Page County, Iowa 1850 census
by Pat O'Dell -

The purpose of this is to locate people on the census. It is not a complete transcription of what is on each of these census records. If you would like to see the whole thing, please email me about the family.

If you can assist in identifying a name correctly, please help!

Key: 56Bu00 is 1856 Buchanan twp with family number

56Ne00 is 1856 Nebraska twp with family number

50Di00 is 1850 District 22 with family number

Go to the page that gives the family numbers to see all in that household.

50Di288a Johnstone Alex B. 38 m Ky    
50Di288b Johnstone Polly 38 f NC    
50Di288c Johnstone David 12 m Ind    
50Di288d Johnstone Jacob 10 m Ind    
50Di288e Johnstone Philip 07 m Ind    
50Di288f Johnstone Sally 06 f Iowa    
50Di288g Johnstone Mary 03 f Iowa    
50Di288h Johnstone John 01 m Iowa    
50Di289a Camel James 28 m Ky    
50Di289b Camel Susan 15 f Ind    
50Di290a Johnstone T.N. 35 m Ky    
50Di290b Johnstone Roseannah 30 f Carolina    
50Di290c Johnstone Francis 13 m Ind    
50Di290d Johnstone Isaac 10 m Ind    
50Di290e Johnstone Elizabeth 09 f Ind    
50Di290f Johnstone Amanda 06 f Ind    
50Di290g Johnstone Felix 05 m Ind    
50Di290h Johnstone Manerva 02 f Ind    
50Di290i Johnstone Thomas 01 m Ind    
50Di291a Vice Aaron 32 m NC    
50Di291b Vice Lucinda 26 f Mo    
50Di291c Vice Mary 09 f Mo    
50Di291d Vice Ann 06 f Mo    
50Di291e Vice Lucinda 04 f Iowa    
50Di291f Vice Amanda 01 f Iowa    
50Di291g Vice Angeline 4/12 f Iowa    
50Di292a Pointer William 37 m Ky    
50Di292b Pointer Elizabeth 34 f Ky    
50Di292c Pointer James 13 m Mo    
50Di292d Pointer Wood 11 m Mo    
50Di292e Pointer Ann 08 f Mo    
50Di292f Pointer Franklin 07 m Mo    
50Di292g Pointer David 06 m Mo    
50Di292h Pointer John 02 m Mo    
50Di292i Pointer Francis 01 m Iowa    
50Di293a Krout John 29 m Ky    
50Di293b Krout Jane 29 f Ind    
50Di293c Krout Sarah 03 f Iowa    
50Di293d Krout Rebecca 02 f Iowa    
50Di293e Krout [Stonebraker] Isaiah 19 m Ind    
50Di294a Duncan Alex 24 m Mo    
50Di294b Duncan Jane 19 f Mo    
50Di294c Duncan Debby 10 f Mo    
50Di295a Buckingham John 33 m NC    
50Di295b Buckingham Jane 30 f Ill    
50Di295c Buckingham Joseph 10 m Ill    
50Di295d Buckingham John 08 m Ill    
50Di295e Farnes Kezia 20 f Ohio    
50Di296a Stonebraker Michael 26 m Ohio    
50Di296b Stonebraker Sarah 19 f NC    
50Di296c Stonebraker Ellen 03 f Mo    
50Di297a Jones Anderson 52 m NC    
50Di297b Jones Mary 18 f Mo    
50Di297c Jones William 11 m Mo    
50Di298a Buckingham Joseph 55 m NC    
50Di298b Buckingham Malinda 57 f NC    
50Di298c Buckingham Joshua 23 m Tenn    
50Di298d Buckingham Rebecca 23 f Ind    
50Di298e Buckingham Thomas 22 m Tenn    
50Di298f Buckingham Jane 8/12 f Iowa    
50Di299a Huggins James 36 m NC    
50Di299b Huggins Rachel 26 f Tenn    
50Di299c Huggins Francis 08 m Ill    
50Di299d Huggins Mahalia 06 f Ill    
50Di299e Huggins Sidney 03 m Iowa    
50Di299f Huggins Jane 6/12 f Iowa    
50Di300a Thomas Elisha 55 m SC    
50Di300b Thomas Sarah 50 f Tenn    
50Di300c Thomas Ann 26 f Ohio    
50Di300d Thomas Elizabeth 20 f Ohio    
50Di300e Thomas Sylvester 26 m Ohio    
50Di300f Quinby Aaron 26 m Penn    
50Di300g Quinby Erastus 21 m Ohio    
50Di301a Rose John 46 m Va    
50Di301b Rose David 22 m Tenn    
50Di301c Rose Caldwell 18 m Tenn    
50Di301d Rose William 15 m Ill    
50Di301e Rose Mary 13 f Ill    
50Di301f Rose Elizabeth 13 f Ill    
50Di302a Grage William 47 m Dela    
50Di302b Grage Ann 46 f Mass    
50Di302c Grage Hannah 23 f Penn    
50Di302d Grage David 21 m Penn    
50Di302e Grage Sarah 19 f Ohio    
50Di302f Grage Samuel 19 m Penn    
50Di302g Grage Oliver 17 m Ohio    
50Di302h Grage Mary 12 f Ohio    
50Di302i Grage John 10 m Ohio    
50Di302j Grage Eliza 06 f Ohio    
50Di302k Grage William 04 m Ohio    
50Di303a Martin Henry 48 m NY    
50Di303b Martin Christina 46 f NY    
50Di303c Martin Lucinda 18 f Ohio    
50Di304a Magby C. 30 m Tenn    
50Di304b Magby Samantha 29 f Tenn    
50Di304c Magby William 09 m Tenn    
50Di304d Magby James 08 m Tenn    
50Di304e Magby Wiley 07 m Mo    
50Di304f Magby Fetney 04 f Mo    
50Di304g Magby Charles 02 m Mo    
50Di304h Magby Lorania 02 m Mo    
50Di304i Magby John 7/12 m Tenn    
50Di304j Hurst Huldah 19 f Tenn    
50Di304k Hurst Theodore 3/12 m Iowa    
50Di305a Huston William 35 m Ky    
50Di305b Huston Louisa 29 f Mo    
50Di305c Huston Samuel 05 m Mo    
50Di305d Huston Andrew 03 m Mo    
50Di305e Huston James 01 m Iowa    
50Di305f Brown Joshua 28 m Va    
50Di306a Robins William 38 m NY    
50Di306b Robins Eliza 25 f NC    
50Di306c Robins Joseph 10 m Ill    
50Di306d Robins Ann 08 f Ill    
50Di306e Robins Mary 05 f Mo    
50Di306f Robins John 02 m Mo    
50Di306g Robins William 02 m Mo    
50Di307a Murrey James 35 m Tenn    
50Di307b Murrey Susanna 39 f NC    
50Di307c Murrey Henderson 12 m Tenn    
50Di307d Murrey Andrew 10 m Tenn    
50Di307e Murrey Rachel 08 f Tenn    
50Di307f Murrey Jane 05 f Mo    
50Di307g Langley Michael 28 m NC    
50Di308a Price John 49 m NJ    
50Di308b Price Mary 48 f Penn    
50Di308c Price Elizabeth 22 f Penn    
50Di308d Price Henry 18 m Penn    
50Di308e Price William 13 m Penn    
50Di308f Price Harvey 13 m Penn    
50Di308g Price Charles 09 m Penn    
50Di308h Price Jacob 08 m Penn    
50Di309a Boulware Philip 38 m Ill    
50Di309b Boulware Parthenia 33 f Mo    
50Di309c Boulware William 15 m Ill    
50Di309d Boulware Caleb 13 m Mo    
50Di309e Boulware Margaret 11 f Mo    
50Di309f Boulware Christina 09 f Mo    
50Di309g Boulware Elizabeth 06 f Mo    
50Di309h Boulware Martha 3/12 f Mo    
50Di309i Bayley William 15 m Mo    
50Di309j Boulware Ursula 63 f SC    
50Di309k Bayley Margaret 57 f unknown    
50Di310a Buckland Neson 30 m NY    
50Di310b Buckland Margaret 25 f Ky    
50Di311a Connor Richard 33 m Ky    
50Di311b Connor Jane 26 f Ky    
50Di311c Connor Sarah 05 f Mo    
50Di311d Connor Mary 03 f Mo    
50Di311e Connor Elizabeth 2/12 f Iowa    
50Di312a Fruits Jacob 42 m Ohio    
50Di312b Fruits Elizabeth 37 f Ky    
50Di312c Fruits Mary 17 f Ind    
50Di312d Fruits Henry 13 m Ind    
50Di312e Fruits Jane 10 f Ind    
50Di312f Fruits Elizabeth 08 f Ind    
50Di312g Fruits George 06 m Iowa    
50Di312h Fruits John 02 m Iowa    
50Di312i Farnes Jane 18 f Mo    
50Di313a Limbaw John 25 m Tenn    
50Di313b Limbaw Catherine 20 f Ind    
50Di314a Hardy William 35 m Ky    
50Di314b Hardy Elizabeth 35 f Ky    
50Di314c Hardy Joseph 13 m Ind    
50Di314d Hardy Ann 10 f Ind    
50Di314e Hardy Oliver 07 m Mo    
50Di314f Hardy Jane 05 f Mo    
50Di314g Hardy Rebecca 02 f Mo    
50Di314h Hardy William 2/12 m Mo    
50Di314i Dillon Rachel 35 f Ky    
50Di314j Dillon Henry 15 m Ky    
50Di315a Hardy George W. 27 m Ohio    
50Di315b Hardy Kezia 23 f Ill    
50Di315c Hardy Sarah 03 f Mo    
50Di315d Hardy Mary 6/12 f Iowa    
50Di316a Fruits Sebastian 35 m Ind    
50Di316b Fruits Matilda 36 f Ohio    
50Di316c Fruits David 12 m Ind    
50Di316d Fruits Sebastian 11 m Ind    
50Di316e Fruits William 09 m Ind    
50Di316f Fruits Jane 07 f Ind    
50Di316g Fruits Matilda 06 f Ind    
50Di316h Fruits Mary 02 f Iowa    
50Di316i Fruits Elizabeth 01 f Iowa