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Business Firms in 1881

Beginning at the north end of Main street on the west side: Dwelling house of J.L. Greene on Lots 15 and 16 in Block 6. Next was C.J. Everhard, furniture; Robt. Elliott, tailor shop; Broadstreet & Bois, lawyers; Chas. Smith, M.D., drug store. On the second floor above the drug store is the Masonic Hall, also used by the I.O.O.F. (Masonic membership about 25; Odd Fellows, lately organized, membership about 30.)
Wm. Harker building, now being used as a temporary abode; E.F. Bacon & Son, general merchandise, and J.E. Drake, jewelry store, both in a building erected by Messrs. Lane & Longshore; The Pioneer, editor A.G. Willits, in building with Warren Walker’s law and land office and upper story occupied by Mr. Walkers family; Harker & Greene with their O’Brien County Bank in the front room and Harley Day, attorney at law and insurance agent, County Superintendent of Schools and Mayor of Sanborn, in back room opening on Second street. Walter J. Hovey works with Mr. Day.
Across the street, E.M. Brady’s hardware store; Chas. H. Perry, drug store; Casley & Reason, tonsorial artists (one door south); Key City Restaurant, run by Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and daughter; Daggett & Freeman, proprietors of the Citizens Bank; Harry Sherman, House of Lords saloon; Sanborn Tribune, C.G. Bundy, editor; House of Commons saloon, P.T. Muttart in building of M.C. Gann’s; W.T. Bowen & Co., hardware. Arthur McKay and Charley Woodruff assist; A.J. Fitzgerald, gent’s furnishing store; City Restaurant, John Grant; Sanborn Hall erected by Messrs. Roden & Linden at the corner of Main and First streets is the pride of the town, dedicated last Friday evening. Restaurant and billiard hall downstairs and entertainment hall upstairs.
Across First street: lumber yard of Mart Shea. Beginning at the south end of Main street: Jenkins House, run by A.W. Creed; Parker & Goethel City Meat Market; Chas. Vogt, shoe shop; Miss L. Gerlach, milliner; Geo. P. Lindman, flour and feed store; G.W. Platt, general merchandise; Harker & Greene have a new brick building going up on next lot; B.H. Brashears, harnessmaker and saddler, assisted by Mr. Ross; Miss Belle Hardin, millinery and dressmaking; post office, Ira Brashears postmaster moved here from the east end of First street; W.T. Jones, groceryman; H.P. Bunce, Homeopathic physician; Geo. A. Powell, furniture; Tifft & Dunlaps, paint shop (last business on Main street).
Extreme east end of First street: mammoth hay press and warehouse of Teabout & Valleau; S.W. Creed’s Bakery; Mrs. H.S. Wiser & Co., dry goods, notions, etc., managed by C.J. Williams; John Selig, restaurant; Dunnell Bros., livery, feed and sale stable; Sanborn Hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes.
On Second street: G.W. Davis, blacksmith; Eastwood & Harvey’s paint shop; Greene & Patch, livery stable; Sanborn Lumber Co., A.H. Everhard, superintendent; Oshkosh Lumber Co., manager G.D. Williams; schoolhouse.

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