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The Churches of Sanborn

St. Andrew's Methodist Church

The first divine services held in Sanborn was conducted by a Methodist pastor, Reverend Ira Brashears, in the home of L.C. Green, in December,1878. Soon after, Rev. W.H. Drake, Methodist pastor at Primghar, began coming to Sanborn and sometimes the services were held in the Hiram Algyer home. Then for a time they were held in the depot.
In the fall of 1879 a building was started on east Third street on the lot where the Tom Joyce home now stands. It was “28 by 48 feet and 18 feet from floor to center of the arched ceiling.” It was completed in the next spring and dedicated June 20, 1880. Rev. Drake was the pastor at that time. This church was used for twenty-nine years and then sold to Dirk Nieuwendorp who used the lumber to construct buildings on his farm northeast of town, now the Pete Haack farm home on Highway 59.
In 1908 a brick building was erected on the corner of Main and Fourth streets. It was dedicated January 17, 1909, as St. Andrews Methodist Church. Rev. Charles H. Seward was pastor then. The parsonage was purchased in September 1919.
The interior of the church was refinished and rededicated August 10, 1941, during the pastorate of Rev. E. Stanworth. Rev. Seward was present for the rededication.
In 1944, while Rev. B. Weikle was pastor the basement was remodeled.
Rev. S.J. Baldwin is the present pastor.

First Reformed Church

The First Reformed church was organized in 1914. Prior to that year several Holland speaking families from different Reformed churches in Sioux County had moved to the Sanborn vicinity. A group of these families were desirous of having their own church home so the Classis of Iowa was asked to investigate the field. Rev. Dekker visited here and in March, 1914 began to hold services in the Presbyterian church. Later these services were held in the Methodist church on Sunday afternoon.
In May,1914, B. Van Zyl, then a theological student, came and preached for these meetings. The interest shown and the numbers present was encouraging so the organization was perfected on July 7, 1914.
The newly organized church was composed of 13 families and 21 members in full communion. The first Consisitory was made up of the following members: Elders G.B Bombaars and M. Drost; Deacons, A.. Hoeven and D. De Graaf. At this time it was decided to call a minister and the call was extended to B. Van Zyl who had worked in the church during the summer. He accepted and was installed on June 20, 1915 as first pastor of the church.
A church building was planned that summer and in July a contract was given to John Boer of Alton. The edifice was completed on December 21, 1915.
The congregation has grown and the church work had flourished. The church has been remodeled, the basement completed recently and at the present time an addition 52x24 feet including a full basement and remodeling to cost $20,000 is being made to the church building. Ralph Boer of Sanborn is the contractor for the job.
A new personage on lots south of the church was built in 1951; Dick Wiersma was the contractor.
Rev. Wm. vanden Berg is the present pastor of the parish.

First Presbyterian Church

The first services in Sanborn under the auspices of the Presbyterian people were held in the Methodist Episcopal House of Worship January 9, 1881, at the hour for evening services and were conducted by Rev. W.S. Peterson, Missionary of the Home Board of the Presbyterian church. The sermon preached was from the text Mark 10:21. At the close of their first services those persons being interested in the Presbyterian church remained for consultation and it was decided to at once take steps toward a permanent organization. The date of organization was fixed for Sabath January 23, but severe snow storm interrupted travel and prevented the attendance of the Missionary on the 23, so the service was postponed until January 30.
Thus the First Presbyterian Church of Sanborn was organized January 30, 1881, the request for organization being signed by the following: Mrs. E.R. Dunbar, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mrs. Mary L. Barrett, Mrs. J.A. Mastin, Mr. A.H. Everhard, Mr. J.L. Green, Mrs. Eva Greene, Mrs. Angie Valleau.
Rev. J.M. McComb was the first pastor and arrived in the first week of May. The grant of the Methodist church for on service each Lord’s Day had been procured ( the Methodist church was located where the Tom Joyce house now stands). In November, 1881, the Presbyterians began to hold their services in the school house where they continued their services until 1884. In May, 1884, the site was purchased for the present church building and the church was built by Moody and Austin. The church was dedicated to the worship of God Sunday, August 17, 1884.
About the year 1899 the church purchased the property (now owned by Mrs. Dale Dick, Sr.) to be used as a manse, using the same until September,1916, when they sold the property and in October, 1916, let a contract for the new manse which was completed in May, 1917.
In 1911, the church was remodeled, it being raised and basement built.
In 1919-1921, the stained glass windows, new pews, and organ were added.
In the spring of 1947 the interior of the church was redecorated and new light fixtures installed.
Rev. Dean H. Williams is the pastor at the present time.
There have been many changes over the years but the original church still stands and has always kept its doors open for the worship of God.

St. John Lutheran Church

In 1882, Pastor B. Mair of the Iowa Synod, came to visit the five Lutheran families and arranged a preaching place. Pastor Mair lived in Sioux county and drove to Sanborn frequently. In 1885, Pastor A. Goppelt held services in the public school located on the south side of Sanborn, and organized in 1886, adopting the name “Evangelical Lutheran St. John’s Congregation of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession.”
During the ministry of Chr. Daeumler the present church building was erected and dedicated August 4, 1895. The present parsonage was built soon after Rev. F. Albrecht’s arrival in 1907. In 1910, a school building was erected south of the church, in which Rev. Albrecht conducted catechism classes.
December 6, 1936, the church basement was dedicated after extensive remodeling. At the same time the school building used many years as a parish hall and social room was sold and removed from the church property.
In 1942 the church became an official member of the Missouri Synod. Rev. H. Daib is the present pastor.
Seven men were present at the meeting July 13, 1886 when a constitution for organization was presented by Pastor Geppelt, and became the original signers: Wm. Marquardt, Michael David, Christoph Guse, Carl Nemitz, John Grabow, John Steuck and August Marquadt. Wm. Marquardt and Michael David, elders, and Carl Nemitz, John Steuck and August Marquadt as trustees.
Pastor Goppelt was succeeded by Pastor P. Thusius; both resided in Center township and served the Sanborn congregation every two or three weeks.
In 1891 the Congregation wishing to be served by the Synod of Missouri, Rev. E. Zuerrer of Germantown served this parish. The congregation now felt the need of its own resident pastor and Mr. R. Piehles of Concordia Seminary, Springfield, Ill., came in 1892. Christian Doeumler, a theological candidate was sent a call and was ordained and installed July 31, 1892. He succeeded by Rev. C.F. Brandt, who was pastor here for 10 years.
The first baptism was administered to Margaret Nemitz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nemitz on July 17, 1883 by Pastor C. Hass of Boyden.
The first confirmation was held on March 26, 1893 performed by Pastor Daumler. Members of the class were Louis Kuester, Gustav Storm and Emma Seba.
The first marriage was performed by Pastor Goppelt on Nov. 5, 1886, uniting Herman Storm and Augusta Marquadt.
Pastor Albrecht left in 1915. Pastor E. Juengel came May 7, 1916 and served until April 7, 1920. Rev. L.O Walper was pastor from August 1920 to Jan. 1929; Rev. A.C. Weber of Hartley ministered here until Rev. C.G. Meyer answered their call and was installed Sept. 1, 1929. When he left in 1942 Pastor D.E. Weiss was called coming here May 3, 1942. He was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev. H. Daib.

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