This chapter is an attempt to list alphabetically the Pilgrim pastors of the decades, locating each, and a little more fully sketching a few. The list is not complete chiefly because the records are not. For a number of years the Welsh associations were not reported at all. Doubtless some have been inadvertently overlooked; and the names of a few have been purposely omitted because they simply passed through the state, and their ministry was of no significance because so brief.

Bowdish, Austin C. Graduate, Yankton and Chicago Seminary Sibley, 1901--1904
Briggs, Erastus T. Pastorates, 1905--1908 Woden, Ocheyedan and Westfield
Brintnall, Loren W. (Vermont, 1828) In Iowa, 1867--1896 Winthrop, Independence, Monticello, Sheldon, Ashton, Fairfax, Hartwick Died in Washington,
May 3, 1900
Brintnall, Walter A. Ocheyedan, Little Rock, Ogden, Westfield, 1896--1906 Wisconsin, 1906---
Chase, James B. (Woodstock, Vermont, 1837) Council Bluffs, 1865--1868; Cherokee, Sioux City, Pilgrim, Hull Church and Academy, Iowa Falls, Toledo, Ocheyedan, Sergeant Bluffs, Sioux City Riverside, Aurelia, Greenville and Herdland, 1880--1907 Organized twenty-four churches and received to membership 1223. Became Presbyterian, 1907
Dean, Benjamin A. Garnavillo, Sibley and "region round about" 1869--1878
Donaldson, David Ocheyedan 1894--1896
Fitch, Lucius R. Formerly Methodist Episcopal Washta, Milford, Ocheyedan, Lakeside, 1886--1897
Glover, John F. (Pennsylvania, 1845) Civil War, 38th Wisconsin Ocheyedan, 1908--1910, A Lawyer
Gray, John (Native of England) Avoca, Parkersburg, Sergeant Bluffs, Sibley 1883--1895
Hanscom, Fred L. (Maine, 1870) Sibley, Moville, Ionia, Garner, 1891--1902 Later in Illinois
Jackson, William Ocheyedan, Golden Prairie 1902--1905
Mead, Willis W. Clarion, Sibley, 1884--1886 Foreign Missionary 1886---
Moore, W. Howard Sibley 1904--1907
Pell, Thos. (Manchester, England, 1825) Sibley, 1881--1883, Ocheyedan, 1889--1891 Died in Ohio, August 1896
Schwimley, Wm. A. Native of Iowa. Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois, Anita, Shenandoah, Sibley 1902--1910
Secombe, Chas. H. (Minnesota, 1868) Sibley, Ames, Waterloo, 1896--1906 Later California
Sherman, Eugene L. (New York, 1841) Prairie City, 1874--1877, Harlan, Sibley, Sioux City, Mayflower, Sloan, 1881--1890, later Illinois and Nebraska Died May, 1896
Stoddard, John C. Peterson, Sibley, Primghar, Britt, Ogden, Garden Prairie, Kelley, Earlville and Almoral, 1886--1906 Later in Illinois
Upton, John R. (New Hampshire, 1819) Durango, Inland, Buckingham, Monona, 1851--1869, Northwestern Iowa, Lakeville, Spirit Lake, etc., 1869--1883. Sibley without charge, 1883--1888. Died, 1898 in California
West, Pearley B. Born in 1843. Franklin, 1873--1875, Onawa, Sibley, Little Rock, Lakeview, Magnolia, 1891--1909. Later on farm in South Dakota

Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner
Source: The Pilgrims of Iowa by Truman O. Douglass 1919

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