Page County, Iowa composite census
by Pat O'Dell -

The purpose of this is to locate people on the census. It is not a complete transcription of what is on each of these census records. If you would like to see the whole thing, please email me about the family.

If you can assist in identifying a name correctly, please help!

Key: 56Bu00 is 1856 Buchanan twp with family number

56Ne00 is 1856 Nebraska twp with family number

50Di00 is 1850 District 22 with family number

Go to the page that gives the family numbers to see all in that household.

56Bu30a Friuts Sebastin 41 m Ind    
56Bu30b Fruits Matilda 42 f Oh    
56Bu30c Fruits David 19 m Ind    
56Bu30d Fruits Sebastin 17 m Ind    
56Bu30e Fruits George W. 16 m Ind    
56Bu30f Fruits Manerva 15 f Ind    
56Bu30g Fruits Matilda 12 f Ind    
56Bu30h Fruits Mary 09 f Iowa    
56Bu30i Fruits Sarah E. 07 f Iowa    
56Bu30j Fruits Martha E. 04 f Iowa    
56Bu30k Fruits Infant -- f Iowa    
56Bu32a Fruits Wm 25 m Ind    
56Bu32b Fruits Liza 26 f Ind    
56Bu32c Fruits Alen 04 m Ind    
56Bu32d Fruits Rebeca 02 f Ind    
56Bu32e Fruits John A. 1/2 m Iowa    
56Bu33a Willson Robert 37 m Oh    
56Bu33b Willson Sarah 36 f Va    
56Bu33c Willson Abraham 14 m Ind    
56Bu33d Willson Mary 12 f Ind    
56Bu33e Willson Evon 10 m Ind    
56Bu33f Willson James 07 m Ind    
56Bu33g Willson Martha 05 f Ind    
56Bu33h Willson infant -- f Iowa    
56Bu34a Hardee Joseph 19 m Ind    
56Bu34b Hardee Mary J. 20 f Mo    
56Bu34c Hanes Florida 02 f Mo    
56Bu34d Hardee Wm R. 1/2 m Iowa    
56Bu35a Linebaugh Joseph 21 m Ind    
56Bu35b Linebaugh Elizabeth 21 f Mo    
56Bu36a Fisher John 40 m Oh    
56Bu36b Fisher Tamer 40 f Oh    
56Bu36c Fisher Sarah J. 19 f Oh    
56Bu36d Fisher Rebeck 18 f Oh    
56Bu36e Fisher Wm 10 m Ind    
56Bu36f Fisher George 05 m Ind    
56Bu36g Fisher Jacob 16 m Ind    
56Bu46a Davidson Harden 29 m Ky    
56Bu46b Davidson M.J. 24 f Tenn    
56Bu46c Davidson Josiah 05 m Iowa    
56Bu46d Davidson N.A. 04 f Iowa    
56Bu46e Davidson Isabell 02 f Iowa    
56Bu47a Thompson Moses 29 m Tenn    
56Bu47b Thompson D.A. 25 f Ky    
56Bu47c Thompson S. 05 f Iowa    
56Bu47d Thompson M.E. 03 f Iowa    
56Bu47e Thompson S. ?. 02 m Iowa    
56Bu47f Thompson I.M. 1/4 m Iowa    
56Bu48a Thompson Alen 21 m Tenn    
56Bu48b Thompson Caroline 21 f NC    
56Bu48c Thompson N.E. 02 f Iowa    
56Bu48d Thompson M.A. 1/2 f Iowa    
56Bu49a Thompson James 27 m Tenn    
56Bu49b Thompson R. 28 f NC    
56Bu49c Thompson Delila 05 f Iowa    
56Bu49d Thompson E. 03 f Iowa    
56Bu49e Thompson Adline -- f Iowa    
56Bu50a Teters Jeremiah 36 m Oh    
56Bu50b Teters E. 33 f Oh    
56Bu50c Teters Malinda 16 f Oh    
56Bu50d Teters Mariah 14 f Oh    
56Bu50e Teters John 12 m Oh    
56Bu50f Teters Mari A. 09 f Iowa    
56Bu50g Teters F. 07 m Iowa    
56Bu50h Teters Susan 06 f Iowa    
56Bu50i Teters E.A. 04 f Iowa    
56Bu50j Teters S. 02 f Iowa    
56Bu51a Daugherty G. 41 m Ind    
56Bu51b Daugherty E. 38 f Ind    
56Bu51c Daugherty W.S. 14 m Ind    
56Bu51d Daugherty S. 12 m Ind    
56Bu51e Daugherty R. 10 m Iowa    
56Bu51f Daugherty A.E. 09 f Iowa    
56Bu51g Daugherty P. 07 m Iowa    
56Bu51h Daugherty S.J. 05 f Iowa    
56Bu51i Daugherty John 1/2 m Iowa    

The Dougherty family:
a. Gideon
b. Elizabeth
c. William Shelby (married 1. Sarah J. Edwards, 2. Lodesca F. Cavender)
d. Samuel (my great-grandfather married Mary E. Dougherty and died 1881 at 38)
e. Robert (married Manora A. Snodgrass)
f. Martha E. (note the wrong A) (later married William Hembree)
g. Peter (never married)
h. Sarah Jane (died young at 11 yrs 2m)
i. John Washington (married Nancy Thompson)

This name identification was sent by Joyce Ingraham:

56Bu26a Scott James 22 m Ind    
56Bu26b Scott Nancy A. 22 f Oh    
56Bu26c Scott Albert 1/2 m Iowa    
56Bu27a Valentine Wm 30 m Ky    
56Bu27b Valentine Malinda 29 f Ky    
56Bu27c Valentine Merica 09 f Ky    
56Bu27d Valentine Samuel 1/2 m Iowa    
56Bu27e Valentine Franklin 18 m Ky    
56Bu28a Simons Colby B. 25 m Ind    
56Bu28b Simons Lurana 25 f NC    
56Bu28c Simons John W. 04 m Mo    
56Bu28d Simons Nancy A. 01 f Iowa    
56Bu29a Davidson Goldman 32 m Ky    
56Bu29b Davidson Matilda 32 f Ky    
56Bu29c Davidson Mary 14 f Mo    
56Bu29d Davidson Hiram 13 m Mo    
56Bu29e Davidson Sam 11 m Mo    
56Bu29f Davidson Henry 08 m Iowa    
56Bu29g Davidson Elizabeth 06 f Iowa    
56Bu29h Harris Henry 19 m Mo    
56Bu37a Magers Jesse 44 m Tenn    
56Bu37b Magers Rachel 50 f NC    
56Bu37c Magers Abner 19 m Ill    
56Bu37d Stoneker Rachel 22 f Ky    
56Bu37e Ray Edward R. 05 m Mo    
56Bu38a Magers Larkin 33 m Tenn    
56Bu38b Magers Jane 20 f Tenn    
56Bu38c Magers John F. 01 m Ia    
56Bu38d Jones Anderson 62 m NC    
56Bu39a Wright G.W. 28 m Ky    
56Bu39b Wright Mary J. 25 f Ky    
56Bu39c Wright Cascius M. 04 m Ill    
56Bu39d Wright Elizabeth 02 F Mo    
56Bu39e Wright Emily 1/2 f Ia    
56Bu39f Wright Wm 24 m Ill    
56Bu40a Thompson Jesse 13 m Mo    
56Bu40b Thompson Nancy 52 f Va    
56Bu41a Morris James 27 m Oh    
56Bu41b Morris Aley? 24 f Oh    
56Bu41c Morris Alexander 06 m Oh    
56Bu41d Morris Mary E. 05 f Mo    
56Bu41e Morris Amy 1/2 f Mo    
56Bu42a Baskins Jacob 24 m Oh    
56Bu42b Baskins Mary J. 19 f Oh    
56Bu43a Cunning Mary 69 f Penn    
56Bu43b Cunning Fanny 24 f Penn    
56Bu43c Cunning Hanah 21 f Ohio    
56Bu44a Conner R.F. 38 m Ky    
56Bu44b Conner E.J. 33 f Ky    
56Bu44c Conner S.F. 11 f Mo    
56Bu44d Conner Mary M. 09 f Mo    
56Bu44e Conner E.J. 06 f Iowa    
56Bu44f Conner S.A. 03 f Iowa    
56Bu44g Conner Rachel 1/2 f Iowa    
56Bu45a Penick James M. 31 m Ind    
56Bu45b Penick Mary J. 27 f Ind    
56Bu45c Holaday Lindon 16 m Ind    
56Bu45d Holaday M.A. 12 f Ind    
56Ne24a McBee John 38 m Tenn    
56Ne24b McBee Lewisa 34 f Tenn    
56Ne24c McBee Emily 14 f Tenn    
56Ne24d McBee Amanda 12 f Tenn    
56Ne24e McBee Charles 10 m Tenn    
56Ne24f McBee Marthy 08 f Tenn    
56Ne24g McBee Avey 04 f Tenn    
56Ne24h McBee Rachael 00 f Tenn    
56Ne25a Christopher Morton 36 m Ky    
56Ne25b Christopher Emiline 24 f Tenn    
56Ne25c Christopher Mary E. 03 f Iowa    
56Ne25d Christopher Elizabeth 00 f Iowa    
56Ne26a McGee John 25 m Iowa    
56Ne26b McGee Hiney 24 f Iowa    
56Ne26c McGee Sarrah 02 f Iowa    
56Ne26d McGee James 00 m Iowa    
56Ne27a Johnson William 46 m Oh    
56Ne27b Johnson Mary 27 f Oh    
56Ne27c Johnson Amanda 15 f Ind    
56Ne27d Johnson Julia A. 13 f Ind    
56Ne27e Johnson James 11 m Ind    
56Ne27f Johnson Jacob 09 m Ind    
56Ne27g Johnson Joseph 07 m Ind    
56Ne28a Johnson Edward 23 m Oh    
56Ne28b Johnson Sinthy 16 f Oh    
56Ne29a Johnson James 38 m Oh    
56Ne29b Johnson Hannah 24 f Oh    
56Ne29c Johnson Lucretia 03 f Ind    
56Ne30a Gregg Wm 57 m Penn    
56Ne30b Gregg Fanny 41 f Mass    
56Ne30c Gregg John 17 m Oh    
56Ne30d Gregg Eliza 13 f Oh    
56Ne30e Gregg Wm 09 m Oh    
56Ne36a Reives Levi 32 m Oh    
56Ne36b Reives Amanda 21 f Oh    
56Ne37a Round Solimod 31 m Md    
56Ne37b Round Rebeca 27 f Ind    
56Ne37c Round James 08 m Ind    
56Ne37d Round John 03 m Ill    
56Ne37e Round Charles 01 m Iowa    
56Ne38a Wilder Lewis 30 m Mass    
56Ne38b Wilder Eliza A. 30 f Mass    
56Ne38c Wilder Bell 08 f Oh    
56Ne39a Round James 27 m Ind    
56Ne39b Round Mary 27 f Oh    
56Ne39c Round Emesetty 01 f Iowa    
56Ne39d Round Maryetty 01 f Iowa    
56Ne40a Snider S.F. 48 m Ky    
56Ne40b Snider Nancy 52 f Ky    
56Ne40c Snider Jonathan 18 m Ky    
56Ne40d Snider Edward 14 m Ky    
56Ne40e Briles Mary 10 f Iowa    
56Ne41a Osborn Wm 31 m Oh    
56Ne41b Osborn Caroline 26 f Penn    
56Ne42a Busy John 36 m Ky    
56Ne42b Busy Jane 36 f Va    
56Ne42c Busy Wm H. 10 m Ind    
56Ne42d Busy Alexander 10 m Ind    
56Ne42e Busy L.M. 08 f Ind    
56Ne42f Busy Marthy 06 f Ind    
56Ne42g Busy John A. 04 m Ind    
56Ne42h Busy Oliver 02 m Iowa    
56Ne49a Nelt Joseph 34 m Ky    
56Ne49b Nelt Rachael 26 f Ind    
56Ne49c Nelt George 06 m Ind    
56Ne49d Nelt Lewisa 03 f Ind    
56Ne49e Nelt Susannah 01 f Ind    
56Ne49f Nelt Sarah 01 f Ind    
56Ne50a Baker John 29 m Ind    
56Ne50b Baker Margrett 30 f Ind    
56Ne50c Baker Dalilah 04 f Ind    
56Ne50d Baker Eli 01 m Ind    
56Ne51a Vanness Daniel 32 m Ind    
56Ne51b Vanness Lucy 30 f Ind    
56Ne51c Vanness Susan J. 08 f Ind    
56Ne51d Vanness Sarah 04 f Ind    
56Ne51e Vanness Margrett 02 f Ind