History of Sanborn Schools


History of Sanborn Schools (The Rambler, 1915)

Until the fall of 1881 Sanborn had as a school, a one-room building, which has been remodeled and is now occupied by Dr. Horton. In this school were taught all the common branches offered at the present time in grammar schools, and also algebra, which is not given now in grammar grades. Pupils who wished to study Latin and foreign languages were heard outside of school since the teacher was not permitted to hear them during school hours.

The school year was divided into two sessions of four months each, known as the summer session and winter session. The last teacher in that one-room building was Mr. Chas. E. Foote. The independent district of Sanborn was organized in 1881. The territory included a tract five miles square. Later, much of this was given back to the township and now only fifteen or sixteen sections remain.

The first school house in the independent district was a four room building erected in 1881. At first only three rooms of this building were used, which were conducted under the management of Miss Eldridge, Miss Mayne and Mr. Foote. It was not until perhaps a year later that a fourth teacher was secured. The school had only the grammar grades; but the sessions were the same a we have at present, two semesters of three periods, each period consisting of six weeks. On April 25, 1896, a contract to build the new Sanborn school was awarded to Mr. D. Moody of Sanborn, for $13,900. The contract called for the completion of the building on Sept 5th, but it was impossible at that time and school did not begin till Oct, 19. The building was two stories high with a large basement, which was used for the heating plant, fuel room, and play rooms.

There were eight grade rooms, the office, library, laboratory and recitation room. The attic was not completed; but it was decided to locate the assembly room there, in which it was thought three or four hundred people could be seated.
The teachers in the new building for the first year were:

Department    Teacher
Primary - Miss Anna J. Wientz
Second Primary - Miss Alice Hawk
First Intermediate - Miss Alma Magee
Second Intermediate - Miss Minnie Gardner
Third Intermediate - Miss Lydia Skyles
Grammar Grade - Miss Lennon
Seventh and Eight Grades - Miss Carrie Macey
High School - Emma B. Gault

In 1914, the Sanborn people voted for an addition to this building, which was erected in the summer and was to be completed by November at the latest; but it was not until two weeks after Christmas vacation that the High School and Kindergarten, who were to occupy the new building, took possession of their new quarters.

The addition consists of a large gymnasium in the basement. The kindergarten, laboratory, and a large high school recitation room are on the first floor. Stairs lead to the second floor and directly into the assembly room, which is large and well lighted. Adjoining the assembly room are two recitation rooms. The old part was changed in many ways, the seventh and eighth grades taking the room formerly used by the high school and the fourth and fifth grades occupying the seventh room. There is at present no room in the building unused. The fourth room is now used as a lunch room by the country children. In every way our present school is modern and is one of which we should all feel proud.

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