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Various Sanborn “Firsts”

A little over a month after the first construction train arrived here, Lem. C. Green brought a house from Primghar to be Sanborn’s first building. That was on the twelfth day of December, 1878. The first church services were held later on in Mr. Green’s home by Rev. Ira Brashears, Methodist minister who soon became our first appointed postmaster. The first mail route (between Sanborn and Primghar) was established February 1, 1879, with Lem Green appointed as mail carrier. E.M. Brady
S.W. Clark opened the first store, which was afterward occupied by J.T. Joyce with a grocery stock. E.M. Brady opened the first hardware store in a building which had moved from Primghar. Mr. W.W. Barnes had the first hotel, having moved the building and business from Primghar.
The first bank was started in January, 1879 by L.W. Daggett who had a bank at Primghar which he moved to Sanborn and placed it on the corner of Second and Main streets. The first postoffice was in this building.
The first butcher shop was opened by Sam Hibbs. The first scales were put in by Mr. Daggett. The first warehouse was that of Teabout & Valleau , built in February, 1879, in charge of E.R. Wood.
This firm had the second building in Sanborn. It was in February of 1879 that Frank Teabout commenced the erection of buildings on his ranch, southwest of town. During the same month a telephone was established between S.W. Clark’s store and the depot. The first lumber yard was started by Teabout & Valleau.
Some of the other early businesses were: Hiram Algyer, carpenter and builder, who had the third building in Sanborn; L.D. Thomas, carpenter shop; Payne’s store and Matt D. Comes, a blacksmith shop. L.C. Green, Frank Patch, and George Hakeman had a hog business. On March 8,1879, there were shipped 12 carloads of cattle out of Sanborn to market.
In the spring of 1879, a room was rented for a school room and used for that term, but in the following summer, after a tax had been voted, a school house was built.
The first saloon opened in the spring of 1879. Fitzsimmons had a billiard room in his saloon on First street.
The Fourth of July, 1879 was Sanborn’s first celebration. A procession marched through the streets. Allan Crossan read the Declaration of Independence and J.L.E. Peck of Primghar delivered the oration. There were shooting contests, horse racing and a wheelbarrow race, with fireworks in the evening.
The first child born here arrived in August, 1879 to R. Hazeldine and wife, this baby girl and her parents moved away the same year.
The first issue of the Pioneer in Sanborn was on November 7, 1879, having moved here from Primghar, by Warren Walker and A..G. Willits, owners and editors.
Robert Tifft was the first drayman with his brother, Frank assisting. Dr. Charles Smith opened a drug store in November, 1879; he was said to have been the first doctor.
The first church built was the Methodist, with Rev. J.H. Drake as pastor. George Casley set up his barber shop at about this time and Sanborn organized a baseball club. John Manly opened up a cobbler shop. Work was begun on the round house. Cal Broadstreet of Sioux City, came in the fall of 1879 and with Harley Day and Harris & Welister organized a real estate agency. T.D. White had a coal and grain business.
The first death occurred in January of 1880 when Minnie, the youngest child of W.W. Barnes died. Mr. Charles Vogt opened a shot shop in April. Claudius Tifft started a paint shop. Work was commenced on the stock yards.
Sanborn was incorporated in February of 1880, with E.M. Brady as first mayor. Other first municipal officers of the town were: Recorder, Chas. H. Perry; Marshall and Street Commissioner, T.D. White; Treasurer Frank Patch; Councilmen: Mart Shea, S.W. Clark, L.C. Green, H. Algyer, W.F. Jones and Cal Broadstreet.
The public park was planted with trees in 1890. The first water tower stood in this park. G.R. Healy owned a private electric light plant which furnished the town’s illumination. The water works system was secured in 1896-97.
The Library was organized in April of 1901 by the Twentieth Century Club of Sanborn, with Mayme Johnson as first librarian.

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