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Twentieth Century Club

The Twentieth Century Club was organized at the home of Mrs. Edith Walker Burns October 7, 1896 with 15 members present. The organization was made possible through the efforts of Mrs. Burns, Miss Etna McMillen (later Mrs. G.W. McFarland) and Miss Edna Green (later Mrs. J.A. Johnson). At the time of its organization the following officers were elected to serve: President, Mrs. Edith Walker Burns; Vice President, Mrs. Gertrude Green Peck; Secretary, Mrs. Harriet Horton; Treasurer, Miss Etna McMillen.
Their membership at that time bore the names of : Edith Burns, Edna Green, Dora Wilbur, Ida Linden Green, Etna McMillen, Gerty Peck, Nettie Conkey Daly, Mame Johnson, Harriet Horton, Jennie Velie, Myrtelle Gunsel, Emma Boyack Edington, Mrs. Clif Langley, Mrs. Robert Lee, Mrs. Albert Lockwood.
The next year to complete their number they added to the original membership the names of Erma Boyd, Neva Boyd, Minerve Snider, Maude Algyer, Alida Mayo, Josie Solon, Hanna Johnson, Zaidee McCullow, Veda Button Peck, Martha Kissler and Clara McMillen for during the first year the membership had changed by removal from the city and these ladies were selected to take their places.
The Twentieth Century Club is the oldest Federated Club in the county and has to its credit the establishment of the Sanborn Public Library, which they in the early years of its life had under their charge for two years or until they turned it over to the Tow nof Sanborn for a Public Library.
The club has a Scholarship and Loan Fund to aid worthy pupils in furthering their education. Many Sanborn young people have taken advantage of this.
Each year the Club makes a $2.50 award to the Junior student who has the highest English grade and the Eighth grade student who had the highest grade in American History.
The Club will soon celebrate its 57th anniversary.
The present officers are: President, Lila Barker; Vice President, Ruth Baldwin; 2nd Vice President, Verda Saupe; Secretary and Reporter, Hazel Porth; Treasurer, Beulah Tifft.

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