1880-1885 Death Records
Osceola Co., Iowa

Below are death records from old ledgers at the Osceola Co. courthouse,
for the years 1880-1885. Scroll to the right to view the entire record.

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    Surname    Given Name Sex    Age Race Date of Death

 Marital   Status


Place of Death


Date of Burial


Rubow Bennie M 1y8m10d W 8-18-1880 S Iowa Viola Twp. Colitis 8-19-1880 Sibley
Rubow Sarah F 9m W 8-18-1880 S Viola Twp. Viola Twp. Convulsions 8-19-1880 Sibley
Wright Harris M 10m14d W 9-23-1880 S Sibley Sibley Entercolitis 9-24-1880 Sibley
Reeves Melvin M 8y B 10-25-1880 S Gilman Twp. Gilman Twp. Peritonitis cause by horse's kick 10-26-1885 Gilman Twp.
Underwood Jennie F 1y2m24d W 12-16-1880 S Geneva Lake, WI Wilson Twp. Remittant fever 12-18-1880 Wilson Twp.
Stamm infant twin F 7m (?) W 12-9-1880 S Viola Twp. Viola Twp. Premature birth 12-9-1880 Viola Twp.
Stamm infant twin F 7m (?) W 12-14-1880 S Viola Twp. Viola Twp. Premature birth 12-14-1880 Viola Twp.
Hartman Lettie F 76y W 1-16-1881 Wid New York Fairview Twp. Congestion of lungs 1-18-1881 Fairview Twp.
Crawford Catherine F 48y W 1-16-1881 M Ireland Hohman Twp. Valvular disease of the heart 1-18-1881 near Sanborn IA
Jackson Sarah F 72y W 2-25-1881 M England Hohman Twp. Old age 2-27-1881 unreadable
Hills Charles M 57y10m19d W 3-12-1881 M Ohio Hohman Twp. Consumption 3-15-1881 Hohman Twp.
Frary/Frery Edgar M 36y29d W 4-29-1881 M Ohio Ocheyedan Twp. Pneumonia 5-1-1881 Hohman Twp.
Zensen Renold M 3y4m W 2-2-1881 S Gilman Twp. Gilman Twp. Cold 2-4-1881 Catholic
Bailey James M 34y2m28d W 4-22-1881 M Frydan, NY in Ocheyedan Creek Drowning 4-24-1881 Scott Co.
Johnson Fred M 16d W 8-19-1881 S Hohman Twp. Hohman Twp. Entercolitis 9-28-1881 Holman Twp.
Townsend Jay M 17d W 7-21-1881 S Sibley Sibley unknown unknown Holman Twp.
Camey/Cancy Edith F 7m 27d W 7-2-1881 S Iowa Holman Twp. Cholera infantum unknown Hohman Twp.
Cleaveland William Francis M 4d W 10-26-1881 S Iowa Rush Lake unknown unknown Rush Lake
Gee Charles M 23y10m14d W 10-17-1881 not given not given Holman Twp. Typhoid fever 10-19-1881 Holman Twp.
Frees Dora C. F 5y5m6d W 10-26-1881 S Illinois Sibley Cellutitis of foot unknown Hohman Twp.
Riley Nellie Alba F 6y5m27d W 11-27-1881 S Iowa Wilson Twp. Scarlet fever 11-28-1881 Holman Twp.
Hagle Essibell F 5y2m15d W 11-30-1881 S Iowa Hohman Twp. Scarlet fever 12-1-1881 Holman Twp.
Pell George C. M 1y1d W 2-18-1882 S Osceola Co. Sibley Bronchitis 2-20-1882 Holman Twp.
Vanskey Isaac M 57y16d W 5-10-1882 M Indiana Goewey Twp Peritonis 5-11-1882 Holman Twp.
Wilds Hebert C. M 1y21d W 12-12-1882 S Minnesota Sibley Eclampsia 12-13-1882 Holman Twp.
McCausland Kate F 2y10m25d W 3-12-1882 S Iowa Sibley Diphtheria 3-14-1882 Holman Twp.
Johnson Matilda F 27y7m6d W 5-10-1882 M Sweden Horton Twp. Childbirth 5-12-1882 Nobles Co. MN
Moar/Moore Oren J. M 8m4d W 8-31-1882 S Sibley Sibley Intestinal inflammation 9-1-1882 Holman Twp.
Moar/Moore Oscar M 7m26d W 8-22-1882 S Sibley Sibley Intestinal inflammation 9-1-1882 Holman Twp.
Brooks Bertie M 9y2m14d W 6-27-1882 S Iowa Sibley Meningitis 6-30-1882 Holman Twp.
Sherman Margaret V. F 23y7m21d W 5-18-1882 not given Iowa Fairview Twp. Peritionits 5-25-1882 Holman Twp.
Fanwell Mary A. McCausland F 46y6d W 4-26-182 M Canada Sibley Pulmonary consumption 4-28-1882 Holman Twp.
Hannon Frank M 3m2d W 11-17-1882 S Sibley Sibley Morasneses 11-18-1882 Holman Twp.
Beightley Myrtle A. F 5m10d W 1-23-1883 S Ashton Twp. Ashton Twp. Pneumonia 1-25-1883 Ashton Twp.
McLaughlin Harry Edward M 3m W 1-27-1883 S Ashton Twp. Ashton Twp. Paralysis of organs not given Ashton Twp.
Gegen Peter M 1y11m7d W 6-10-1883 S Gilman Twp. Gilman Twp. Scarlatina 6-11-1883 Ashton Twp.
Aitkin William F. M 72y11m23d W 6-27-1883 Wider New York City Sibley Pneumonia 6-28-1883 Sibley
Zonker/Jonker John M 21y2m24d W 10-4-1883 S England Sibley Typhoid fever not given Sibley
Hathaway Halles M 21y3m W 5-15-1883 S Wisconsin Ocheyedan Twp. Consumption 5-16-1883 Goewey Twp.
Thompson Arthur M 11y2m3d W 5-28-1883 S Iowa Sibley Typhoid fever 5-29-1883 Sibley
Rowland Anthony M 67y4m18d W 10-18-1883 Wider New York Sibley Pneumonia not given Fakento NY
Toland George M 24y W 6-30-1883 M Wisconsin Sibley Pulmonary tuberculosis 7-1-1883 Sibley
Webb Ned Leroy M 8y3m W 4-12-1883 S Iowa Sibley Diabete melitis 4-14-1883 Sibley
Chambers Roy M 10m16d W 7-26-1883 S Sibley Sibley Pulmonary tuberculosis 7-28-1883 Sibley
Laherty Ellen F 22y W 10-2-1883 M Ireland Sibley Puerperal septicemia 10-4-1883 Alton, IA
Townsend Earnest Buell M 1m29d W 10-18-1883 S Gilman Twp. Gilman Twp. Gastritis simple 10-19-1883 Ashton Twp.
Pell William F. M 20y5m12d W 8-30-1883 S Iowa Sibley Tetinus 8-31-1883 Osceola Co.
Hills infant M 10d W 10-18-1883 S Ashton Twp. Ashton Twp. Premature birth 10-20-1883 Ashton Twp.
Hoskins Hellen F 32y6m10d W 11-17-1883 M Wisconsin Goewey Twp. Miscarriage 11-18-1883 Ashton Twp.
Conger David M about 40y W 5-28-1884 unknown unknown hotel in Sibley Spinal meningitis 5-28-1884 Sibley
Smith Nellie May F 2y1m17d W 7-3-1884 S Traverse Co. MN Sibley Remittant fever 7-4-1884 Sibley
Skuse John M 70y8m1d W 8-3-1884 M Co. Cork, IRE Sibley Old age 8-5-1884 Sibley
Clapsaddle Michael M 73y6m W 7-18-1884 M Harkimer Co. NY Sibley Heart disease 7-19-1884 Sibley
Whitney Walter E. M 12y12d W 9-22-1884 S Sibley Sibley Femoral artery cut in accident 9-24-1884 Sibley
Gallager Ellen F 24y10m5d W 8-16-1884 M Iowa Ashton Twp. Pulmonary consumption 8-18-1884 Ashton Twp.
Larson/Larsen Lydia F 5m8d W 9-11-1884 S Sibley Sibley unknown 9-12-1884 Sibley
Boor Camie K. F 1y11m8d W 9-18-1884 S Ashton Twp. Ashton Twp. Infantile paralysis not given Ashton Twp.
Frye/Fry Mary F 20y5m12d W 10-14-1884 M US Holman Twp. Parturition 10-16-1884 unreadable
Roberts Letta F 27y W 10-25-1884 M Indiana Gilman Twp. Bright's disease unreadable unreadable
Carter Mrs. Winifred F 76y W 1-21-1885 Wid West Haven, VT Ashton Twp. Bronchitis not given DeSoto, NY
Irwin infant M 21d W 4-16-1885 S Iowa Hohman Twp. Infammation of bowels 4-17-1885 Sibley
Mandeville Harris Joy M 6y4m1d W 4-25-1885 S Osceola Co. Sibley Diphtheria 4-26-1885 Sibley
Mandeville Eva Leloa F 11y4m1d W 4-21-1885 S Osceola Co. Sibley Diphtheria 4-22-1885 Sibley
Mandeville Anna Hazel F 9y2m14d W 5-1-1885 S Osceola Co. Sibley Diphtheria 5-2-1885 Sibley
Paddock Olive C. F 15y4m W 5-12-1885 S Wisconsin Holman Twp. Diphtheria 5-13-1885 Sibley
Parker Minnie Myrtle F 7m4d W 6-21-1885 S Osceola Co. Osceola Co. Cholera infantum 6-21-1885 Sibley
Lenk/Leuk/Link Fritz M 49y11m23d W 8-23-1885 M Germany Goewey Twp. Kidney disease 8-25-1885 Ashton Twp.
Robertson Emeline L F 41y9m8d W 5-2-1885 M Ohio Holman Twp. Pneumonia 5-5-1885 unreadable
Stamm Rebecca Ann M 34y11m24d W 3-25-1885 M Ohio Holman Twp. Pneumonia-consumption 3-26-1885 Sibley
Morse Paule M 3y9m10d W 9-13-1885 S Iowa Holman Twp. Diphtheria 9-13-1885 Holman Twp.
Rea Eliza H. F 10y7m4d W 5-23-1885 S Iowa Holman Twp. Diphtheria 5-24-1885 Holman Twp.
Downs Mary Alice F 8y9m7d W 9-13-1885 S England Viola Twp. Typhoid fever 9-14-1885 Holman Twp.
Gafan/Gapan Nicholas M 8m16d W 9-25-1885 S Ashton Twp. Ashton Twp. Cholera infantum 9-25-1885 Ashton Twp.
Hall Esther Anna F 40y7m W 12-13-1885 M New York Ocheyedan Twp. Encephalitis 12-15-1885 near Spencer IA
Moar Hattie M. F 1y8m10d W 12-18-1885 S Iowa Ocheyedan Twp. Pneumonia 12-19-1885 Ocheyedan
Martine Diantha F 60y W 11-16-1885 Wid Vermont Sibley Cancer of stomach 11-17-1885 Holman Twp.

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