Page County, Iowa composite census
by Pat O'Dell -

The purpose of this is to locate people on the census. It is not a complete transcription of what is on each of these census records. If you would like to see the whole thing, please email me about the family.

If you can assist in identifying a name correctly, please help!

Key: 56Bu00 is 1856 Buchanan twp with family number

56Ne00 is 1856 Nebraska twp with family number

50Di00 is 1850 District 22 with family number

Go to the page that gives the family numbers to see all in that household.

56Bu57a Hamons E. 22 m Ind    
56Bu57b Hamons P.A. 21 f Ind    
56Bu57c Hamons L.P. 01 m Iowa    
56Bu57d Hamons A.J. -- f Iowa    
56Bu34a Hardee Joseph 19 m Ind    
56Bu34b Hardee Mary J. 20 f Mo    
56Bu34c Hanes Florida 02 f Mo    
56Bu34d Hardee Wm R. 1/2 m Iowa    
56Bu63a Hardee Wm 41 m Ky    
56Bu63b Hardee E.A. 40 f Ky    
56Bu63c Hardee C.A. 16 f Ind    
56Bu63d Hardee O.P. 13 m Ia    
56Bu63e Hardee C.J. 11 f Ia    
56Bu63f Hardee R.E. 08 f Ia    
56Bu63g Hardee W.D. 06 m Ia    
56Bu63h Hardee S.T. 03 m Ia    
56Bu63i Hardee F.E. 1/2 f Ia    
56Bu75a Hardee G.W. 33 m Ind
56Bu75b Hardee K. 28 f Mo
56Bu75c Hardee S.E. 09 f Ia
50Di314a Hardy William 35 m Ky    
50Di314b Hardy Elizabeth 35 f Ky    
50Di314c Hardy Joseph 13 m Ind    
50Di314d Hardy Ann 10 f Ind    
50Di314e Hardy Oliver 07 m Mo    
50Di314f Hardy Jane 05 f Mo    
50Di314g Hardy Rebecca 02 f Mo    
50Di314h Hardy William 2/12 m Mo    
50Di315a Hardy George W. 27 m Ohio    
50Di315b Hardy Kezia 23 f Ill    
50Di315c Hardy Sarah 03 f Mo    
50Di315d Hardy Mary 6/12 f Iowa    
56Bu29h Harris Henry 19 m Mo    
56Bu64a Harris R.D. 36 m Oh  
56Bu64b Harris J.M. 31 f Ky  
56Bu64c Harris Mary 08 f Mo  
56Bu64d Harris E. 08 f Mo  
56Bu64e Harris M.E. 04 f Mo  
56Bu64f Harris Olive 01 f Mo  

Correction/additions to the family from Abby Mabry:

56Bu64a   Harris   R.D.   36   m   Oh   (Reuben Dooley Harris)
56Bu64b   Harris   J. M.  31   f     Ky   (Jemima Wells Harris)
56Bu64c   Harris   Mary    8   f    Mo   twin  (married William Henry Stickelman)
56Bu64d   Harris   E.        8   f    Mo   twin (Elizabeth F. Harris - married Joseph S. Snodgrass)
56Bu64e   Harris   M. E.   4   f    Mo   (Martha Ellen Harris - married William M. Prickett)
56Bu64f    Harris   Oliver   1   f?  Mo  (Olive Cora Harris - married William Bryson Addleman

Many Thanks for this data!

56Ne78a Harrow Isaac 42 m Va    
56Ne78b Harrow Lewisa 35 f Ky    
56Ne78c Harrow James W. 06 m Ind    
56Ne78d Harrow John H. 03 m Ind    
56Ne78e Harrow Nancy 00 f Iowa    
56Ne78f Harrow John R. 69 m Va    
56Ne78g Harrow Mary 65 f Va    
56Ne91a Hawley James 46 m Conn    
56Ne91b Hawley Charlotta 43 f NH    
56Ne91c Hawley James D. 19 m Mich    
56Ne91d Hawley Julia 13 f Mich    
56Ne91e Hawley Ada 05 f Mich    
56Bu14a Hircha/Hincha? Uriah 25 m Mo    
56Bu14b Hircha/Hincha? M.J. 23 f Ind    
56Bu14c Hircha/Hincha? B.A. 09 f Mo    
56Bu45c Holaday Lindon 16 m Ind    
56Bu45d Holaday M.A. 12 f Ind    
50Di265a Holland Thomas 61 m Tenn    
50Di265b Holland Sarah 55 f Tenn    
50Di265c Holland William 19 m Tenn    
50Di265d Holland Jane 12 f Mo    
50Di266a Holland James 22 m Tenn    
50Di299a Huggins James 36 m NC    
50Di299b Huggins Rachel 26 f Tenn    
50Di299c Huggins Francis 08 m Ill    
50Di299d Huggins Mahalia 06 f Ill    
50Di299e Huggins Sidney 03 m Iowa    
50Di299f Huggins Jane 6/12 f Iowa    
50Di304j Hurst Huldah 19 f Tenn    
50Di304k Hurst Theodore 3/12 m Iowa    
50Di305a Huston William 35 m Ky    
50Di305b Huston Louisa 29 f Mo    
50Di305c Huston Samuel 05 m Mo    
50Di305d Huston Andrew 03 m Mo    
50Di305e Huston James 01 m Iowa