarinda.  From October 1904 until its closing in 1909 the corps was located at 605. E. Water Street.  I can only give you the last names and dates of service of the officers who served in Clarinda which are as follows:  Captain Roshon (March 1904 - June 1904), Captain Chase (July 1904 - September 1904), Captain Halsey (October 1904 - November 1904), Captain Deuter (December 1904 - July 1905), Captain Christler (August 1905 - November 1905).  From December 1905 until March 1909 no officer was appointed in command at Clarinda which during that time was being maintained  by the soldiers (lay members) of the Corps.  We have no further information on The Salvation Army's work in Clarinda in our collection."
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