Page County, Iowa composite census
by Pat O'Dell -

The purpose of this is to locate people on the census. It is not a complete transcription of what is on each of these census records. If you would like to see the whole thing, please email me about the family.

If you can assist in identifying a name correctly, please help!

Key: 56Bu00 is 1856 Buchanan twp with family number

56Ne00 is 1856 Nebraska twp with family number

50Di00 is 1850 District 22 with family number

Go to the page that gives the family numbers to see all in that household.

56Bu55a Oen S. 30 m Oh
56Bu55b Oen E. 24 f Ill    
56Bu55c Oen Ed 05 m Ill    
56Bu55d Oen Uriah 04 m Ill    
56Bu55e Oen C. 01 f Ill    
56Ne41a Osborn Wm 31 m Oh    
56Ne41b Osborn Caroline 26 f Penn