R. L. Polk & Co.'s Iowa State
Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884
Osceola County Listings


ASHTON: A village on the Otter creek, and on the St. P., O. and K. C. line of the C., St. P., M. and O. Ry in Gilman Twp., Osceola county, 7 miles south of Sibley, the county seat and nearest banking point.  Settled in 1871, it contains Methodist and Presbyterian churches, a public school, and ships grain, live stock and produce.  Population 275.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am.  Mail, daily.  C. W. Miller, postmaster.


Blair, F. X., contractor
Blood, M. V. B., justice of the peace
Boor, N., wood. coal, grain, machinery, lime, cement, hair, lumber, wagons, buggies, sleighs and stock
Boor, P. J., general store
Carson, Kit, general store
Crippen, J. saloon
Ferrington, J. shoemaker
Freeman, C. W., hotel propr.
Galler, John, saloon
Griswold, L. A., wagonmaker
Hess, Henry, shoemaker
Hicks Bros., livery
Hicks, J. W., constable
Hicks, W., drayman
Hills, L. H., contractor and builder
Humphreys, E. G., railroad and exp. agt.
King, C. J., blacksmith
Lucas, J. B., blacksmith
Masters, Dr. S. H., druggist
Miller, C. W., general store
Peavey, F. H., grain
Royenburg, M. drayman
Seller, M., furniture
Shaw, T. S., hardware
Stevenson, J. M., general store
VanCampen, J. C., saloon
VanCampen, Wm., meat market
Warner, S., drayman
Wyman, H. B., grain


GOPHER  : A post office in Osceola county, 9 miles southeast of Sibley, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point.  Population, 25.  Mail, semi-weekly.



HOLMAN: A small place in Holman Twp., Osceola county, 7 miles east of Sibley, on the W. div. of the C. St. P., M. and O. Ry., the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point.  Settled in 1879.  It is on the tri-weekly mail stage route from Sibley to Austin,  C. H. Bull, postmaster.



OCHEYEDAN: A post office on river of the same name, in Osceola county, 12 miles northeast of Sibley, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point.  Settled in 1871, it contains a church and a district school.  Live stock and grain are shipped.  Population, 50.  Mail, tri-weekly.  D. H. Boyd, postmaster.




ST. GILMAN: Osceola county.  Name changed to Ashton.



SIBLEY:  The  judicial seat of Osceola county, is a flourishing village on the C., St. P., M., and O. Ry, 74 miles southeast of Sioux City, 18 miles southwest of Worthington, Minn., and 198 miles northwest of Des Moines.  It contains Methodist, Baptist, and Congregational churches, public schools, 2 banks, 4 hotels, grain elevators, a grist mill, and 2 weekly newspapers, the Sibley Gazette, and the Tribune. Grain, flour, hay and livestock are shipped.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am.  Population, 1000.  Mail, daily.  Henry S. Brown, postmaster.

Anthony, T. J., farm impts
Armbright, Charles, barber
Babcock, Wilbur, grocer
Bailey, C. M., blacksmith
Barcley and Bull (James T. Barcley and Cline Bull), real estate
Barnes, Leonard, tinsmith
Brobst, Albert J., bakery and restaurant
Brooks, Jacob, fruit and forest trees
Brown, Henry S., furniture
Brown, Wm. E., cashier H. L. Emmert
Brown, Rev. W. F. (Methodist)
Brown and Chambers (Charles E. Brown, Wm. H. Chambers), general store
Buchanan, Amos, merchant tailor
Bull, Cline, banker
Cajacob Bros., ice and meat
Cajacob Bros., (Plotzi A. and John), meat and livestock
Carew, George, publisher, Sibley Gazette
Carew. George. photographer
Close Bros. and Co. grain elevator
Close Bros. and Co., Managers Iowa Land Co., South Minnesota Land Co.,
Coghlan, J. S., physician
Conger and Greene (Charles Conger, Wm. P. Greene, ) pianos.
Copple, John, blacksmith and propr. Pioneer House
Cosby and Dennis (Charles E. Cosby, Frank L. Dennis), proprs Osceola County Tribune
Cottrill, Wm., harness
Courtwright, W. J. lawyer
Crane, Samuel J., carpenter
craft and Udall (George B. Craft, Wm. H. Udall), clothing
Davison, J. S. clerk of courts
Desper, Jacob, shoemaker
DeWolf, Wm. H., bowling alley
Doolittle, Hezekiah G., photographer
Doolittle, H. G., county surveyor
Dotson, Miss Kate, dressmaker
Elliott, J. R. supt. of schools
Emmert, Harris L., banker
Farewell and Wilbern (Ira. M. Farewell, Cyrus Wilbern) wind grist mill
Fox, George M., drayman
Frees, Oscar, hardware
Glover, J. F., lawyer
Grant Bros. (Harry S. and Frank F.), hardware
Grant, Davis and Milner (Wm. C. Grant, John R. Davis, Elliott A. Milner), farm impts.
Hall, A. M., livery
Hall, R. s., county treasurer
Hamlan, Miles A., meat and livestock
Hanks, Miss Ida, teacher
Hanon, John C., propr Sibley hotel
Hawxhurst, John P., editor, Sibley Gazette
Herbert, S. and Son (Samuel and Wm. F.), general store
Heybern, Rev. E. M. (Baptist)
Hickok Bros. (John W. and George V.), proprs Osceola House
Hill, Miss Alice, music teacher
Hill, Alice E., recorder
Huff, Eldred, justice of the peace, real estate, abstracts and insurance
Hungerford and Miller ( Henry Hungerford, Wm. J. Miller), lumber and coal
Jenkins, Charles W., confectioner
Jenkins, Enoch C., Propr Third Ave Hotel
Jordan, Hugh, attorney at law
Kellogg, Mrs. Frances E., hardware
Kinney, Mrs. H. M., music teacher
Lawrence, Dr. Wm. R., drugs and groceries
Lent, J. B., sheriff
Lister, George W., lawyer
Littlechild Bros. (David and Hezekiah), livery
McCallum, Daniel D., lawyer
McCartney, James S., milk peddler
McCausland, David L., loans and ins.
McClarty, Alexander, saloon
McGowen, B., grocer
McKinley, Charles L., exp and station agt and opr W U Tel Co
Manson, Rodney O., nursery
Morrison, James W., justice and farm impts
Morrison, William H., jewelry and nursery
Neill, Dr. Hiram, county coroner
Newell, Henry, telegraph opr
O'Neil, Augustus, painter
Osceola House, Hickok Bros proprs
Osceola County Tribune, Bosby and Dennis, proprs
Parker, Mary E., drugs and groceries
Peavey, F. H. and Co., grain elevator
Peck, Wm. H., live stock
Peck and Seamus (Willis J. Peck, Charles H. Seamans)
Peters, Miss, music teacher
Phillips, Miss Sedelia E., miliner
Phillips, Mrs. W. J., carpet weaver
Pioneer House, John Copple Propr, $1 Per Day
Pittman, George, blacksmith
Reynold, J. S., county auditor
Richards, C. M., drayman
Riddlesberger, W. M., blacksmith
Rogers, Henry K., general store
Romey, Albert, grocer
Ruane, James, teacher
Russell, Henry H., painter
Scoles, Mrs. Wm. J., milliner
Schell, Levi, lumber and coal
Sibley Cornet Band, Charles Armbright, leader
Sibley Gazette, George Carew, publ.
Sibley Hotel, John C. Hannon propr
Skuse, John N., carpenter
Stephens, Charles, livery
Stewart, Wm. H., veterinary surgeon
Stewart, Wm. H., plasterer
Third Avenue Hotel. E. C. Jenkins, propr.; everything first class
Thompson, Nels, farm impts
Tinsley, Alfred D., real estate
Toland and Co. (George Toland, Benjamin O. Hickok), saloon
Trainer, John C., prin school
Trainer, Morris M., dentist
Walters, Con, baker
Walton, Eugene, furniture
Whitelaw, Rev. (Congregational)
Wibern (Wilbern?) Bros. (Cyrus D. and Thomas O..), general store


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