About eighteen years ago there was quite a prosperous settlement of Presbyterian Germans in West Holman township, a few miles west of Sibley. Gerd de Vries was the principal moving spirit in the agitation which led up to the establishment of Hope church. A church society was organized and a church and parsonage erected, which flourished and sustained a pastor several years. The first pastor was Rev. Isaac Kruse. The second Rev. Figge and the third was Rev. Groncke. The present pastor is Rev. L. Henenga, who has this church and a church in the east end of Lyon county, a few miles from George. He resides at the Lyon county church. Of late years many of the supporters of this church have moved away, leaving it in rather a weak condition. However, they are keeping tip the organization and are living in the hope of better times.

From the 1914 Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties

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