1880 Mortality Index
Osceola County


                Name Gender      Race  Marital Status        Birthplace    Age Death Cause of Death Place of Death
Christian Anderson M W Married Norway 50y Apr. 1880 Knife Wound Goewey Twp.
J. Bayley M W Single Iowa none Nov. 1879 Stillbirth Holman Twp.
child Bell M W Single Iowa 2y July 1879 Dysentery Osceola Co.
C. J. Blessing M W Single Iowa 6m Sep. 1879 Membranous Croup Goewey Twp.
Nellie Boyd F W ng ng 24y Dec. 1879 Diphtheria Osceola Co.
Chancey Ferguson M W Single Iowa 7m Sep. 1879 Dysentery Holman Twp.
Alice Jones F W Single ng 9y Dec. 1879 Diphtheria Osceola Co.
Lucy Knight F W Single Iowa none Feb. 1880 Stillbirth Holman Twp.
Freddy McCartney M W Single Iowa none Nov. 1879 Stillbirth Holman Twp.
Maranda Perry F W Married New York 48y May 1880 Cancer of Womb Goewey Twp.
Eliza Rigby F W Single Iowa 3m Aug. 1879 Dysentery Holman Twp.
Louisa Rubow F W Married Germany 25y March 1880 Child Birth Holman Twp.
C. Alexander M W Single Wisconsin 3m Aug. 1879 Summer Complaint Holman Twp.

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