Page County, Iowa composite census
by Pat O'Dell -

The purpose of this is to locate people on the census. It is not a complete transcription of what is on each of these census records. If you would like to see the whole thing, please email me about the family.

If you can assist in identifying a name correctly, please help!

Key: 56Bu00 is 1856 Buchanan twp with family number

56Ne00 is 1856 Nebraska twp with family number

50Di00 is 1850 District 22 with family number

Go to the page that gives the family numbers to see all in that household.

56Bu52a Daugherty Elizabeth 42 f Ind    
56Bu52b Daugherty R.W. 19 m Ind    
56Bu52c Daugherty S.E. 16 f Ind    
56Bu52d Daugherty J.J. 14 m Ind    
56Bu52e Daugherty M.E. 11 f Ia    
56Bu52f Daugherty A.B. 08 m Ia    
56Bu52g Daugherty J.M. 05 m Ia    
56Bu53a Shanon Benjamin 55 m Pa    
56Bu53b Shanon Mary 49 f Md?    
56Bu53c Shanon Luiza 17 f Oh    
56Bu53d Shanon S.E. 14 f Mo    
56Bu53e Shanon John 13 m Mo    
56Bu53f Shanon H.A. 06 f Mo    
56Bu53g Midaugh B.M. 06 m Mo    
56Bu54a Sturgiss Joseph 30 m Oh    
56Bu54b Sturgiss Mary A. 33 f Oh    
56Bu54c Sturgiss W.H. 06 m Mo    
56Bu54d Sturgiss N.V? 03 f Ia    
56Bu54e Sturgiss S.B. 01 m Ia    
56Bu55a Oen S. 30 m Oh
56Bu55b Oen E. 24 f Ill    
56Bu55c Oen Ed 05 m Ill    
56Bu55d Oen Uriah 04 m Ill    
56Bu55e Oen C. 01 f Ill    
56Bu56a Snodgrass Robt 38 m Ind    
56Bu56b Snodgrass Nancy 33 f Ind    
56Bu56c Snodgrass Jo 16 m Ind    
56Bu56d Snodgrass Susanah 14 f Ind    
56Bu56e Snodgrass M.E. 13 f Ind    
56Bu56f Snodgrass J.E. 12 m Ind    
56Bu56g Snodgrass A.M. 09 m Ind    
56Bu56h Snodgrass S.E. 07 m Ind    
56Bu56i Snodgrass N.E. 05 f Ind    
56Bu56j Snodgrass J.L. 03 m Ind    
56Bu63a Hardee Wm 41 m Ky    
56Bu63b Hardee E.A. 40 f Ky    
56Bu63c Hardee C.A. 16 f Ind    
56Bu63d Hardee O.P. 13 m Ia    
56Bu63e Hardee C.J. 11 f Ia    
56Bu63f Hardee R.E. 08 f Ia    
56Bu63g Hardee W.D. 06 m Ia    
56Bu63h Hardee S.T. 03 m Ia    
56Bu63i Hardee F.E. 1/2 f Ia    
56Bu63j Findley F.O. 29 m Ky    
56Bu64a Harris R.D. 36 m Oh    
56Bu64b Harris J.M. 31 f Ky    
56Bu64c Harris Mary 08 f Mo    
56Bu64d Harris E. 08 f Mo    
56Bu64e Harris M.E. 04 f Mo    
56Bu64f Harris Oliver 01 f? Mo    
56Bu66a Duncan Elizabeth 62 f Pa    
56Bu66b Duncan Ann 36 f Ky    
56Bu66c Duncan Wm 20 m Mo    
56Bu66d Ray M.E. 33 f Mo    
56Bu66e Ray J.W. 04 m Ia    
56Bu66f Ray E.M. 01 f Ia    
56Bu66g Ray K.A. -- f Ia    
56Bu67a Duncan Daniel 27 m Mo    
56Bu67b Duncan M.E. 20 f Mo    
56Bu67c Duncan J.T. 02 m Ia    
56Bu67d Duncan N.E. 1/2 f Ia    
56Bu69a McAtee Wm 21 m Ky    
56Bu69b McAtee L. 38 f Oh    
56Bu69c Petijohn Alen 16 m Oh    
56Bu69d Petijohn J. 14 m Mo    
56Bu69e Petijohn E. 12 f Mo    
56Bu69f Petijohn J. 10 f Mo    
56Bu69g Petijohn James 08 m Mo    
56Bu69h Petijohn B. 05 m Mo    
56Bu69i McAtee W.F. 01 m Mo    
56Bu74a Davidson Henry 28 m Ky
56Bu74b Davidson Rachel 20 f Ky
56Bu74c Davidson S. 02 f Ia
56Bu74d Davidson H.N. 1/2 m Ia
56Bu75a Hardee G.W. 33 m Ind
56Bu75b Hardee K. 28 f Mo
56Bu75c Hardee S.E. 09 f Ia
56Bu76a Thompson L.F. 46 m Tenn
56Bu76b Thompson A.M. 37 f Tenn
56Bu76c Thompson Josiah 17 m Mo
56Bu76d Thompson M.C. 15 f Mo
56Bu76e Thompson R. 10 f Ia
56Bu76f Thompson E. 05 f Ia
56Bu76g Brigman C.M. 25 f NC
56Bu76h Brown Wm 18 f Mich
56Bu57a Hamons E. 22 m Ind    
56Bu57b Hamons P.A. 21 f Ind    
56Bu57c Hamons L.P. 01 m Iowa    
56Bu57d Hamons A.J. -- f Iowa    
56Bu58a Reecer Peter 36 m Va    
56Bu58b Reecer E. 28 f Oh    
56Bu58c Reecer J.T. 10 m Ind    
56Bu58d Reecer M.F. 07 f Ind    
56Bu58e Reecer M.A. 05 f Ind    
56Bu58f Reecer E.J. 03 f Iowa    
56Bu58g Nizeley Isaac 19 m Oh    
56Bu59a Ridgley Sam 26 m Oh    
56Bu59b Ridgley Libby 22 f NY    
56Bu60a Snodgrass Joseph 31 m Ind    
56Bu60b Snodgrass J.A. 28 f Ind    
56Bu60c Snodgrass C. 09 f Ind    
56Bu60d Snodgrass E.C. 04 m Mo    
56Bu60e Snodgrass E. 02 m Iowa    
56Bu60f Snodgrass M.O. -- m Iowa    
56Bu61a McFarland Wm 30 m Oh    
56Bu61b McFarland C. 22 f Oh    
56Bu61c McFarland A.E. 05 f Oh    
56Bu62a Standley Barham 26 m Ind    
56Bu62b Standley Ann 28 f NC    
56Bu62c Standley M.F. 02 f Iowa    
56Bu62d Standley R.I.? -- m Iowa    
56Bu68a McFarland Andrew 59 m Pa    
56Bu68b McFarland Wm 17 m Oh    
56Bu68c McFarland Ann 15 f Oh    
56Bu68d McFarland M.E. 13 f Oh    
56Bu68e McFarland James 12 m Oh    
56Bu68f McFarland A.J. 11 m Oh    
56Bu68g McFarland M.J. 04 f Oh    
56Bu69a Boling Jesse 54 m Va    
56Bu69b Boling Winna 60 f NC    
56Bu69c Boling Susan 23 f Ky    
56Bu69d Boling Andrew 20 m Ky    
56Bu69e Boling Wm 03 m Iowa    
56Bu70a Cowhick James 21 m Ind    
56Bu70b Cowhick N. 26 f Ky    
56Bu70c Cowhick S.E. 1/2 f Iowa    
56Bu71a Davidson Wayne 43 m Ky    
56Bu71b Davidson Nancy 30 f Oh    
56Bu71c Davidson John 21 m Ky    
56Bu71d Davidson Wm 18 m Ky    
56Bu71e Davidson Jery 16 m Ky    
56Bu71f Davidson Wayne 14 m Mo    
56Bu71g Davidson Thos 10 m Mo    
56Bu71h Davidson H.C. 09 m Mo    
56Bu71i Davidson J.R. 07 m Mo    
56Bu71j Davidson Z.T. 06 m Mo    
56Bu71k Davidson S.F. 05 f Iowa    
56Bu71l Davidson M.J. 03 f Iowa    
56Bu71m Davidson Susan 01 f Iowa    
56Bu72a Davidson Samuel 75 m Va    
56Bu72b Davidson Mary 52 f NC    
56Bu72c Davidson Mariah 23 f Ky    
56Bu72d Davidson Tilda 18 f Ky    
56Bu72e Davidson Margaret 15 f Ky    
56Bu72f Davidson Plesant 13 m Mo    
56Bu72g Davidson Armina 11 f Mo    
56Bu72h Sweney James 16 m Mo    
56Bu73a Wells W.L. 24 m Ind    
56Bu73b Wells Luiza 20 f Ind    
56Bu73c Wells J.W. 03 m Mo    
56Bu73d Wells W. 15 m Iowa    
56Ne52a Vanness Joseph 58 m NY    
56Ne52b Vanness Sarah 54 f Ky    
56Ne52c Vanness Samuel 18 m Ind    
56Ne52d Vanness Elizabeth 14 f Ind    
56Ne53a Mater Jacob 31 m Oh    
56Ne53b Mater Mary J. 25 f Ind    
56Ne53c Mater Sarah H. 05 f Ind    
56Ne53d Mater Lucy A. 02 f Ind    
56Ne53e Mater Daniel A. 00 m Ind    
56Ne54a Beal Wm 26 m Tenn    
56Ne54b Beal Susanah 23 f Ind    
56Ne54c Beal Mary E. 01 f Ind    
56Ne55a Carolisle Mary 68 f Va    
56Ne55b Carolisle Marthy 36 f Va    
56Ne55c Carolisle Thomas 25 m Va    
56Ne62a Beaver Henry 30 m Va    
56Ne62b Beaver Mary J. 26 f Ind    
56Ne62c Beaver Lamorah 04 f Ind    
56Ne62d Beaver Jacob 00 m Iowa    
56Ne63a Tice Alexander 36 m Oh    
56Ne63b Tice Elizabeth 24 f Ky    
56Ne63c Tice Jonathan 10 m Mo    
56Ne63d Tice Squire 06 m Iowa    
56Ne63e Tice Nancy 04 f Iowa    
56Ne63f Tice Sarah 00 f Iowa    
56Ne64a Stonebreaker Sebastian 24 m Ind    
56Ne64b Stonebreaker Mary J. 23 f Ky    
56Ne64c Stonebreaker Squire 06 m Iowa    
56Ne64d Stonebreaker Elzy 03 m Iowa    
56Ne65a Rose John 58 m Va    
56Ne65b Rose Elizabeth 16 f Ill    
56Ne65c Goodin Rebecca 15 f Mo    
56Ne65d Logan Lenard 35 m Ind    
56Ne66a Benson R.K. 25 m Oh    
56Ne66b Benson Amanda 26 f Va    
56Ne67a Spencer Samuel 27 m Me    
56Ne67b Spencer Emily 21 f Me    
56Ne67c Spencer Ella 04 f Me    
56Ne67d Spencer Fredrick 03 m Me    
56Ne68a Brown James 37 m Tenn    
56Ne68b Brown Laurinda 28 f Ill    
56Ne68c Brown James 10 m Ill    
56Ne68d Brown Elzy 08 m Ill    
56Ne68e Brown Wm 03 m Mo    
56Ne68f Brown George W. 00 m Iowa    
56Ne75a McAlpine Robert 30 m Tenn    
56Ne75b McAlpine Mary 27 f Ind    
56Ne75c McAlpine Mary E. 09 f Ind    
56Ne75d McAlpine Josephine 04 f Ind    
56Ne75e McAlpine infant 00 f Iowa    
56Ne75f McAlpine David R. 22 m Ind    
56Ne76a McAlpine Stephen 25 m Ind    
56Ne76b McAlpine Sarah A. 24 f NC