Johnson Family

Father, Hinderk Beernens Noormann ( Norman )
( April 14, 1816-April 1, 1895 )
Born in Ostfriesland,Germany Buried in German Valley, Ill.
Anna Fricke Noormann
Wife, Anna Fricke ( 1821- 1906) after Hinderk death moved to Ashton, Iowa and made her home with her daughter Lena Johnson. She is buried in Gilman Township cemetery Ashton, Iowa in the Johnson plot.

Lena Johnson Noormann
Father, Meindert Johnson Sr. ( Feb.8, 1844-Sept.15, 1898 )
Born in Muhlennarf, Germany.
Wife, Lena Noormann (Norman ) ( Feb.9,1848- May 9,1927 )
Born in Germany.
They Immigrated to Illinois in 1883 with four children.
Moved from Forreston, Illinois to Ashton, Iowa in 1894.
The name Johnson was also Janssen on some early documents as baptism certificate etc.
Children: William, ( Oct 8, 1873-June 23, 1966 ) Born in Muhlennarf Germany.
Anna, ( Frick ) (Oct.7, 1875 - Jan. 20,1947 ) Born in Muhlennarf, Germany.
Benjamin, ( Feb 26,1878-July 10,1957 ) Born in Muhlennarf Germany.
Henry, ( Sept. 8,1881 -Jan.4, 1965) Born in Muhlennarf Germany
Kate, ( Roelfs ) ( June21, 1884 -Sept 11, 1976 ) Born in Forreston, Ill.
Meindert Jr. ( Sept. 27, 1888-Nov.26, 1976 ) Born in Forreston, Ill.
Lena, ( Haseborg ) ( Oct.28, 1892-July 24, 1961 ) Born in Forreston, Ill.
All are buried in the Gilman township cemetery Ashton, Iowa

Father, George Roelfs (July 11, 1885-June 3, 1921 )
Wife, Kate Johnson (June21, 1884- Sept. 11, 1976 )
Kate Johnson Roelfs
Children: Lena and Ralph B.

Lena, ( Oct. 15,1912 -July 15, 1992 ) married Lawrence Osgood of Sheldon, Iowa.(Dec.26, 1909-June 23, 1981 )
Lawrence and Lena are buried in Hills Of Rest cemetery in Sioux Falls South Dakota
Children: Karen and Wallace

Ralph and Jeannette Roelfs
Husband, Ralph B. Roelfs born April 5, 1918 near Ashton, Iowa Married Nov.23, 1944.
Wife, Jeanette Risius born March 2, 1922 near Sibley, Iowa.
Children: Janice, Sandra, and Gail

Father, Stanley Ten Kley born Sept.14, 1944 in Sheldon, Iowa Married Aug.12, 1967
Wife, Janice Roelfs born Feb.24, 1946 in Sibley, Iowa.
Children: Scott and Mark

Scott, born March 8, 1973 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Married July 30, 1994.
Wife, Jodie Symens born Jan.10, 1972 in Sibley, Iowa.

Mark, born Oct, 8, 1976 in Sheldon, Iowa married Aug, 8, dhy 1998.
Wife, Carisa Wiekamp born April 6, 1998 in Sioux Falls SD.

Father, Kenneth Krieg was born Oct.1, 1952 in LeMars, Iowa married Oct.28,1972
Wife, Sandra Roelfs born Feb.18, 1950 in Sibley, Iowa
Children: Christopher, Kevin, and Kimberly

Father, Christopher Krieg born Feb.7, 1978 in Orange City, Iowa. Married July 19,1997.
Wife, Trisha Heck born Nov.12,1978 in Sioux City, Iowa.
Children: Kennedy, born March 2, 1999 in Sioux City, Iowa
Jackson, born July 25, 2001 in Sioux City, Iowa

Husband, Kevin Krieg, born Jan.16, 1976 in Sioux City, Iowa married April 7,2001.
Wife, Andrea Risuk born Oct.17, 1977 in Resistencia, Argentina.

Husband, Brad Knaack born July 31, 1978 in Sioux City, Iowa. Married July 22, 2000.
Wife, Kimberly Krieg born Feb.7, 1978 in Sioux City, Iowa.
Children: Kaylee , born Oct.15, 2001 in Sioux City, Iowa

Father, David Morrison, born Feb.9,1962 in Zanesville, Ohio. Married Dec.1,1990.
Wife, Gail Roelfs, born Dec.3,1957 in Sibley, Iowa.
Children: Alec, born March 12, 1993 in Melbourne, Fl
Thomas, born July 11, 1999 in Melbourne, Fl

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