Plat Map Directory, 1914 Baker Twp.

Please see corresponding map for this township.

Section 1: Charles and William Ewald; E. Doss; W. C. Small; William Jurgemeyer

Section 2: C. Roth; W. Loers; Anna Brockshus; Paul Buss

Section 3: John Buss; Maud Steelsmith; Paul Buss; A. Buchholz; Emma Buchholz

Section 4: Gerrit Kroez; A. Knoch; G. A. Romey; W. Bremer

Section 5: T. Libby; George Cook; P. Keller; Fred. Schaefer

Section 6: George E. Remmers; Kate McCandless; P. W. Kampton; -- Rhode

Section 7: N. H. Sanders; Daniel Schaefer; G. E. Remmers

Section 8: H. H. Nelson; George A. Romey; Joe Wachtel

Section 9: Oliver Evans; A. O. Knoch; M. L. Hattlestein

Section 10: Lovis Klatt; J. H. Folkers; William Loger

Section 11: Fanny Buchholz; N. Leggate; J. L. Pitz

Section 12: C. Howard; N. Wiegand; J. J. Smith; Anna Steinke

Section 13: L. H. Holle; C. Schultz; R. Howard; E. Howard

Section 14: N. Mielke; N. Rottunda; C. J. W. Jass

Section 15: J. G. Benz; A. C. Ogier

Section 16: A. Knock; T. Frey; John Frey; Heirs of Hans Grave

Section 17: H. Frey; Dirk Frey; W. V. Wilcox; J. Brandt

Section 18: Frank Frisby; P. W. Quiggel; A. C. D. Schultz; C. P. W. Schultz

Section 19: John Wehmeyer; P. Kellog; Joseph Huck; James Ford, Jr; Village of Melvin

Section 20: F. W. Year; N. Dunkelman; Heirs of Hans Graves; C. K. McDougal

Section 21: William Gilmore

Section 22: C. W. Koester; William Gilmore;

Section 23: F. Barnes; Mary Dewey; T. N. Dewey; George A. Romey; William Gilmore

Section 24: H. C. Lyman; N. P. Spieker

Section 25: N. Philiph; William Philiph; J. A. Mingers

Section 26: Frank Frisbee; William Schadt; George A. Romey

Section 27: N. Fink; George Dickmann; Ellen Sewell; William Imhoff

Section 28: Jerry Grave; John G. Benz; Mary Graves

Section 29: E. Benz; P. Kuester; Fred Kuester

Section 30: Richard Smith; Albert Tadd; Fred Nonnenmann

Section 31: Adde Saienga; O. DeFries; Norris and Close

Section 32: George W. Schee; J. Wachtel; E. Benz; Antolne Wachtel

Section 33: Adolph Knock; Henry Strubbe; Dena Scherzer; L Liehr

Section 34: G. C. Dickmann; C. Wolters; Frank Dinenberg; Frank Schee

Section 35: C. Fink; Adde Saienga; Henriette Wolters

Section 36: W. A. Sauer

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