1886-1890 Death Records
Osceola Co., Iowa

Below are death records from old ledgers at the Osceola Co. courthouse,
for the years 1886-1890.


Surname Given Name Sex Age Race Date of Death Marital Status Birth Place of Death Cause Death Cemetery
Martine Hester F 8y8d W 1-15-1886 S Iowa Viola Twp. Bright's disease Jan.16, 1886 Sibley
Chambers Warren M 10m18d W 1-6-1886 S Sibley Sibley Congestion of lungs not given Ashton
Griswold Levi A. M 66y2m14d W 1-7-1886 M Vermont Sibley Paralysis not given Sibley
Ha--- infant M 6d W 2-12-1886 S Iowa Holman Twp. Peritonitis 2-12-1886 South part county
Maesser Frederick S, M 6y6m10d W 3-6-1886 S Osceola Co. Goewey Twp. Scarlet fever 3-7-1886 SE1/4 Sec.3
Harrington Leroy M 6y4m8d W 1-28-1886 S Illinois Wilson Twp. Diabetes 1-31-1886 Wilson Twp.
Hake William C. M 4y3m16d W 3-12-1886 S Illinois Holman Twp. Diphtheria 3-13-1886 Goewey Twp.
Ta-------- Mable I. F 1y24d W 3-21-1886 S Minnesota Ocheyedan  Whooping cough not given Sibley
Wood Edith E. F 1y9m14d W 4-9-1886 S Kossuth Co. Ocheyedan  Whooping cough not given Fairview Twp.
Irvin Mrs. Catherine L. F 56y9m21d W 3-28-1886 M Pennsylvania Sibley Cancer of the liver 4-2-1886 Freeport Co. IL
Hoag Elizabeth H. F 82y3m24d W 2-27-1886 W New York Holman Twp. Old age 3-1-1886 Holman 
Bailey Lotta F 7y20d W 3-20-1886 S Sibley Sibley Membraneous croup 3-22-1886 Sibley
Emmert Freda F 5y7m28d W 3-24-1886 S Sibley Sibley Membraneous croup 3-26-1886 Sibley
Nieman/Niemann George H. M 21y10m18d W 5-2-1886 M Prussia Holman Twp. Gunshot wound 5-4-1886 Sibley
Lyman Lawrence M 3y3d W 4-25-1886 S Iowa Goewey Twp. Whooping cough 4-26-1886 Ashton
Foster William M 55y10m W 7-10-1886 M Ireland Osceola Co. Angina pectoris 7-12-1886 Ashton
Griggs Bessie F 2y2m9d W 7-23-1886 S Iowa Osceola Co. Scarlatina 7-23-1886 Ashton
Neinyer George E. M 12y4m5d W 3-8-1886 S Illinois Sibley Sh---- of rectum 3-9-1886 Sibley
Fry Sarah Elizabeth F 5y5m7d W 3-31-1886 S Illinois Holman Twp. Scarlatina not given Ashton
Fry Emannuel D. M 3y4m29d W 4-2-1886 S Illinois Holman Twp. Scarlatina not given Ashton
Ling Gilbert M 6m W 5-17-1886 S Iowa Osceola Co. Whooping cough 5-18-1886 Wilson Twp.
Perry Albert E. M 24y2m W 6-11-1886 S Wisconsin Osceola Co. Septicemia not given Goewey Twp.
Holland Joseph M 5y3m15d W 10-1-1886 S Osceola Co. Goewey Twp. Croup 10-3-1886 Ashton
Till John M not given W 11-18-1886 S Weimar Ashton not given 11-19-1886 Ashton
Jurneg Alice Gertrude F 6y10m11d W 12-1-1886 S Iowa Holman Twp. Strangulation not given Sibley
Smith Emma Louisa F 13y6m W 12-3-1886 S Sibley Holman Twp. Diphtheria 12-4-1886 Goewey Twp.
Smith Eva Laura F 7y W 12-2-1886 S Sibley Holman Twp. Diphtheria 12-3-1886 Goewey Twp.
Kimberly Millie Ruth F 1m13d W 12-17-1886 S Iowa Sibley not known 12-19-1886 Sibley
Gee William Jr. M 60y9m5d W 12-20-1884 M Ohio Holman Twp. Pneumonia 12-21-1884 Sibley
Lent Fredreca F 28y8m17d W 1-1-1887 M Germany Sibley Inflammation of ear 1-3-1887 Holman Twp.
Shaw Ozella L. F 1y2m28d W 2-18-1887 S Sibley Sibley Pleuro-pneumonia 2-21-1887 Sibley
Burton Mahala F 44y7m25d W 3-17-1887 M Ohio Holman Twp. Bright's disease 3-25-1887 Holman Twp.
Spenden Eugene S. M 37y4m10d W 3-14-1887 M Ohio Wilson Twp. Typhoid fever 3-16-1887 Holman Twp.
Hills infant F 1d W 4-14-1887 S Ashton Ashton not given 4-15-1887 Ashton
Gregg Gerald R. M 21y W 4-17-1887 S England Holman Twp. Laudanum poisoning 4-21-1887 Sibley
Beckman d/o W. J. Beckman F 4h W 3-12-1887 S Wilson Twp. Wilson Twp. Premature birth 3-13-1887 Wilson Twp.
Hunt Joseph B. M 78y2m6d W 4/24/1887 M New York Sibley Kidney disease not given Holman Twp.
Brunson Nellie F 2m3d W 4/23/1887 S Sibley Sibley Influenza 4/23/1887 Goewey Twp.
Kirkham infant ng stillborn W 4/11/1887 S not given not given not given not given not given
Platts Georgia F 28yr W 5/23/1887 M New York Wilson Twp. Spinal meningitis not given Wilson Twp.
Rabe Mary Ann  F 5y2m7d W 6/28/1887 S Lyon Co. Gilman Twp. Spinal meningitis not given Sibley
Lynch Mary F 25y2m12d W 6/11/1887 M Illinois Sibley Venous thrombosis 6/14/1887 Melrose, Monona Co.
Bolden/Boldon Vinnie F 11m28d W 7/2/1887 S Sibley Sibley Entercolitis 7/3/1887 Wilson Twp.
Baker George M 65y5m3d W 7/8/1887 M Devonshire, Eng. Goewey Attack by vicious bull 7/10/1887 Ashton
Czemenska Josephine F 22y W 5/27/1887 S Germany Viola Twp. Pulmonary consumption 5/29/1887 Holman Twp.
Stage Albert M 10m27d W 7/14/1887 S Iowa Viola Twp. Gastroenteritis not given Little Rock
Morrow Mary Ann F 27y8m7d W 6/29/1887 M Brainfield, Ohio Goewey Twp. Blood poisoning 6/30/1887 Gilman Twp.
Anderson Amanda F 11m18d W 7/18/1887 S Sibley Sibley Dysentery 7/19/1887 Sibley
Cook Anne Louisa F 1y18d W 7/23/1887 S Dale Twp, Lyon Co. Gilman Twp. Hydrocephalitis 7/25/1887 Quaker Cem., Lyon Co.
Stevens Ruth Preston (male) M 6y5m19d W 8/9/1887 S Iowa Goewey Twp. Diphtheria 8/10/1887 Goewey Twp.
Schmoll William M 6y7m28d W 10/17/1887 S Iowa Sibley Diphtheria not given Sibley
Barnes Minnie Z. F 4y3m14d W 11/11/1887 S Sioux City Sibley Diphtheria 11/11/1887 Sibley
Culver Ather M 4y6m19d W 10/26/1887 S Sibley Sibley Diphtheria not given Sibley
Reynolds Eleanor Riggs F 74y11m22d W 10/22/1887 M Delaware Co., NY Holman Twp. Old age 10/23/1887 Wilson Twp.
Carnes Edwin M 77y5m18d W 12/22/1887 Wer Vermont Ocheyedan Chronic gastritis 12/23/1887 Ocheyedan
Spooner Milton W. M 16y5 W 12/24/1887 S America Wilson Twp. Dropsy not given Viola Twp.
Wood Charles H. M 5y3m17d W not given S Iowa Sibley Diphtheria 11/24/1887 Holman Twp.
Therise Joseph M 23y W 1/13/1888 S Germany Ocheyedan Froze to death in blizzard 12/23/1888 Ocheyedan
Gillis Clayton M 37y W 1/28/1888 M Wisconsin Goewey Twp. Consumption 1/28/1888 Goewey Twp.
Townsend Mary Eliza F 67y W 1/4/1888 M not given Ashton  Pneumonia 1/7/1888 Ashton
Budge Vinson M 11m7d W 1/12/1888 S Iowa Holman Twp. Menigitis/cholera 1/15/1888 Holman Twp.
Ditto Samuel H. M 40y10m W 2/22/1888 S Ohio Sibley Fibroid pthritis (lungs) 2/23/1888 Sibley
Irvin Jacob B. M 63y1m22d W 3/6/1888 Wer Pennsylvania Sibley Bright's disease 3/8/1888 Freeport, Ill
Harris Samuel M 80y9m18d W 3/1/1888 Wer Ontario, Canada Sibley Pneumonia 3/4/1888 Cedar City, MN
Thom/Thorn Matthew M. M 6y8m21d W 4/20/1888 S Wisconsin Gilman Twp. Measles 4/22/1888 Gilman Twp.
Elstead/Elsted Albert Peter Louis M 1y3m17d W 4/15/1888 S Iowa Sibley Measles 4/16/1888 Sibley
Anderson Amanda F 6m7d W 4/14/1888 S Iowa Sibley Measles 4/15/1888 Sibley
Graves A. B. M 62y W 3/21/1888 M Yorkshire, Eng. Sibley Gangrene of foot/diabetes 3/22/1888 Sibley
Stauffer Elizabeth F 11m W 4/25/1888 S Pennsylvania Baker Twp. Ascaris lumbardes not given Mennonite Cemetery
Gingrich Amos M 4y W not given S Canada Baker Twp Brochitis after measles not given Mennonite Cemetery
Sandwehr Annie Margaret F 1y5m14d W 6/9/1888 S Ashton Ashton Measles 6/12/1888 Ashton
Eupun/Eufrin Lewis M 7m2 W 5/31/1888 S Iowa Wilson Twp. Whooping cough 6/2/1888 Wilson Twp.
Fries Lizzie F 24y2m4d W 5/15/1888 M Wisconsin Gilman Pelvic abscess 5/17/1888 Gilman Twp.
Pulaski Sophia F 32y W 6/25/1888 M Germany Horton Twp. Hemorrhage of placenta 6/28/1888 Horton Twp.
Gagan Rose F 11m11d W 6/27/188 S Ashton Ashton Measles/pneumonia 6/28/1888 Ashton
Trasker/Fracker Herbert F 1y6m W 7/3/1888 S Ashton Ashton Pneumonia 7/4/1888 Ashton
Rezarch infant F 11m11d W 7/2/1888 S Missouri Ashton Dysentery 7/3/1888 Ashton
Hanslip Ann F 82y5m8d W 7/13/1888 Wed England Sibley Old age 7/14/1888 Holman Twp.
Six Charles S. M 27y6m16d W 5/6/1888 S not given East Holman Pneumonia consumption 5/7/1888 Holman Twp.
Rosenberg Morton M 61y11m21d W 8/8/1888 M Jefferson Co., NY Ashton Pleuro-pneumonia 8/10/1888 Ashton
Creszy/Cressy Mertie Isora F 18y9m2d W 7/25/1888 S Iowa Sibley Consumption not given Lisbon, IA
Green Timothy M 75y3m6d W 8/20/1888 M Vermont Holman Twp. Retention of urine not given Sibley
Fennel E. M 9y14d W 9/28/1888 S Altoona PA Sibley Heart disease not given Altoona PA
Richards Sadie E. F 22y7m28d W 10/12/1888 M Iowa Sibley not given not given not given
Arfsten/Arfstein William A. M not given W 8/30/1888 M Germany Goewey Twp. Mastoid abscess not given Gilman Twp.
Anderson Mary F 32y10m10d W 10/14/1888 M Denmark Holman Twp. Bright's disease 10/16/1888 Goewey Twp.
Pfaff Rebecca E. F 35y3m18d W 9/22/1888 M Illinois not given Bright's disease not given Fairview Cem.
Russell Laura B. F 72y8m3d W 8/26/1888 Wed Vermont Sibley Consumption 8/27/1888 Holman Twp.
Masters Emery Meles M 7y6m11d W 11/11/1888 S Marnee (?) Ashton Heart disease 11/13/1888 Ashton
Hickok Isabella F 26y6m27d W 11/12/1888 M Wisconsin Sibley Miscarriage 11/13/1888 Sibley
Frees/Fries Oscar M 40y5m9d W 11/27/1888 M Illinois Sibley Pulmonary consumption 11/30/1888 Sibley
Mead William Jr. M 78y1m28d W 12/4/1888 M not given Sibley Cyclitis 12/7/1888 Holman Twp.
Smith Lewis M 2m8d W 12/25/1888 S Ocheyedan Ocheyedan Found dead in bed 12/26/1888 Ocheyedan
Barnes Jennie F 18y W 1/9/1889 S not given Sibley Typhoid fever 1/9/1889 Sibley
Korth Dora F 37y8m21d W 1/21/1889 M Brachtenburg Fairview Twp. Hemorrhage of placenta 1/24/1889 Ocheyedan
Shaw Charles A. M 49y5m13d W 1/23/1889 S Pennsylvania Sibley Chronic pleuropneumonia 1/24/1889 Sibley
Thomas Jacob M 76y1m10d W 1/20/1889 M Cornwall, England Sibley Hemorrhage of kidney 1/22/1889 Wilson Twp.
Bryan Nola F 6y W 2/3/1889 S Illinois Baker Twp. Typhoid fever 2/4/1889 Baker Twp.
Asher/Ascher George M 3m23d W 2/6/1889 S Ocheyedan Twp. Ocheyedan Twp. Pneumonia 2/8/1889 Horton Twp.
Bremer Herman M 5m16d W 3/1/1889 S Horton Twp. Horton Twp. Meningitis 3/1/1889 German Cemetery, Horton Twp.
Jones male M 80y4m7d W 2/6/1889 M New York Goewey Twp. Old age 2/7/1889 Goewey Twp.
Hall John M. M 19y1m W 3/14/1889 S Illinois Fairview Twp. Concussion; fell from horse 3/17/1889 Lake Park
Rinke Herman H. M. 4y1m26d W 3/20/1889 S Goewey Twp. Goewey Twp. Congestion of the lungs 3/22/1889 Ashton
Heck Henry  M 20y W 4/17/1889 S England Baker Twp. Embolism 4/18/1889 Baker Twp.
Harrison Benjamin H. M 18y6m W 5/9/1889 S Staffordshire, Eng. Ocheyedan Twp. Fell from top of hay wagon 5/11/1889 Ocheyedan Twp.
Miller Leon M 1y4m14d W 3/14/1889 S not given Sibley Pneumonia 3/16/1889 Sibley
Averill David M 87y3m16d W 5/22/1889 Wer Vermont Sibley Old age 5/23/1889 Sibley
Morrison Christie Jane F 51y8m11d W 5/21/1889 M Warren Co., PA Sibley Neuralgia 5/22/1889 Sibley
Mead Jerome B. M 45y7m25d W 5/28/1889 M Ohio Sibley Malignant melanoma 5/30/1889 Ashton
Chambers infant M 1d W 5/24/1889 S Sibley Sibley Inanition; premature birth 5/24/1889 Sibley
Anderson infant F 7d W 6/12/1889 S Sibley Sibley Abscess in thorax 6/12/1889 Sibley
Cooper W. H. M 59y9m21d W 6/21/1889 M not given Sibley Cancer of liver 6/23/1889 Wilson Twp.
Bradbury Ziba H. M 69y5m10d W 6/22/1889 M Maine Sibley Angina pectoris not given Ripon, WI
Bain Estella I. F 6y10m24d W 8/10/1889 S Iowa Viola Twp. Whooping cough 8/11/1889 Holman Twp.
Harrison Mary F 74y W 8/9/1889 S Staffordshire, Eng. Ocheyedan Twp. Old age 8/11/1889 Ocheyedan Twp.
Baldwin Edna F 11m10d W 7/24/1889 S Iowa Sibley Cholera infantum 7/25/1889 Wilson Twp.
Buchanan Minnie Grau F 10m10d W 8/10/1889 S Sibley Sibley Dysentery 8/11/1889 Sibley
Chamberlain Milton E. M 12y11m25d W 9/15/1889 S Iowa Sibley Rheumatism 9/16/1889 Holman Twp.
Siste Lucinda F 51y5m16d W 9/21/1889 M Indiana Wilson Twp. Annuister of the aorta 9/22/1889 Wilson Twp.
Ver Hags Willie M 5m18d W 8/22/1889 S Hospers Sibley Diarrhea 8/22/1889 Sibley
Rupener Glen M 3y4m12d W 9/13/1889 S Johnson Co. IA Fairview Twp. Whooping cough 9/14/1889 Ocheyedan Twp.
Clark Arthur S. M 25y7m24d W 9/30/1889 M England Sibley Meningitis at base of brain 9/30/1889 Sibley
Sittler A. M. L. M. F 1y2d W 8/2/1889 S Baker Twp. Baker Twp. Cholera infantum 8/4/1889 Baker Twp.
Gontjes Lizzie F 19y W 10/20/1889 M England Baker Twp. Typhoid fever 10/22/1889 Baker Twp.
Smalley Emma J. F 26y3m11d W 10/27/1889 M New York Holman Twp. Ulcer of stomach 10/29/1889 Gilman
Dietz Garret W. M 77y5m29d W 11/29/1889 M Otsego Co., NY Holman Twp. Old age not given Sibley
Neill Julia O. F 59y9m21d W 11/21/1889 M Ireland Holman Twp. Endocarditis 11/23/1889 Ashton
Smalley Elmer M 42y3m11d W 12/2/1889 M Pennsylvania Holman Twp. Diabetes 12/4/1889 Sibley
McCone Annie F 5y2m2d W 12/17/1889 S Iowa Holman Twp. Diphtheria 12/17/1889 Sibley
McCone George Sandford M 6y3m25d W 12/18/1889 S Iowa Holman Twp. Diphtheria 12/18/1889 Sibley
McCone Charles L. M 6y3m23d W 12/16/1889 S Iowa Holman Twp. Diphtheria 12/17/1889 Sibley
Clypool/Claypool Mary M. F 31y1m1d W 1/18/1890 M Illinois Holman Twp. Influenza 1/24/1890 Sibley
Ditto Alta May F 2y10m6d W 1/17/1890 S Sibley Sibley unknown 1/20/1890 Sibley
Ditto Cline M 1m8d W 1/29/1890 S Sibley Sibley Suffocation 1/29/1890 Sibley
Isley Christine F 36y3m28d W 1/9/1890 M Germany Harrison Twp. Spinal disease 1/10/1890 Harrison Twp.
Isley Ed Oscar M 3m11d W 1/9/1890 S Iowa Harrison Twp. unknown 1/10/1890 Harrison Twp.
March Mary Ann F 71y10m23d W 1/28/1890 M Londonderry, IRE Ocheyedan Twp. La Grippe 1/31/1890 Ocheyedan Twp.
Hanna John Daniel Harrison M 1y5m4d W 1/30/1890 S Fairview Twp. Fairview Twp. Pneumonia/meningitis 2/1/1890 Fairview Twp.
Bennett Ernest M 9y11m W 2/13/1890 S Iowa Sibley Acute endomylitis 2/13/1890 Sibley
Kuhn Anna F 34y4m18d W 2/17/1890 M Iowa Viola Twp. Heart failure 2/19/1890 Wilson Twp.
Myers infant M 1y1m W 3/7/1890 S Holman Twp. Holman Twp. Eclampsia 3/3/1890 Sibley
Harris J. D. M 57y5m19d W 4/1/1890 M Baltimore Sibley Gastraglia  4/4/1890 Sibley
Hanna infant M 2m W 4/8/1890 S Fairview Twp. Fairview Twp. Spasmodic laryngitis 4/9/1890 Fairview Twp.
Thompson John M 6m W 4/21/1890 S Sibley Sibley Congestion of brain 4/22/1890 Sibley
Reynolds Rachael May F 4y8m W 6/24/1890 S Ocheyedan Twp. Ocheyedan Twp. Meningitis 6/26/1890 Ocheyedan Twp.
Armin Bejamin M 10m W 7/19/1890 S Sibley Sibley Gastritis 7/20/1890 Sibley
Harjehausen Diedrich M 47y1m24d W 7/2/1890 M Germany Goewey Twp. Hemorrhage of artery of knee 7/4/1890 Ashton
Neil/Neill John  M 64y6m10d W 8/9/1890 Wer Ireland Holman Twp. Chronic cystitis/prostate 7/11/1890 Ashton
Cleaveland Helen F 2y9m4d W 8/15/1890 S Fairview Twp. Fairview Twp. Entercolitis 8/16/1890 Fairview Twp.
Fenton Joseph H. M 56y W 8/29/1890 M New York Sibley Disease of lungs 8/30/1890 Holman Twp.
Campbell Lucretia M 56y7m15d W 9/20/1890 W Indiana Sibley Gastritis/endocarditis 9/23/1890 Chariton IA
Pardee Leverette M 77y4m19d W 9/23/1890 Wer Vermont Viola Twp. Old age 10/3/1890 Wilson Twp.
Hanna Stephen M 19y3m21d W 10/29/1890 S Canada Fairview Twp. Apoplexy 10/31/1890 Fairview Twp.
Albers Reinhart M 5d W 11/3/1890 S Holman Twp. Holman Twp. Infantile spasms 11/4/1890 Holman Twp.
Doeden Hildrich M 47y3m16d W 11/22/1890 M Germany Wilson Twp. Epileptic convulsion not given Wilson Twp.
Harvey Helen F 46y2m28d W 12/1/1890 M Canada Holman Twp. Stomach ulcer; heart failure 12/4/1890 Holman Twp.
Curry Ann F 74y22d W 12/13/1890 W England Viola Twp. Apoplexy 12/15/1890 Alta IA


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