Sanborn Class of 1916


When the class of "16" entered the Sanborn High School in 1912 there were sixteen in number. Along about the latter part of September they aroused courage enough to call a class meeting. They elected Nell Mitchell, class poet; Margueritte Helmer, secretary, Lawrence Flint, historian; and Lloyd Smith, president. They chose for their class colors, Old Rose and Tan, which have been changed to Old Gold and Black. In the Spring of 1913 there remained only twelve of the class. The next fall the number classed as "sixteeners" totaled only eight, four boys and four girls. This number remained throughout the school year, but, alas! on the fifteenth of September, 1914, only six Juniors reported, and to this time they remain the dauntless six, tucked back in the corner of the big new assembly room. They make up in quality what they lack in quantity, and our hopes are now that every one of these six "sixteeners" will be graduates of the class of 1916.

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