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U.S. Weather Observation Station

In Sanborn is located an official U.S. weather observation station thanks to the continued service of Miss Susie Dow and her father, James Dow, also Father L.J. Cooper who started the work in 1914.
Jas. Dow became interested in the work by assisting Father Cooper at times and in 1916 took over the station. Miss Dow assisted her father and assumed the duties May 2, 1926. Two years ago she was awarded a bronze pin from the Department of Commerce denoting 20 years of service. (Buttons are made for even decades only).
The weather observations here include measuring precipitation, temperature, also weather conditions such as cloudiness, wind, etc.
Cooperative weather observers receive no pay for recording the weather conditions and sending the reports which are of inestimable value to the government department and in many ways to the country.

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