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Rebekah Lodge

The Rebekah lodge, auxiliary of the Odd Fellows, was organized here in 1896, their charter dated October 21. It was named Mary Tifft Rebekah after the wife of a member, Claudius Tifft.
Charter members are: J.A. Wilcox, W.E. Wiilcox, Heman Gibbs, Katie Gibbs, Thos. Farnsworth, Dora Farnsworth, W.P. Finley, Louise Finley, W.R. Powers, Eugenie Powers, E.R. Wood, Mary Wood, D. Larson, Mrs. Bebe Larson, D. Moody, E.M. Moody, N.E. Carrell, Mary Carrell, N.D. Chapin, Gertie Chapin, J.F. Kerberg, Geo. Hakeman, C. Tifft, Marie Roden, E.L. McCormick, Jennie Meier, Mrs. A.J. Algyer, Alvira Davison, Mary A. Ring, Mrs. A. Schoal. Mrs. Eugenie Powers is still a resident of Sanborn.
They have continued an active organization all the years and assisted in the upkeep of the hall and other duties. Their present officers are: N.G., Dorothy Sullivan; V.G., Lura Chrisman; sec., Minnie Roelofs; finance sec., Lela Dummett; treas., Alice Dick; warden, Mary Mulder; conductress, Gladys Warnke; flag bearer, Alice Baker; chaplain, Etta Knowlton; R.S.N.G. Edith Gallup; L.S.N.G., Ann Storm; R.S.V.G. Marvel Anderson; L.S.V.G., Elizabeth Storm; musician, Gladys Dummett; outside guard, Bertha McCollam; inside guard Martena Merriam.

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