Plat Map Directory, 1914 Allison Twp.

Please see corresponding map for this township.

Section 1: H. Heins; H. C. Burris; Robert McCaully; S. Goodsell; J. Stricker

Section 2: M. Ziehr; Goerge Ihnen; C. Warnstrum

Section 3: A. A. Simons; Abbe Muller; F. Jansen; H. Zierke

Section 4: George Forbes; N. A. Green; M. B. Santee

Section 5: W. A. Timmons; J. L. Timmons; E. F. Cook; P. Reese; A. L. Stewart

Section 6: William Schick; Henriette Everett; H. Marsh; P. H. Hunt

Section 7: D. W. Miller; C. L. Strayer; Helena B-----

Section 8: William Lauck

Section 9: B. F. McFarland; C. P. Benson; Ethel Calhoun; M. B. Santee

Section 10: Frank Hunter; C. W. Warrick; C. Jette Thodt

Section 11: V. Dowers; R. J. O. McGowan; A. Stephen; A. Johnson

Section 12: J. H. Frisbee; H. Yeager; Earl Beck; G. W. Moeller

Section 13: H. P. Umland; R. A. Santee; A. B. and T. C. White

Section 14: Charles Snyder; H. Hintz; Dona and C. C. Wilmarth; Lucy Metz

Section 15: C. Jette Thodt; F. Dietz

Section 16: W. Furguson; Mrs. J. Hassted

Section 17: C. Watters; James Mercer; C. T. Strayer; T. Hromatka; J. E. Harris

Section 18: C. E. Jepp; W. C. Small; W. W. Artherholt

Section 19: John G. Erslinger; Adrian Caauwe

Section 20: J. N. Kout; A. B. White

Section 21: Mary E. Stewart; W. E. Weaver; Peter Erum

Section 22: R. Harms; George Baxter; C. G. Peck; J. G. Hildebrad and B. S. Harrison

Section 23: O. A. Metz; Fanny Wilder; H. Graham

Section 24: B. Dubbeck; R. A. Santee

Section 25: Frank Patch

Section 26: C. E. Brenton; Susan and Cora Eggert; Henry Thoren

Section 27: J. T. Hatch; Amanda Peck; Mary J. Clark

Section 28: T. Stahly; A. Stahly; C. R. and T. E. Simmons; Albert Ihnen

Section 29: Stephen Brigg; John Thomas

Section 30: F. M. Hubble; A. A. Roos

Section 31: S. I. Pool; J. F. Delaplane; A. M. Carl; H. F. Korf; F. P. and J. T. Marrin

Section 32: J. W. DeVries; William Recher; W. G. Small

Section 33: Joseph Smith; John Smith; Charles Lorch; T. J. Pinan

Section 34: Kate McCandless; L. J. McCormack

Section 35: F. H. Bunker; Frank Patch; J. W. Lindeman; L. Bennwitz; John Brockman; William Schwarting

Section 36: C. W. Joss; ---- Thompson; E. L. Handley; M. Boor; E. Sanford; A. Am. Ireland; --- Lehman

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